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The Big News Today – Sympathy for Terrorist Prisoners

Monday, 21 January 2002 12:00 AM

Some British politicians are complaining that we're treating the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay too harshly.

These prisoners are people who have no qualms about slitting the throat of a stewardess, hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building while killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. These people think it's perfectly okay to go into the Bat Mitzvah of of a young girl and start shooting people.

There are people protesting our treatment of these terrorist prisoners who didn't utter one word of protest after bin Laden's gang murdered thousands of people in New York City.

I think I understand part of the problem here. Those prisoners on that U.S. base in Cuba are really a symbol ... a symbol of the strength of the American military and the success (thus far) of our war against terrorism.

Once again America is respected – and feared. We were attacked and we responded with something more than a mere gesture and statement of protest.

Those who fear a strong America will do whatever they can to bring her down to size again ... and that includes spreading lies and building fears about our treatment of those Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners.

Hey, they're alive, aren't they? That's more of a break than they gave their prisoners. I guarantee you that even at the worst, they are getting far better treatment than some prisoners of Fidel Castro 10 miles away.

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In an interview with Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes," Alan Dershowitz said that the U.S. should make provisions to torture captured terrorists.

"We can't just close our eyes and pretend we live in a pure world," he says. If someone knows information that could prevent the deaths of innocent people, we should be able to do whatever it takes to get that information.

Personally, I think it's probably been going on for years behind the scenes. And I also think that we probably have drugs that make someone tell all without the need for torture.

George W. Bush now has the highest sustained approval ratings of any president since FDR. Nobody has rated so high with the public for such an extended period of time. This, to my extreme delight, causes no small amount of distress among our nation's leftists (aka "liberals").

One of the favorite leftist tactics shortly after the election was to paint George W. Bush as a virtual imbecile. Without citing specifics, the left just loved to tell us all how unintelligent Bush was.

As a side note, I'll take dim over corrupt and immoral every time … but we digress.

I thought you might like to hear (or read) a bit that one Jacob Weisberg wrote in Slate. Here you see a liberal dismayed over Bush's popularity ... and struggling for a way to explain his approval ratings. Here's what Weisberg comes up with:

"Bush continues to exhibit the same lack of curiosity, thoughtfulness, and engagement with ideas that made him a C student. Nuance, complexity, subtlety, and contradiction are not part of the mental universe he inhabits. And curiously enough, it is these very qualities of mind – or lack thereof – that seem to be making him such a good war president. "

There you have it, friends. In order to successfully lead your country during wartime you need to exhibit a lack of curiosity, thoughtfulness and engagement with ideas. Protecting the nation in time of war is for dummies. Expanding the scope of government during peacetime is best left to those more intelligent … like Weisberg.

If you watched the talking head shows on Sunday, you saw the new line of PR from the Democrats. Both Terry McAuliffe on "Meet the Press" and George Snuffleufagus on "This Week" telegraphed the new Democrat talking points, that the war on terror in Afghanistan was won by "the Clinton military."

Yep, the new strategy is that the Clinton military that was said to be in such bad shape by the Republicans was actually good enough to win a resounding victory in Afghanistan ... so what's the problem?

The other talking point of the Dems was to try and shoot down the idea that George W. Bush has done a great job of fighting the war.

Their argument? That it was a completely bipartisan effort. Obviously, that's why there have been so many Democrat congressional leaders visiting Afghanistan lately.

The other obvious talking point for the Dems is to keep talking about the Enron debacle until it finally sticks to the Bush administration.

What do you get when the government – and that means Republicans and Democrats alike – presents us with high school dropouts in critical security positions? Well, you can ask this winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor if you like.

This airport security horror story is about retired Marine Corps Gen. Joseph J. Foss. He was trying to board a flight to the Washington, D.C., area. He was going to speak to an NRA meeting.

Gen. Foss was carrying his Congressional Medal of Honor with him. He was awarded this medal for valor in World War II.

Apparently the problem was not so much the medal as it was the two other items that were in the pocket with the medal. One was a commemorative (gasp!) nail file with the Medal of Honor logo on it. The other was a dummy bullet with a hole in it that was part of a key chain.

The dummy bullet and the nail file were confiscated. Apparently the ace security studs wanted to take the medal, too. After all, it was in the same pocket with the other forbidden items.

It apparently took these morons about 45 minutes to decide that the Congressional Medal of Honor wasn't dangerous, Gen. Foss, 86 years old, a former governor of Utah, was allowed to proceed.

One thing for sure … that's as close as any of these ace security screeners are going to get to a medal for valor.

Although it appears to be a moot point at the moment, Diana West wrote a great piece in Friday's Washington Times about the mentality behind altering the picture of the three N.Y.C. firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero.

Listen to this little gem from Tom Daschle. He wants the government to take money from taxpayers and give that money to folks who have old cars. The idea is to spend taxpayer money to help turn old cars into scrap metal … and to give people who scrap these old cars a credit toward buying a new vehicle.

Amazing! Daschle apparently believes that somewhere in the U.S. Constitution one can find an authorization for the Imperial Federal Government to take money by force from the person who earned it and give that money to someone else to help them buy a new car – if they'll just scrap their old one.

What's next? Homes? Tear down your own home and get taxpayer money to help you buy a new one?

A report says that PLA leader Yasser Arafat is considering resigning. According to the source, his failing health is the main reason, but you have to wonder, since Israel branded him "irrelevant" several weeks ago and has been bombing closer and closer to him in reprisals after Palestinian terrorists attacks.

The source said, "In the past few days, Arafat has been saying more than ever that he is close to heaven, and that he'll end his life as a martyr." Does that mean he'll go out by stepping in front of a bullet, or with a couple of sticks of dynamite strapped to his body?

Funny how being surrounded by tanks and being exposed to the world as a liar makes you want to retire.

Did anyone notice a rather unusual crawler running across the Fox News Channel screen Sunday morning? Isn't that word usually used in partnership with the word "bag"?

That volcano that killed so many people in Congo? I'm just waiting for Jesse Jackson to (a) try to figure out a way to blame racism, and (b) come up with a way to make money off this tragedy.

Every day when Tom Daschle opens the newspaper, he prays that he won't read about an improving economy. He needs a bad economy for this year's elections – that's why he's working so hard to thwart a recovery.

I must have heard it 100 times over the weekend. The new favorite line in car ads, "All credit applications accepted." Go back to

Have you seen "The Chamber" on Fox TV? If this is the type of stuff that is passing for TV entertainment … the end is near.

Do you suppose the King family is charging admission to the King Memorial Service today?

You do remember Cynthia McKinney, don't you? She's that extreme left-wing congresswoman from Georgia who tried to get her hands on that $10 million the Saudi prince tried to give to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

To help you understand Ms. McKinney a bit better, I have provided a link to a list of her campaign donations for the 2000 election. Give it a look-see. Tell me if anything just pops out at you. Anything other than the fact that I didn't donate any money to her campaign, that is.


You know which scam I'm talking about, don't you? It's that bit where you get a fax or a letter from some clown in Nigeria who introduces himself in grandiose terms as some sort of a government minister.

He then tells you that they have about $30 million left over from some huge contract of some sort. They want to convert this money to their own use, but first they have to tuck it safely away in some bank account outside the country. So, how about YOUR bank account?

These guys are so nice they'll be glad to let you keep, say … $10 million or so if you will just let them hide the money in your account for a short period of time. All you have to do is give them your name and your bank account number and they'll wire the money right over.

If you fall for this scam, your account will be empty within hours.

Why bring this up? I bring it up because I learned over the weekend that this scam has cleared well over $5 billion for the scam artists. That's $5 billion, with a 'B' , and much of it is from stupid, gullible Americans.

It sort of helps explain how the Democratic Party continues to thrive, doesn't it?

In Georgia the seatbelt laws don't apply to pickup trucks. The reason? One man, the speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, Tom Murphy. Murphy doesn't like seatbelts. He made it clear that the law would never pass if it included pickup trucks.

Murphy's excuse? He says that farm workers have to get in and out of their trucks too much. The absurdity of Murphy's excuse? The seatbelt laws don't apply on private property where those farm workers are hopping in and out of their pickups.

The result of Murphy's actions is predictable. Fatality rates in pickup truck accidents in Georgia are higher than in automobiles. Officials estimate that at least 110 people in pickups would be alive today if they had worn their seatbelts.

The way I look at it … since ONE MAN stood in the way of requiring seatbelts in pickup trucks, this ONE MAN bears responsibility for these 110 deaths. Oh, I know that he wasn't driving – but Murphy is the one who stood in the way of safety legislation that might have saved those lives.

Here's an idea for Murphy. He's so adamant about his position, and he's so sure he's right, how about a meeting with the wives, children, parents, husbands and friends of the 110 people who could have been saved?

Let Murphy look into their eyes and tell them how proud he is of his actions. Let him say, "If I had gone along with the safety experts, your (husband/wife/child/mother/father) might be alive today, and I'm proud of what I did."

Oh, and maybe Murphy can reimburse the taxpayers of the state of Georgia for any costs incurred in providing medical care or other assistance for the dead drivers and their families.

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Some British politicians are complaining that we're treating the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay too harshly. These prisoners are people who have no qualms about slitting the throat of a stewardess, hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building while killing thousands of...
Monday, 21 January 2002 12:00 AM
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