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The Boortz-Barr Debate

Tuesday, 14 May 2002 12:00 AM

My thanks to the folks at Mceachern High School, Bob Barr, Martha Zoller and the crowd for all the fun at last night's Boortz-Barr debate on medical marijuana. A good time was had by all. You'll hear the debate during the last hour of Friday's show! If your particular radio station doesn't carry the last hour – I just don't know what to tell you.

I did quite a bit of reading (research, if you will) in preparation for this confrontation with Barr. Learned much. One thing stands out … the cost of fighting drugs through treatment vs. through law.

The Rand Corporation conducted a study on the costs associated with various approaches to the drug problem. The question the study addressed was "How much would it cost to reduce cocaine usage in the United States by just one percent over a period of 15 years? "

One percent over 15 years. That's not much. And just what would that 1 percent cost us? Read on …

Bill Clinton still owes his attorneys, David Kendall and Bob Bennett. Millions of dollars. There was a trust fund created to pay these attorneys. That trust fund is now empty. The attorneys are still unpaid. Meanwhile, Clinton and his hideous wife are making millions from book deals and speeches. The money is virtually pouring in – and they can't seem to find the cash to pay their attorneys.

Honorable people, those Clintons.

Do you have any stock options at work? Are you participating in a employee stock purchase plan? About 10 million Americans do. As you know, you don't have to pay any income tax when you exercise these options. You do have to pay capital gains taxes when you sell.

Well … the IRS has come up with some new rules. They want to get some money out of you when you exercise these options. Effective Jan. 1, 2003, the IRS will start collecting payroll taxes on these options. That means the full Social Security tax and the full Medicare tax.

Remember … there is absolutely no limit whatsoever to the hunger the Imperial Federal Government has for the fruits of your labor.

Some of your senators and congressmen are working to thwart the IRS plans on this one. Perhaps you might want to let them know how you feel!

Jimmy Carter – the ex-president who never seemed to get over his love of dictators. Oh, how we miss those days of double-digit prime rates and inflation.

Anyway … Carter seems to have offered himself up to be a pawn for Fidel Castro.

Castro, you see, has some pretty fancy biotechnological facilities down there in Cuba. Fidel says these facilities are being used for medical research.

The Bush administration is concerned that they may be used to develop chemical and biological weapons. If the facility can be used to do one … it can be used to do the other.

So … Fidel drags Carter to one of these facilities, where Carter reads his script like a pro. Good ole Fidel just wouldn't try to create biological weapons here, and besides, the Bush folks are just trying to throw a wet towel on my trip down here.

By the way, let's remind you about the Carter era and the (Frank) Church Committee. If you want to trace America's intelligence failures – the failures that may have facilitated the Muslim terrorists on Sept. 11 – back to one common source, the Carter administration would be it. (See:

How old are O.J. Simpson's kids now? Surely the older one must be in her teens. Don't you think that she's figured out that her father butchered her mom? You don't think she's as stupid as that jury was, do you? You don't think she might slip something into Dad's Cheerios, do you? No jury in the world would convict her … except maybe one in downtown Los Angeles.

Are you listening? There's a bit of a buzz out there about Hitlary Clinton appearing on the 2004 ballot as the vice presidential candidate. I heard Tim Russert talking about it this morning. He cites as a reason she will not run in 2004 her "promise" to serve her full term as a New York senator.

Is Russert's memory that limited? Shrillary's husband made the same promise to the people of Arkansas when he ran for governor of Arkansas in 1990. After he was elected, he used the tool of a "listening tour" as the basis for his change of heart. Isn't that the same tool The Queen used when she cranked up her New York candidacy?

What if Hitlary doesn't run in 2004? Russert says she will definitely be a candidate in 2008. The way things are going, she could win. Hillary Clinton is the single most dangerous politician – and the greatest threat to individualism and liberty – in the free world today.

... reports from a listener that the University of South Carolina has a required course entitled Women's Studies 797. The course is required for a graduate degree in women's studies.

During this course, I'm told, the professor, Lyn Weber, hands out something called "Guidelines for Classroom Discussion." Students must abide by these guidelines in order to participate in the class. These guidelines demand that students adopt certain truths. For instance:

Well, this is a women's studies course. It's not as if someone is in that class actually trying to learn a marketable job skill.

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My thanks to the folks at Mceachern High School, Bob Barr, Martha Zoller and the crowd for all the fun at last night's Boortz-Barr debate on medical marijuana.A good time was had by all.You'll hear the debate during the last hour of Friday's show!If your particular radio...
Tuesday, 14 May 2002 12:00 AM
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