Wednesday, 12 September 2001 12:00 AM

By now I'm sure you know the story. America, liberty and freedom have been attacked. Both of the World Trade Towers have been destroyed. Thousands of lives have been lost. Some estimates put the dead in New York City at 10,000 souls. Direct attacks against the American government have been staged. There was an attack on Camp David which failed, an attack on the Pentagon which succeeded.

For now Americans are, or should be, united. No matter who you voted for in 2001, George W. Bush is now YOUR president and he needs your prayers. The decisions that will be made in the coming hours, days and weeks are horrendous beyond your comprehension. U.S. Air Force fighter planes are now circling New York City and Washington, D.C. U.S. Navy warships are on their way to New York, and the National Guard has been called forth to help in rescue attempts.

This is an attack on freedom, on liberty and on all of America and all Americans. It's also an attack on all civilized nations throughout the world. The questions are almost too numerous. Who did it, of course, and how does America retaliate? What actions can be taken to prevent similar attacks on other targets in New York and other cities?

I was in Texas when JFK was assassinated. Within hours people were attacking those they felt to be responsible – people who weren't responsible at all. It's time for Americans to absorb as much information as possible, to pray, and to reflect. Then it will be time for us to support our leaders in the actions they take to address these attacks, and to make sure they never happen again.

Bill Clinton promised a war on terrorism while he was in office. Was there a war? If so, the terrorists have won – up to this point.

  • More signs that the terrorists won: Both Peter Jennings of ABC and Tom Brokaw of NBC were discussing what essential liberties Americans would have to give up in the wake of these attacks. The enemies of our country are also the enemies of freedom. They view a discussion on what freedoms Americans will have to give up as an indication of the success of their terror campaign.

  • Virtually all of the hijacked airplanes were coast-to-coast flights. Why? Because they had full loads of fuel, that's why. Flying bombs.

  • I have spoken many times of the pitiful level of competence of those people who man our airport security checks. Don't we now know for an absolute certainty that our system of screening passengers and their luggage is completely inadequate? When it comes to protecting me on a commercial flight, I don't want to depend on people whose only viable second career choice would be cooking French fries. We have seen a total and complete utter failure of the security system protecting our nation's airports.

  • That hijacked airplane that crashed outside Pittsburgh? There is some indication that the passengers of that airplane rushed the hijackers.

  • Did you know that American Airlines was recently fined by the FAA? The reason? Poor passenger screening.

  • Manhattan is littered with women's shoes. Why? Women trying to flee the scene of the terrorist attacks were abandoning their high heels.

  • Barbara Olson was reported to be on the hijacked airliner that crashed into the Pentagon. Barbara Olson is the wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson. She's also the woman who wrote the book "Hell to Pay," a rather unflattering, though accurate, portrayal of Hillary Clinton.

  • Heard yesterday on MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell saying "It would be a challenge for a less-articulate president to rally the country." Now that quote isn't exact ... but the "less-articulate president" was there. It is time for the nation's leftist media to abandon this "Bush is a dummy" campaign.

  • We've all see those videos of Palestinians dancing in the streets. Ugly? Yeah, it's ugly. But put it in perspective. Many of those you saw were kids, teenagers. They have no real concept of what America is, who Americans are or what has happened here. For some of the older ones you saw on television – if you were to put them on an airplane and fly them to New York to see the bodies, the burned, the injured ... they would be horrified. Horrified not only at what they saw, but at their very own demonstrations of glee. Those aren't the people we need to blame.

  • You have to ask ... would this tragedy have happened today if America had shown the resolve to rid the world of Saddam Hussein in 1991? Shows of weakness or timidity invite actions of this type. Bullies love to pick on big guys who won't fight back.

  • I wonder of the hideous cowards who launched this attack on innocent American civilians have any idea just what they have done and the almost certain consequences of their actions. Were they fooled by the apparent dissention in American political life? If so, that will turn out to have been a fatal error. Someone is soon to learn that you don't screw with Americans or America. We may argue among ourselves – but we are perfectly capable of binding together to respond with dangerous resolve against terrorists who attack us on our own soil.

    Neal Boortz is the hugely popular nationally syndicated radio host.

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    By now I'm sure you know the story.America, liberty and freedom have been attacked. Both of the World Trade Towers have been destroyed.Thousands of lives have been lost.Some estimates put the dead in New York City at 10,000 souls.Direct attacks against the American...
    Wednesday, 12 September 2001 12:00 AM
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