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We Suspected It Was a Violent Religion – But a Stupid One as Well?

Wednesday, 27 February 2002 12:00 AM

USA Today comes to us with a poll today that says most Muslims don't believe that Arabs carried out the Sept.11 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon. The polling interviews took place in nine Muslim countries.

Some findings:

I'm sure many of you are following this hideous Tri-State crematory case in Georgia. The body count is now above 325 and some people are suggesting that it could rise to close to 1,000.

So far as I know, there has never another story closely resembling this one from any other location in the country. In other words, this is certainly an isolated incident.

Isolated incidents don't make good foundations for federal law. That doesn't bother our legislation-happy federal lawmakers, though. Sen. Chris Dodd – a Democrat, naturally – is demanding a string of congressional hearings to develop legislation to monitor and regulate the funeral industry.

Some of these people just don't feel they are doing their jobs if they aren't out there looking for something to regulate.

There was a plan before Congress to require some sort of a picture ID for people registering to vote for the first time. Bear in mind here, this picture ID wouldn't be any proof of citizenship, it would just be proof of identification.

Well, this whole idea didn't sit too well with Democrats. In states like California and Florida, Democrats absolutely rely on votes cast by non-citizens to carry elections.

Well, true to form, the Democrats have stepped forward to protect their illegal votes. Chuckie Shumer, the leftist from New York, has teamed up with Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden to kill the picture ID requirement. They just want to allow these people to "guarantee" their identities by their signatures.

Why no outrage from the ethics-centered press?

The word was out yesterday that Jewish settlers in the settlements of Gush Katif and Efrat are coating dead Muslim suicide bombers in swine lard and wrapping them in pigskins before they bury them. Nice going.

I spend about six hours reading and researching for every day's show. One of my frequent stops is a website called overlawyered.com (http://www.overlawyered.com). Yesterday I brought you one story from this site … the story of a 240-pound woman who was suing because she was denied the opportunity to lead a Jazzercize class. The owners of the Jazzercize class thought that the portly young lady just didn't project the image of fitness that their fitness-oriented customers sought.

This case is yet to be decided. She's suing under something called San Francisco's "fat and short law." One thing is, I believe, certain. If this woman faced the possibility of having to pay the Jazzercize studio's attorney's fees she would have put much more thought into filing this lawsuit.

Our nation's courts have become a giant crap table. You pay a little bit of money to a lawyer, you roll the dice and see if you come up a winner. Virtually every consumer item you buy costs more because of this giant legal lottery game.

Day after day people file lawsuits just to "see if we can get the other side to pay something." I've been there, folks. I've seen it. I was a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association of Trial Lawyers. I went to the conventions. I sat in the meetings.

I participated in those discussions where lawyers would say, "I know we don't have a case – but maybe they would rather fork over a hundred thousand or so rather than take the chance of going to trial. Hell, their expenses alone would be more than we're asking!"

It's time for Congress to take a serious look at reforming the system. The easiest reform would be a simple "loser pays" system. You file your lawsuit and you present your case to the jury. If the jury rules for the other side … you pay their attorney's fees!

The more I hear from Sen. Foghorn Hollings of South Carolina the more I doubt this man's mental capacity. You folks in South Carolina need to think real hard about making a change.

Under what law or regulation are private individuals in the United States compelled to travel to Washington, D.C., at their own expense for no purpose other than to be used by publicity-seeking senators and congressmen as political pawns?

Most of the stuff that will be nominated for Grammy Awards tonight is nothing more than noise ... sometimes with rhythm.

It seems that every single time I am waiting for a light to turn green, some moron runs through the intersection on a red light. Let's get those traffic light enforcement cameras out there.

We learn that an FBI agent actually kicked Jamil Al-Amin (a/k/a H. Rap Brown) when Brown was arrested for killing a cop. The FBI agent was suspended and probably will be fired. That is as it should be. He should be fired (a) for kicking Yadda Yadda Al-Amin and (b) for not breaking something. A rib, for instance.

Jesse Jackson still hasn't filed some required tax forms for his various shake-down organizations. No problem, though. He's Jesse Jackson. Any attempt to make him comply with the law would clearly be racist.

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USA Today comes to us with a poll today that says most Muslims don't believe that Arabs carried out the Sept.11 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon. The polling interviews took place in nine Muslim countries. Some findings: I'm sure many of you are following this...
Wednesday, 27 February 2002 12:00 AM
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