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The Coleen Rowley Memo

Tuesday, 28 May 2002 12:00 AM

The current issue of Time magazine has a cover story titled "How the FBI Blew the Case." Does that title seem to be a bit much? There you have a flat-out charge that the case was, indeed, "blown" by the FBI.

I think Time magazine pretty well has it right here. First, as you'll read below, we have fear, trepidation and political correctness coming into play after the botched investigation of Wen Ho Lee. Add to that the now-infamous Kenneth Williams memo from Phoenix and the Moussaoui arrest in Minneapolis, and the truth starts to emerge.

Part of the Time feature is an edited version of the Coleen Rowley memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller. Rowley, a 21-year FBI veteran, wrote the memo on May 21. You can read it here: http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101020603/memo.html. Listen to Boortz today. This memo deserves some discussion.

It all comes down to FBI blundering and too much pandering to racial whining.

By now you've heard of the Kenneth Williams memo, haven't you? Williams was the FBI agent in Phoenix, Ariz., who thought that it might be a good idea to look into the number of Arabs taking flying lessons across the country. That memo was written in July.

One month later, a man named Moussaoui was arrested in Minnesota. Attention was drawn to Moussaoui because he was taking flight training. He was arrested on an INS charge of overstaying his visa.

Connect the dots here.

Do you remember the investigation of Wen Ho Lee? He was the Chinese scientist who worked at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratories. Basically, Lee was accused of spying for communist China. He was indicted in December of 1999. He eventually pleaded guilty to one charge of mishandling classified information.

As soon as he was indicted, the racial drum beating began: Wen Ho Lee was being investigated for no other reason than his race.

At any rate … around June, July and August of 2001 the entire FBI case against Wen Ho Lee was getting a lot of negative coverage in the media. On Aug. 27 the Washington Post published a story headlined "Report Details More FBI Blunders in Wen Ho Lee Probe."

So … what did we have in June and July of 2001, when the Williams memo arrived at FBI headquarters in DC and Moussaoui arrived in jail in Minneapolis? One gun-shy, publicity-averse FBI, that's what.

We had an FBI reeling under criticism and condemnation for its mistakes in the Lee investigation and cowering from charges of racism and racial profiling. It was certainly no time to launch another investigation essentially aimed at one racial or ethnic group of men … namely, Arabs.

Is this why the FBI said no to a thorough investigation of Moussaoui and the other Arabs in American flight schools? Were they afraid of another controversy over race?

This, my friends, may be the frightening reality. The only enemies that this nation can fight successfully would be straight, white, able-bodied Protestant males with European surnames.

The vote was 49 to 49. It took Vice President Cheney to break the tie in the U.S. Senate. Thanks to Cheney's vote, a great new government spending program, one that you probably didn't even know was in the works, died.

What program? Mortgage subsidies. Mortgage subsidies for people who lose their jobs due to imports.

Yup. You got it. Some senator came up with the bright idea of having the U.S. taxpayers step in and subsidize mortgage payments for people who lose their jobs because their employer is unprepared to compete in a global marketplace.

Can someone please point out to me just where in the U.S. Constitution the Imperial Federal Government gets the power or authority to use deadly force to take money away from the party who earned that money in order to give that cash to some individual who is having a rough time paying his mortgage because he lost his job to imports?

This monstrosity got 49 votes!

Where would this have ended? First step – you get your mortgage paid if you lose your job to imports. Hey, that's great pandering to unions. But what about other groups? How about subsidizing mortgages for senior citizens who lose their jobs due to mandatory retirement ages?

While we're at it, let's subsidize the mortgages of all truck drivers who lose their jobs to rail and air freight. And we'll subsidize the mortgages of all airline and freight workers who lose their jobs to the trucking industry.

How about those disc jockeys who lose their jobs when their stations flip to talk? Do we subsidize their mortgages too? If not, why not? While I'm thinking about it, many movies and television shows are being filmed in Canada now. Hollywood is not happy. Why don't we subsidize a few mortgages there!

… killed an 18-month-old girl and her grandmother in Israel yesterday. Another homicide bombing. Islam! What a religion!

I watched the television coverage of President Bush in Normandy yesterday. All in all, a good event. No posturing. No phony tears. No convenient stones on the beach.

Stones on the beach? Surely you remember, don't you? It happened during Clinton's visit to this very same spot on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. Clinton wanted to go for a solitary stroll on the beach. Everyone else was to stay back ... just let him think. Let him reflect on the brave men who lived and died on that sand.

Clinton, of course, knew that the television news cameras were up there above the beach, recording every moment of his reflective walk. Clinton came upon a group of stones scattered on the beach. He stopped, knelt down and arranged the stones into the shape of a cross. Cameras rolling. What a moment! Who knows how many votes that amazing moment of reflectivity might have been worth in 1996. It certainly didn't hurt.

It was what the cameras didn't show that makes this story. The cameras weren't there earlier that day when a group of Clinton aides walked down that very same beach. The cameras weren't there when those aides stopped at the precise spot where Clinton would later fashion his rock cross. The cameras weren't rolling when those aides reached into their pockets, came out with some rocks, and scattered them on the beach.

Or, as the left would like to phrase it, "bash" the Clintons? Because they're still powerful, that's why. Bill is still corrupt. He's still a sociopath, and he's still without any moral scruples at all. Hillary is still a socialist, she's still a liar, she's still drunk with a desire for power ... and she intends to run for president.

They're dangerous, and I'll continue to point out their threat and their dishonesty as long as we are all around.

There seems to be a bit of hand-wringing inside the Beltway over the new Tom Clancy movie, "The Sum of All Fears." I guess we can understand why. The movie details terrorists detonating a nuclear bomb in the United States. Not Muslim terrorists. That would be politically incorrect. To get by the PC police, the terrorists have to be white European males. Nazis filled the bill … Neo-nazis, I think.

Release the movie! I hope everyone sees it. There are people out there right now who are planning just such an event for America … and they may soon have the capacity to pull it off. Let Americans see the horror such an event could bring. Maybe then there will be a demand that we abandon the leftist principles of political correctness and let our intelligence and security forces do their jobs.

Hint: It won't be an 83-year-old woman in a wheelchair who brings the bomb into the U.S.

I caught a good comedy feature last Sunday morning on television. I don't know just who he was, so we'll call him "Jabba the Preacher." But there he was, lecturing his congregation and the TV audience on the evils of the Harry Potter books. At first I thought it was a "Saturday Night Live" bit – but then I realized he was actually serious! At that point the bit became even funnier.

Each time I see a police chase on television I get madder and madder. I have a wife, a daughter and (believe it or not) actual friends driving those roads, and that idiot running from the police is endangering their lives.

The Los Angeles police had a rather effective program in place to handle those who would run. They would simply catch them and beat the absolute hell out of them. That all ended when someone taped Rotney King's (no spelling mistake) well-earned thrashing.

OK ... so what to do now. Jail time. No-nonsense jail time … and dogs.

First – you get a mandatory three years in jail for running from the police. PLUS you get one year added to your sentence for every mile you run, up to a maximum of 10 years.

Second – more dogs. Mean, nasty, vicious, ill-tempered dogs. Get enough of these police dogs to make sure one is present whenever one of these idiots running from the cops opens the door and bolts for freedom. Set the dog loose, and then take your time catching up. Let the dog chew for a while. The screams of the perp will help lead you to him.

All in all, what happened to that predator who ran from the Alpharetta police around a month or so ago is the best solution of all. A nice sub-orbital launch across the expressway median with a "splashdown" in one of the fast lanes, followed by an immediate retrieval by the underside of a low-slung pickup truck.

The captain of that tugboat blacked out just before it hit the bridge? Yeah, that would be my story, too. The old "I blacked out" bit. "Honey, I swear ... I blacked out and the next thing I know I woke up nekkid in bed with Catherine Zeta-Jones." Now Rosie she would believe, but Catherine?"

I tried to relax with a book at poolside this weekend. After about 20 minutes of kids screaming "Marco" "Polo" I was ready to start holding some heads under water. What is the matter with some parents? Is there some hormone that prevents the parents of young children from understanding what a pain in the ass they can be to others?

The Homeland Security Threat level today is yellow. Does anyone know what that means? Is this what we're paying Tom Ridge for?

Get out there and profile someone today.

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The current issue of Time magazine has a cover story titled How the FBI Blew the Case. Does that title seem to be a bit much?There you have a flat-out charge that the case was, indeed, blown by the FBI. I think Time magazine pretty well has it right here.First, as...
Tuesday, 28 May 2002 12:00 AM
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