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Stiff Right Jab: Who Is the Real Fox?

Sunday, 09 September 2001 12:00 AM

NAFTA ... FTAA ... joint border development planning commissions ... new rules with new institutions ... no single government can handle it alone ... a borderless society ... a border government ... taking compassionate conservatism to the next level ... trust ... trust ... trust.

These are the words, the Third Way/new world order rhetoric, if you will, of U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Vincente Fox – two men equally committed, it would seem, to redefining the laws, the Constitution, the way of life of the United States of America according to the collectivist design of that despicable body of Naked Capitalists, the Council of Foreign Relations, even as they promise prosperity economics, democracy, democracy ... and

Patrick Henry, at St. John's Church on March 23, 1775, said:

The truth was, however, and the evidence supported it, Father and Mother

The lesson learned? When it comes to political power,

Mr. Bush and the Republican Party encourage conservatives, regarding their "free" trade negotiations, regarding the dismantling of our immigration laws, that we should "trust" them – that our sovereignty, our political institutions, and our way of life are secure in their hands. That their only design is to help the American economy and to export democracy. In essence, they will honor their oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." But such promises are hollow in light of the facts and common sense.

Let's take a step back. The date is April 22, 2001. The location, Quebec. The players involved, the heads of state of the Western Hemisphere, including President Fox and President Bush. The occasion, the Summit of the Americas. The purpose, to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Ask yourself to what document George W. Bush made a loyalty oath when he and his fellow Western Hemisphere buddies put their hands, their voices and their hearts to the following joint declaration:

This is not an oath to sustain the U.S. Constitution. This is not an oath to protect U.S. sovereignty. This is not an oath to defend the laws and borders of this country – but to take them down, to merge the United States with a bunch of corrupt, leftist banana republics under the laws and premises of the pro-Communist, anti-morality, anti-American United Nations.

Is this the true goal of free trade and regional arrangements under the U.N. Charter? Consider what pro-NAFTA, pro-WTO Newt Gingrich (Council on Foreign Relations) said to his fellow Republicans, in respect to the same:

Writing in the fall 1991 edition of

NAFTA should be used for the same, he stated:

Leon Trotsky would have been proud of the EU and NAFTA. The EU certainly fulfills his dream:

During President Washington's presidency, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, the man who penned "all men are created equal," submitted his "Report on Commercial Intercourse" to Congress. Regarding trade equality, he resolved "to enforce a perfect commercial equality by retaliating impositions." Adam Smith and Pat Buchanan couldn't have said it better. After all, true free trade ought to include the right of each sovereign nation and its people (through Congress) to negotiate on fair and just terms, or not at all. NAFTA, FTAA and WTO are top-down arrangements which take such vital decisions away from us, and thus strip us of our equality before the law.

The Republicans wish to export democracy. Perhaps they have already forgotten that their president won the election, despite a low overall vote total, because this nation is a republic.

On May 31, 1787, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Edmund Randolf, the delegate from Virginia, reminded his fellow delegates why the convention had been called:

The turbulence and follies of democracy. Is there a more accurate description of the governments of South and Central America, to which our dear president, his party and his CFR advisers would merge us?

Merry and Serge Bromberg record in their biography, "Jean Monnet and the United States of Europe," the conspiratorial and totalitarian mind-set of their hero (Monnet) in his decades-long quest to create a united Europe.

"Gradually, it was thought, the supranational authorities, supervised by the European Council of Ministers at Brussels and the Assembly in Strasbourg, would administer all the activities of the Continent. A day would come when governments would be forced to admit that an integrated Europe was an accomplished fact, without their having a say in the establishment of its underlying principles. All they would to is merge all these autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then proclaim a United States of Europe. ...

"Actually, the founders of the Coal and Steel Community would have to obtain from the various national governments – justifiably reputed to be incapable of making sacrifices for the sake of a federation – a whole series of concessions in regard to their sovereign rights until, having finally been stripped, they committed hara-kiri by accepting the merger."

As to the "spontaneity" of the movement for a united Europe, Monnet and co. were financed, supported and controlled by Marshall Plan funds, the U.S. State Department, and most especially the Council of Foreign Relations, the real instruments of this "spontaneous" uprising of a united socialist Europe.

Congress will consider in September a variety of Republican Party measures to give the president fast-track authority, so that he might without congressional interference (that is without consulting and debating with the people's representatives) swiftly move forward to subvert our sovereignty at every turn. Write your

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NAFTA ... FTAA ... joint border development planning commissions ... new rules with new institutions ... no single government can handle it alone ... a borderless society ... a border government ... taking compassionate conservatism to the next level ... trust ... trust...
Sunday, 09 September 2001 12:00 AM
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