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On Taxes and the 'Masters of Disaster'

Tuesday, 29 May 2001 12:00 AM

Yesterday there were a few doubting Thomases over my comments on the so-called "repeal" of the death tax. It's smoke and mirrors, folks. Yes, the death tax will phase out over a number of years – then it will disappear completely. For ONE year. Then it comes roaring back.

Here's a quote from an AP story on the tax cut legislation.

"Rumors of the death of the estate tax appear to be exaggerated. Although estate taxes will decline and taxpayers will be able to bequeath more to their heirs on a tax-free basis – up to $1 million – starting next year, the estate tax will not expire completely until January 2010. Even then, the estate tax repeal is only legislated to last a year. Congress must either re-repeal the tax by December 31, 2010 or the tax will revert back to what is in effect today."

Funny how hard it is to get the whole story, isn't it?

This particular government outrage comes from Seattle. They had a bit of an earthquake up there. It happened around February 28 and is known thereabouts as the Nisqually earthquake.

OK, this Nisqually earthquake is of little importance to you, right? Relatively minor, right? Nope. Wrong.

This earthquake provides us with an excellent lesson on just what happens when a government can take the money you have earned at the point of a gun and then have no accountability to you whatsoever for how that money is spent.

The night before the earthquake about 75 urban outdoorsmen (that would be "homeless men" to the more sensitive among you) spent the night at the Compass Center in Seattle. The Compass Center is a shelter near Pioneer Square. The next day the Compass Center was destroyed in the earthquake. That meant these urban campers had to find another shelter to run to the next evening.

A night or so after the earthquake one urban outdoorsman told his buddies that he had heard on television that the federal government was handing out checks to displaced residents. All you had to do was call a toll-free number! Hell, they were displaced, weren't they? The shelter they had stayed in the night before the quake was gone! Word spread like wildfire. Homeless men started claiming displaced status …

So, guess what? You got it! Checks are being handed out. They're not saying just how many have gone to the urban outdoorsmen … but dozens have already received their checks. How much? Well, how is $1,200 for starters? That's what the feds say two months' rent is worth in Seattle. Many homeless men have also received additional checks for over a thousand additional dollars for stuff they claim they left at the Compass Center and couldn't recover after the quake.

And the Democrats say we can't afford a tax cut.

California Governor Gray Davis is looking to pick a fight with George W. Bush.

How else do you explain his hiring of Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani, Al Gore's self-styled "masters of disaster"? They're the ones who helped defend Bill Clinton during his various scandals. During last year's presidential campaign, they orchestrated the attacks portraying Katherine Harris as a Bush crony. Lehane tried to convince the press that the Bush campaign had inserted a subliminal message in a TV ad. He also used taxpayer funds to put together a book on how to stop journalists from writing scandal stories.

Almost immediately after Davis hired them for $30,000 a month, his anti-Bush rhetoric escalated. The current spin is that California's energy woes aren't the fault of bad government; the problems are the result of price gouging by suppliers in Texas who are pals of none other than George Bush.

Davis and his Democratic friends aren't exactly rolling out the red carpet for Bush when he visits today. They've bought advertising time on TV and radio stations for their anti-Bush ads, and they've also organized protests. Once Davis' little get-together with Bush was set, Davis then tried to invite angry consumers to embarrass Bush by blaming him for high energy prices!

Bush, meanwhile, refuses to impose caps on wholesale power prices. He wants California to work out its own long-term solutions.

California went to the Democrats years ago. Even if Bush caves in to Davis' demands, he and the Republicans won't gain a single House seat next year. This is a mess California's legislators created. Let them fix it.

A poll has been taken of California residents to see how they feel about new sources of energy and how to handle the energy crisis out there. The results? Nuclear power, by a landslide.

To solve California's crisis, 48 percent of Californians favor building new power plants. Just 18 percent think that California can conserve its way out of this problem (it can't). Here's the surprise. Only 8 percent favor price controls. I guess these Californians know that it was price controls implemented by their governor and legislature that put them in this spot in the first place.

Now … the shocker. Residents of California favor nuclear power over coal, oil and natural gas by a 60 percent margin!

Obviously the pollsters were calling Boortz listeners!

Was that Georgia Democratic Senator Max Cleland I heard saying that the Senate needs more independent thinkers like Zell Miller? If Max feels that way, then could he please tell us why he has steadfastly voted the liberal Democratic Party line for the past five years – right up to the time he's running for re-election? Suddenly he likes independent thought?

On the local television newscasts last night, heard time after time that some Asian-Americans are concerned about the movie ''Pearl Harbor.'' My oh my, these whiners are concerned that the movie might stir up feelings against Japanese-Americans.

Pardon me for saying so, but isn't that just a damned shame. Oh, those poor, poor Japanese-Americans. They're just so picked on. Maybe we should rewrite the history books. Let's teach the next generation of government school children that it was really white businessmen dressed up to look like Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor. They wanted to trick the United States into a huge war in the Pacific so they could make more money selling bullets, ships and airplanes to the military. That way the sentiment could be whipped up against white businessmen. Nobody is going to complain about that!

We also need to do something about those cowboy and Indian movies. You never know – show one white settler getting scalped in a movie and here come those horrible anti-Indian … oops! Almost forgot! I meant to say here come those horrible anti-Native American feelings again!

Yeah, folks. Let's get out there and sanitize our movies, our television shows (there's ''The Sopranos,'' you know), our books, magazines and newspapers. Let's get all movies out of the theaters that show any ethnic or religious minority – other than straight white males, of course – in a negative light.

Remember, the Age of Aquarius is past. This is the age of PC – the age of political correctness. History must be revised or hidden in order to protect the feelings and sensibilities of hypersensitive minorities!

Fact, truth and reality should never stand in the way of personal comfort.

One of the first things Democratic class warlord Tom Daschle did after the Jeffords party switch was to put America on notice – don't count your tax-cut chickens too quick, folks. We want that money to spend. On Sunday's ''Meet the Press'' Daschle warned that he was ready to lead the Senate into eliminating the tax cuts if, as he puts it, deficits reappear.

OK, here's what the Democrat-adoring media won't tell you. Tax revenue to the imperial federal government is almost certain to go up over the next few years. If deficits reappear it will ONLY be due to the fact that government spending will have increased at a rate faster than government tax revenues. Look for Daschle and his Democratic-Socialist colleagues to crank up the government spending machine – and then repeal the tax cuts because of the reappearance of deficits.

Last week the Violence Policy Center posted an image to its Web site dedicated to slamming Attorney General John Ashcroft for his support of gun owners' rights. The image was of a membership card from the National Rifle Association. The card has Ashcroft's name on it and says he's a Life Member.

It's a fake. NRA officials confirmed it. The VPC admits it. VPC spokesman Josh Sugarman said it's intended as "a parody of an NRA card. We assumed any reasonable person would view it as such."

But visitors to the anti-Ashcroft Web site might not think so. The headline that goes with the fake membership card reads "Ashcroft Proves NRA Is Calling the Shots at the Justice Department."

And we all know how gullible liberals can be. These aren't the "reasonable people" Sugarman claims to preach to. They'll leave the Web site thinking Ashcroft's in with the NRA for life.

Why do these gun grabbers have to resort to such distortions? Simple. Because the truth doesn't support their agenda. Logic destroys their agenda. The facts aren't on their side – the facts are on the side of millions of law-abiding gun owners. Think about it. Shouldn't you question an agenda that relies on distortions, half-truths and outright lies to promote itself?

Got a felony conviction? Want to vote? Go to Florida!

The Palm Beach Post did a computer analysis and identified more than 5,600 Floridians who voted in the 2000 presidential election, even though their names and birth dates perfectly matched names and birth dates on a list of suspected felons. Convicted felons are barred from voting in Florida.

Which presidential candidate benefited from the votes of all these felons? It's an easy question. Of the likely felons the Palm Beach Post identified, 68 percent of them were registered Democrats.

It's a no-brainer. Democrats are soft on crime. Criminals like politicians who are soft on crime. So criminals vote for Democrats. Small wonder why Democrats want to loosen the regulations to allow more convicted felons to vote.

Do you really want to support a party that counts criminals among its constituents?

Georgia has a new law requiring advisory councils for every government school in the state. It's part of an education reform plan. The law mandates that these advisory councils be made up of the principal, two parents, two teachers and two business leaders.

Deron Boyles is an associate professor in education at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He isn't happy with the requirement for the two business leaders. He would rather those two spots go to environmentalists, representatives from the arts community or from nonprofit organizations. Ahhhh ... another leftist in the education establishment.

Now, here's an absolutely incredible sentence from an opinion piece Boyles wrote about these advisory councils: "One problem with business leaders having the kind of representation that [the] law requires is that it reinforces the wrong-headed, if long-standing, notion that the purpose of public schools is to train future workers."

Can you believe that? How many of you were laboring under this "wrong-headed" idea that your children were going to school to prepare them to become a part of our working economy? If you don't train our youngsters for work in school – then where in the hell does that training take place?

Boyles is an education professor. That would mean that he's teaching the people who will one day be teaching your children. Don't you just love the idea of that teacher announcing to the class that it is not his or her job to help prepare them for their future lives in the American workforce?

Are your kids returning to government schools next year?

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Yesterday there were a few doubting Thomases over my comments on the so-called repeal of the death tax. It's smoke and mirrors, folks.Yes, the death tax will phase out over a number of years - then it will disappear completely.For ONE year. Then it comes roaring...
Tuesday, 29 May 2001 12:00 AM
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