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Stealing the White House?

Wednesday, 08 November 2000 12:00 AM

The I-4 corridor is, indeed, going to make the decision. As of 7:15 this morning the Florida secretary of state, with 100 percent of precincts and most absentee ballots counted, said Bush was leading by 1,784 votes. We’re told that there are about 10,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted in Florida today. Good news for the Democrats? Not really. The bulk of those absentee ballots were cast by military personnel. Now it’s time for Clinton’s draft-dodging and clear disdain for the military to come home to roost. If I had to choose, I’d say that Bush will carry the electoral vote. If he doesn’t – it will be mighty curious indeed.

Is there a possibility of voter fraud in Florida? Are elections ever stolen by voter fraud? Local elections, sure. But national elections? The presidency?

Well, don’t forget Chicago 40 years ago. There was more than ample evidence that the Richard Daley machine in Chicago managed to steal that election for JFK. It’s interesting to note that Bill Daily, son of the man who engineered this grand scheme, is Gore’s campaign manager. Truth is, Florida has a rich history of voter fraud. Just two years ago the mayoral election in Miami was overturned after it was shown that hundreds of absentee ballots had been cast. The

Republicans are charging that many foreign residents – call them illegal aliens if you wish – were allowed to vote yesterday even though they had not yet become U.S. citizens. The same allegations are arising in California.

There’s a nonpartisan group out there called the Voter Integrity Project. They say that Florida was a "hot spot" of allegations of voter fraud and irregularities yesterday.

Try this little scenario from Christopher Ruddy at NewsMax.com:

It’s 1992 and two investigative reporters named Jim and James Collier are writing a book on voter fraud in South Florida and the Miami-Dade area. I don’t know the details, but somehow these two writers found themselves in a warehouse rented by a Miami political candidate. Lo and behold, they found some preprinted voter ballots in that warehouse. That, my friends, is not exactly legal – or, as they might say in South Florida, kosher. According to Ruddy, the Collier brothers, on the advice of their editor, seized the illegal ballots and presented them to the state’s attorney. You would expect the state’s attorney to immediately initiate an investigation into how a candidate happened to have preprinted election ballots stored in his warehouse. Well, that’s not what this state’s attorney did. Instead, he had the Collier brothers arrested.

The state’s attorney? Well, it’s a her, and she doesn’t have that particular job anymore. Let’s just say that she was rewarded for a job well done. Her name is Janet Reno.

Whatever happens, the Electoral College is toast.

If Bush does pull this election out, he will do so with a minority of the popular vote. Gore pretty well has that one locked up. After decades of hammering, the American public has been fooled into believing that our country is actually a "democracy" and that the majority should rule. Never mind that this was not the intent of our founding fathers. It’s the reality now.

If Bush wins and Gore gets the popular vote, there will be an immediate huge cry for the end of the Electoral College. That would take a constitutional amendment.

A bill calling for just such an amendment will be one of the first items introduced into the next Congress. It will take three-fourths of the states to approve it. I think it will sail through. After all, we’re a "democracy," aren’t we? The majority rules, doesn’t it?

There have been two times in our history when one candidate had the electoral vote and the other candidate had the popular vote. I understand that on both occasions the candidate who won the popular vote came back four years later to run again – and won in a landslide. Now that brings up Queen Hillary.

No serious political pundit believes that Hillary ran in New York for the U.S. Senate because she wants to make a career out of being a senator. She wants the presidency. She wants it now. She doesn’t want to wait.

She wants to run in 2004. I can promise you that she doesn’t want to sit back and allow Al Gore to "reclaim" the seat he lost because of the electoral vote. If Al Gore were to come roaring back in 2004, that would mean that Hillary might have to wait 12 years for her run for the presidency. No way, pal! This is going to set up a behind-the-scenes Hillary vs. Al throat cutting. There’s no love lost between the two anyway.

Yes, Rep. Richard Gephardt, the man who thinks that successful people did nothing more than "win life’s lottery," won’t be realizing his dream of being Speaker of the House.

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The I-4 corridor is, indeed, going to make the decision. As of 7:15 this morning the Florida secretary of state, with 100 percent of precincts and most absentee ballots counted, said Bush was leading by 1,784 votes. We're told that there are about 10,000 absentee...
Wednesday, 08 November 2000 12:00 AM
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