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Tax Reform I Would Like to See

Wednesday, 23 January 2002 12:00 AM

As Williams puts it, "Just how fair is it to allow those who pay little or no taxes to use the political process to decide how much taxes others should pay?"

Exactly, Mr. Williams! I'm with you! (Or you're with me – whatever.)

But – just to stir the puddin' a bit more – here's a tax reform that would go a long way toward changing our system right now. This tax reform would neither raise nor lower taxes.

No evil rich person would have to pay one penny less in federal income taxes under this reform plan, and no poor, poor, pitiful poor person would have to pay one penny more. Government revenue would remain the same.

So, what's the big, huge, incredible idea here? Simple. End withholding. The withholding of taxes from paychecks was supposed to be a temporary measure during World War II. We were told it was needed to keep the money flowing to the federal government for the war effort.

Prior to World War II, taxpayers would simply write a check once a year to the federal government. Figure out what they owe and write the check.

Free-spending politicians just love the withholding system. They know that most wage earners in America really don't have any idea how much they really earn on the job.

All you need to do to understand what the politicians already know is to just ask a few coworkers how much they make. The vast majority of wage earners will not say, "I make $____ a week." Instead, they'll say "I take home $____ a week."

They know what they "take home," not what they actually earn. That's a symphony to the ears of tax-and-spend politicians. The income tax money is gone – gone before the pay envelope arrives – and the wage earner doesn't even miss it.

Then … along comes April 15. Time to go back to your knowledgeable co-worker again:

"Hey, Joe! How much tax did you have to pay this year?"

"Man! I didn't have to pay anything! I'm getting some back!"

By now our tax-and-spend politician is in a near-orgasmic state! How better to keep power than to rule over idiots? These saps don't even know how much tax they paid over the year! They just know the amount of their refund check.

So – end withholding. Change the law. Every month all wage earners will be required to write a check to the U.S. Treasury for that month's income taxes. Make the employer calculate the amount, if you like – but make the wage earner write the check. Every month. If they don't write the check, the interest starts to accrue.

My friends … I guarantee to you an instant tax revolt.

I'm dreaming.

Boutique Medical Care

Hosting CNN's "TalkBack Live" yesterday, there was an interesting discussion on boutique medical care. Some doctors are tired of spending 15 minutes per patient, seeing 30 or more patients a day. They want to deliver better care, more personal attention – without taking an income hit.

The solution? They charge their patients an annual fee. Could be anywhere from $4,000 for an individual to $20,000 for a family. Those patients then get immediate, same-day access and increased personal attention from their doctor.

They can call him 24/7 at home or on his cell phone. He'll come to their house if necessary. All of the doctor's services have to be paid for in addition to the annual fee.

Why bring this up today? Because I'm still amazed … amazed at the stupid comments I heard about this plan. One person actually said that it's just not "fair" that rich people can get better medical care just because they can afford it.

(OK, dear. Give me your definition of "fair.") If there is a significant number of people in this country who agree with that idiotic statement … then we're in deep dog squeeze indeed.

Intemperate Thoughts

Boxing is sleazy. More sleazy than ever. If those Nevada boxing commissioners issue that animal another license to box in Las Vegas, it will be time to turn our backs on this debacle once and for all. Mike Tyson should be living in a cage at a cheap tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere on Route 66.

How come nobody is talking about bailing me out of my incredibly brilliant purchase of stock in PSINet?

The "TalkBack Live" director told me yesterday that when the top of my head starts to shine, that means the show is almost over.

The Winter Olympics are about to begin in Salt Lake City. Now I wish I had made some plans to attend for a few days. I love winter sports, and I would like to see how an American city can pull off the Olympics without Bill Campbell and Munson Steed slumming things up. Too late, I guess.

I note that city and county governments across the nation are starting to talk about tax increases. No local government should be permitted to raise taxes on its people until all funding for arts programs is ended. There is no excuse for using the police power of government to force people to pay for artwork that could not sell in the private marketplace.

Airport Idiocy

People across the country now know that I'm more than a little upset over this idiotic charade that is masquerading as airport security. In most major airports across the country accomplished, achievement-oriented, successful businessmen and women are being subjected to unconscionable harassment at the hands of high school dropouts and others from the marginally-employable class at airport passenger screening stations.

Particularly outrageous is the harassment that is being visited on airline flight crews, particularly pilots. Some captains now insist that the entire flight crew for their flights meet at the airport and go through security as a group.

The captains want to be there to protect their crewmembers, especially female flight attendants, as the screeners do their thing. It seems that some screeners are even using their newfound powers as an excuse not only to harass, but to, shall we say, cop a feel from the ladies.

Because I've been on this issue for weeks now, I'm getting a steady succession of letters and e-mails from flight crews and passengers relating their security experiences.

Here's one particular example that illustrates just how sick this whole system has become.

A pilot for U.S. Airways was recently stopped for the full search at the screening station. The brilliant screener had noticed something in his bag that she perceived to be a security threat.

Since she noticed something in his flight bag, she demanded he remove his shoes. She told him she wanted to search his shoes for "explosives." Making sense so far, right? Well – just hold on a minute.

The pilot thought that the screener might have seen his flashlight. He is required to carry a flashlight – four D-cells and all. Nope. That wasn't what she was after.

It turns out it was his headset – his aviation headset. The screener was upset about the headset because it had a plug on the end of it – you know, the jack that the pilot would plug into the aircraft radios. The screener thought the plug "could be used as a weapon."

Calmer, and more educated, heads prevailed and the pilot was allowed to board his airplane, headphones and all.

You will remember several weeks ago that we heard from a pilot who wasn't allowed to take his mandated flashlight through the security checkpoint. He asked the screener how he was supposed to pre-flight his airplane in the dark without the flashlight. "I don't know," said the screener. "That's your airline's problem."

It appears that we now have a system where a high school dropout security screener can tell an experienced (not to mention educated) airline pilot what he can and cannot carry into the cockpit of an airplane.

Let's pause for a moment to give the Democrats thanks for making these losers government employees – and to the Bush administration for refusing to demand that they at least be high school graduates.

Diversity Among the Democrats?

ABCNews.com put up a list of 13 likely Democrats to run for the presidency in 2004. Oddly enough, there are no women (including Hitlary), blacks, Asians or Hispanics. I thought they were supposed to be the "party of the people."

Compare that to the Republicans. Colin Powell would likely have had the nomination in 2000, had he not insisted he didn't want it. Many Republicans are suggesting Condoleezza Rice as the best candidate for 2008. Alan Keyes, J. C. Watts and Elizabeth Dole are still in the mix ... however weakly.

On the ABC list, Tom Daschle is No. 1, followed by Al Gore. No. 13 (last) on the list is Sen. Joseph Biden, and number 10 is Gov. Roy Barnes of Georgia (no surprise to your Talkmaster, who told you a week or so ago that Barnes had started a presidential war chest).

Hillary Wants to 'Professionalize' Nuclear Power Plant Security

The Hildebeast and Nevada Democrat Harry Reid are currently preparing legislation that would federalize all security workers at the nation's 103 nuclear power plants. I assume that when they get through with it, the security guards will be more interested in looking for nail clippers and flashlights than for terrorists.

I wonder if a high school diploma will be a requirement to guard a nuclear facility. Probably not ... after all, what's she's looking for is more Democrat voters.

But it appears that, as usual, she is seeking to "fix" something that doesn't need fixing. The head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had this to say about Hillary's plan:

"Current security forces at sensitive NRC nuclear facilities are well-trained, well-paid and have high retention rates. There have been no failures in nuclear plant security of the type that has plagued the commercial airline industry and thus no need for such radical change."

Maybe so, but "well-trained, well-paid" workers generally don't vote Democrat.

We've seen what happens when you "federalize" security screeners at airports. Let's not compound the problem.

Mike Tyson ... Another O.J. Waiting to Happen?

Did you see the Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis press conference yesterday? If so, you have to ask yourself: When are they going to lock this guy in a padded cell somewhere before he kills someone?

There's always a lot of hype and show leading up to a fight, but Tyson goes way beyond that. He's a rabid animal with the IQ of a ball-peen hammer! No, wait. Even a ball-peen hammer has a useful purpose.

Remember, this is the guy who served time for rape (and there seems to be probable cause in another rape charge pending in Las Vegas), bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear (Lewis claimed Tyson bit him on the leg in the brawl yesterday), and this is the same guy who said about an opponent before a fight, "I want to eat his children! Praise be to Allah!"

Hopefully this mad dog will not get a renewed license to fight. Oh, by the way ... WBC president Jose Sulaiman was knocked out in the melee. There is a God.

Looks Like the Terrorists Have Been Buying the Sunday Paper ... a Lot!

According to ABC News, terrorists have been looting our capitalist economy with a very unlikely weapon ... discount coupons. They set up a network that gathered the coupons, crumpled them to make them look used, then shipped them to their affiliated group of grocers, who turn them in to the manufacturers for the money. Estimates are that they can pull as much as $125 million a year – some of which may have helped fund the 9/11 attacks.

They also have been involved in other low-risk, high-pay ventures like cigarette smuggling and credit card fraud.

Hung Over? Claim Workers Comp

In South Korea it has become part of the culture to drink away the night with the boss or clients. Now, if that behavior results in a drinking-related illness, it will be considered an industrial accident. Under the country's new regulations going into effect in March, liver disease or other health problems from "work-related drinking" will be covered by worker's compensation.

Sounds like most radio stations I've worked at.

I Don't think She Has a Case Here

Becky Lynn Gritzke is a business major at Florida State University. That's not far from New Orleans, so Becky Lynn treks off to Mardi Gras last year ... and, yes, she flashed her pink-nosed puppies a few times in return for some cheap beads. Becky Lynn is a woman of great personal pride.

Now Becky Lynn has filed suit against the producers of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos because they videotaped her little display and are selling it worldwide. They also include a censored view of her jaunt on their late-night TV commercials.

The defendants' lawyer points out that "...there is no privacy protection for people who take their clothes off in public, especially at a big public event where many people have cameras." They're right.

Becky, darlin', I've read some things about the guy who sells those videos, and he seems like the type of guy that would make Larry Flynt blush. I wouldn't mind if you nailed him in this suit … but it ain't gonna happen.

The fact is, exposing yourself at a public event is not a private action. Look at it this way ... when you're 80 years old, you'll have a great tool for teaching your great-granddaughter what NOT to do.

Neal Boortz is the hugely popular nationally syndicated radio host.

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As Williams puts it, Just how fair is it to allow those who pay little or no taxes to use the political process to decide how much taxes others should pay? Exactly, Mr. Williams!I'm with you! (Or you're with me - whatever.) But - just to stir the puddin' a bit more -...
Wednesday, 23 January 2002 12:00 AM
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