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Tax Cut Mania

Friday, 13 April 2001 12:00 AM

Yeah, the unions don't like Bush's tax cut idea one little bit. The reason? Well, they're just fighting for their constituents. Fighting to get as much money as they possibly can out of the pockets of people who don't join and support unions into the pockets of people who do join and support unions.

First, there are some outright distortions in the union ads. I know – what a big surprise that is! The union ads, for instance, state that about 42 percent of the tax cut goes to the "wealthiest 1 percent."

Now, let me tell you how the unions got that figure. Easy – they got it from the Congressional class warlords Daschle and Gephardt. To reach that figure, the congressional Democrats had to combine the results of both income tax cuts and the elimination of the death tax. If you were to consider the income tax only, it would not be the "wealthiest 1 percent" that would get a break, it would be the top 1 percent of income earners.

There's a long-term game plan at work here. Socialists, leftists and Democrats have long been a little unhappy that there is no pure "wealth tax" in the United States. This is why they like the death tax so much. If you can't take someone's wealth away from them while they're alive, at least you can get most of it when they die.

The Imperial Federal Government taxes living Americans on how much they earn, not on how much they have. You can be worth several million dollars and only have about $100,000 in income in any one given year. This would not put you in the top 1 percent of income earners and you would not get nailed with the top tax rate. This upsets the left. Eventually they would like to be able to levy a straight wealth tax on people in this category just to get a few extra bucks to spend in their vote-buying schemes.

They're slowly moving toward this concept by continually referring to taxpayers in terms of their wealth instead of in terms of their income. That's why they'll always reference the tax cut benefiting the "wealthiest 1 percent."

Back to the union ads. If they made any attempt to keep the ads honest (yeah, right) they would report that about 32 percent of the total dollars retained by income earners would be retained by the top 1 percent of income earners. Bear in mind, though, that this same top 1 percent pays about 35 percent of all federal income taxes though they only earn about 17.5 percent of the income. Now, tell me how unfair this is.

Bottom line – these unions are carrying water for their pals the Democrats with this advertising campaign. Listen to the ads. They are promoting new Democratic spending and vote-buying programs. That's why they oppose the tax cuts … their pals need the money to regain and retain power in Congress.

One of my listeners, Jackie, sent me an e-mail yesterday with a brilliant analogy of the Democratic idea of cutting income taxes.

Let's say you have 60,000 people head to the ballpark for a game. They buy the following tickets:

5,000 purchase luxury box seats for $50 each.

Yeah, I know, that leaves 10,000 people. Well, there just weren't any more tickets to sell, so they had to stay outside the stadium and listen to the game on portable radios.

Here come the rains. A torrential downpour. It's the last game of the season – the last game, the last day. You can't make the game up later, so the team owners have to make a refund.

Here's the refund schedule as proposed by the owners. It's very simple. You get your money back. If you bought a $5 ticket, you get five bucks. If you bought a $50 ticket, you get 50 bucks.

Uh oh – the city is controlled by Democrats and the city owns the stadium. An emergency meeting of the City Council is called to address the matter of refunds. A resolution is passed demanding that the team refund ticket revenue in the following way:

People who bought $5 seats will each get $10 back. They must be poor or they wouldn't have bought cheap Seats, so that means they need the money.

People who bought the $25 seats will get $25 for each ticket. After all, that's only fair.

People who bought the $50 luxury seats will get $10 for each ticket. They're rich, and they don't really need all of their money back.

That would leave $175,000 left. The City Council resolution demands that this $175,000 be "distributed" as follows:

$100,000 would be distributed to the 10,000 people who did not buy tickets for the game. Each one gets 10 bucks. They just looked so pathetic standing there outside the ballpark they surely must deserve something.

$75,000 will be set aside to provide free tickets to future ball games to poor people.

Ah, don't you just love it! Isn't it wonderful to be living in such a "fair" (if not free) society?

Remember Loretta Sanchez? She's the California Democratic congresswoman who scheduled a fund-raiser for Al Gore – at the Playboy Mansion. Seeing potential harm to his family-friendly image, Gore removed Sanchez from the Democratic National Convention speakers list.

Now Loretta Sanchez has resurfaced ... in China. She's one of the few members of Congress who didn't cancel a planned trip after the EP-3 incident.

Sanchez has swallowed the Chinese government's position hook, line and sinker. In a phone call last night from Beijing, Sanchez told Fox News Channel, "I believe the biggest problem [the Chinese government] had was this whole issue of not enough remorse with respect to human life. ... They were very upset that in the beginning of the whole ordeal that the administration ... hadn't talked about the loss of the pilot. They felt very angry about that."

Translation: We Americans should be ashamed of ourselves because we're too insensitive to the fact that a hot-dogging Chinese pilot lost his life in a confrontation he started. Shame on us!

Loretta Sanchez could use a bit of a refresher on Chinese history. She's the guest of a government that attacked thousands of student protesters in Tiananmen Square, persecuted the Falun Gong religious sect, abused dissidents, and killed more than 20 million of its own citizens during the Cultural Revolution. In case Sanchez hasn't noticed, life is pretty cheap to the rulers of China.

Can the Chinese just keep Loretta Sanchez? She seems to be fitting in rather well over there.

Want to know how the Democrats are systematically gutting George W. Bush's tax cut? Turn on your television.

The Media Research Center has just released a study of network news coverage of the Bush tax cut plan. They looked at 93 tax stories that appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC from January 20 through March 31. The findings:

In fact, CBS did the biggest job of telling the American people that a tax cut would be bad for the nation's economy. The Media Research Center concludes that CBS "displayed a unique antagonism toward the tax cut and the arguments made on its behalf."

The people in charge at ABC, CBS and NBC aren't journalists anymore, folks. They ceased to be journalists the moment they compromised their principles in favor of reporting just one side of the story – the Democrats' side. You've seen the statistics that say more than 90 percent of newspaper editors and reporters vote Democratic. And now you've seen the hatchet job the broadcast networks are doing on the Bush tax cut plan.

Internet news, anyone?

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Yeah, the unions don't like Bush's tax cut idea one little bit.The reason?Well, they're just fighting for their constituents.Fighting to get as much money as they possibly can out of the pockets of people who don't join and support unions into the pockets of people who do...
Friday, 13 April 2001 12:00 AM
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