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Terrorists in Atlanta Skies?

Tuesday, 25 September 2001 12:00 AM

... but our traffic helicopters can't. Yup, that's the considered opinion of our FAA, the DOT and our national security experts. Crop dusters will be allowed back in the air today. This after finding evidence that the terrorists were interested in acquiring a crop duster and had a crop duster manual in their possession.

So – if crop dusters can fly, why can't traffic helicopters? Just what sort of a security threat do they represent?

Just wondering.

People started calling me about this one yesterday. It seems that Tom Hanks made a bit of a slip-up when he recited the Pledge of Allegiance on that network relief telethon last Friday night. I understand he left the words "under God" out. Intentional or a mistake?

OK – my vote? A mistake. Yeah, Tom Hanks is a world-class leftist bed wetter who's main source of pleasure during the last four years has been kissing Bill Clinton's butt while collecting money for his various legal cases. Hanks is a great actor. That doesn't make him a great thinker. He should have stayed on that island. Having said that … in the light of what happened in New York and Washington, I don't think Tom Hanks would be so foolish as to decide to leave "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance on national TV.

More incredible stories from Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport.

Some of you won't remember this … you weren't listeners two years ago when this happened.

It was two years ago. Allison and Jason Combs were on their way to Grand Cayman Island for their honeymoon. They boarded their Delta flight in Little Rock, Ark. Allison was using a carry-on bag borrowed from her mom. When Allison and Jason got to Hartsfield they headed to the gate at the international concourse for their flight to Grand Cayman. On the way Allison reached into her carry-on for something and discovered her mom's .22 caliber pistol. The pistol had been overlooked when Allison's mom cleaned out the bag.

So, what does Allison do? The right thing. She finds a police officer and reports it. The police officer reports the incident to his commander. His commander tells him to arrest Allison and take her into custody. The officer refuses. He doesn't think there was any intention to commit a crime. A superior officer comes to the concourse and makes the arrest.

The Atlanta police were so anxious to lock this girl up that they actually had to shop for a judge to get a warrant signed. A Clayton County judge said no, so they went marching off to an Atlanta City judge. Bottom line – Allison spends her wedding night in an Atlanta jail for doing the right thing.

Now, let's turn to yesterday. Charles Hildreth is a businessman from Collegedale, Tenn. He has a .22 and a license to carry it. He came to Hartsfield yesterday to catch a flight. He forgot the gun was in his pocket. He walked right through security and onto the concourse where he realized what he had done. He, too, did the right thing and contacted a police officer. He was charged with a misdemeanor and released. In essence, he got a ticket.

So … Allison the bride comes through Hartsfield with a gun at a time when there were no particular security alerts in effect and spends the night in jail. Charles the businessman comes through with a gun at a time of increased security and gets a ticket.

Could someone please explain this to me? And while you're at it, explain how Hildreth got through the metal detector with a gun in his pocket.

When in the hell is the State of Georgia going to do the right thing and turn control of Hartsfield over to a State Airport Authority or a private contractor?

If you've listened to recent interviews with Bill Clinton, you might have the impression that during his reign, Clinton's administration came oh-so-close to killing Osama bin Laden in a cruise missile attack in 1998. Clinton said, "We just missed him by a matter of hours, maybe even less than an hour."

Wow! Sounds like Osama Yomama narrowly escaped with his life, right?

Retired General Anthony Zinni was the commander of U.S. forces in the region at the time. He remembers differently. He told National Review that the 1998 cruise missile raid was a "million-to-one shot. ... There was a possibility [bin Laden] could have been there. My intelligence people did not put a lot of faith in that. ... As I was given this mission to do, I did not see that anyone had any degree of assurance or reliability that that was going to happen."

So, who do we believe? Bill Clinton, who likes to lie, or General Zinni and his intelligence people?

Can there be any doubt that Clinton is just trying to get face time in front of the news cameras – and cover for his own administration's failures?

How did government indoctrinators respond to the terrorist attacks? They were true to form.

A group called the Public Education Network issued a statement less than 24 hours after the attacks. The statement said that "access to a high-quality public education is the bedrock of our democracy" and urged that "as important calls for rethinking our commitment to our national defense and the war against terrorism are made, the Public Education Network asks policymakers and citizens to remember the important role that public education plays."

As Chester Finn, a former assistant U.S. secretary of education, points out, maybe these self-centered government educators would like to spend a little time experiencing "public education" under the Taliban.

One lesson being taught in classrooms is that the attacks were America's punishment for being the schoolyard bully. A 12-year-old Maryland student spoke to the Washington Post and offered this cookie-cutter explanation of the attacks: "Because we're bossy. That's what my teacher said. She said it's because we have all the weapons and we think we can boss other countries around. They're jealous of us."

The Department of Education tells parents and educators to explain that we were attacked because we love freedom, and to remind kids of the "value of living in a country that respects individual liberty and the rule of law." But most other organizations, including the National Association of School Psychologists, encourage parents to teach their kids about tolerance. There's no talk about patriotism or freedom.

If we can't use the Sept. 11 attacks to teach our kids about the value of freedom ... what hope do we have for the future of this country?

The United Nations is sitting silently in the corner. They're sitting there because they've been drowned out by the U.S. and its allies. And they don't like it one bit.

Then we have Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. He said the U.N. should lead any global action against terrorism. The U.S. delegate, Cameron Hume, said the U.S. supports the U.N., but didn't elaborate on Washington's agenda.

Yes, that's right. The U.N. thinks it's the only organization that can give its stamp of approval before America or any of its neighbors starts putting the thumbscrews to international terrorists. We've seen this kind of arrogance before – the recent U.N. conferences on small arms and racism, for example. They were just showcases for the U.N.'s socialist agenda of disarming civilians and blaming the U.S. for poverty in Africa.

Now they think they're the only game in town when it comes to fighting terrorists. And here I thought the U.S. was doing pretty well assembling its own coalition of nations.

So we have the U.N.'s secretary general, Kofi Annan, saying yesterday that the U.N. should play a major role in the fight against international terrorism. He told the General Assembly that only the U.N. can give "global legitimacy" to the struggle against "the unspeakable horror" of terrorism.

Global legitimacy? The U.N. has NO global legitimacy. Evidently Annan didn't read Andrea Peyser's recent column in the New York Post. The U.N. is nothing but a glorified international podium from which the minions of Third World tyrants preach their anti-American dogma.

The U.N. has known of the existence of international terrorism for years – and done nothing. Let the Israelis defend themselves from Palestinian Terrorism, and the U.N. will crank out a resolution condemning Israel just as soon as the copy machines get warmed up. Has anyone heard one peep from the U.N. General Assembly on the terrorist attack on New York? Has anyone seen a resolution condemning bin Laden? Not only no, but HELL no.

Is there anyone besides Andrea Peyser who thinks the U.N. has overstayed its welcome in New York? I'm ready to head up there and help them pack.

Think about this for a minute. How will a piece of plastic in your wallet stop terrorism?

Terrorists aren't really known for following the law. Some of the hijackers on the Sept. 11 flights may have been using stolen identities. Who's to say they'll bother to give their personal information to the federal government and get a legitimate I.D. card? All that would do is give the feds a clearly marked path to their doorstep. They don't want that. They want to train in private and surface just before they carry out their plans. They'll get fake I.D.s as soon as someone develops a way to counterfeit them. And that won't take very long at all.

Charles Kennedy is the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Britain, where the national I.D. card debate is raging right now. He says national I.D. cards have failed to stop terrorism in other European countries like France, Spain and Italy. Why should we think they'll work in the UK and the U.S.?

Like many other laws designed to fight crime, the national I.D. card will do little to prevent terrorists from attacking Americans – but it will give the federal government greater knowledge of your personal life ... and greater control over you.

Atlanta Gas Light Company is expressing concern about the thousands of deadbeats who still haven't paid their gas bills from last year. The concern is that they won't pay their bills in time to have their gas service restored before it gets cold.

Come on, who are we kidding here? These deadbeats have gone through the entire summer spending their money on beer, cell phones, pagers, movies, cigarettes and other such goodies instead of paying their bills. Why? Well, because they know that as soon as the temperatures go down they can start whining about how poor they are and how cold they are and how they have a right to a warm place to stay ... and the politicians will come up with some "emergency funds" (taxpayers' money) to get their gas service restored. The story is as old as our country.

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... but our traffic helicopters can't.Yup, that's the considered opinion of our FAA, the DOT and our national security experts.Crop dusters will be allowed back in the air today.This after finding evidence that the terrorists were interested in acquiring a crop duster and...
Tuesday, 25 September 2001 12:00 AM
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