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Spontaneous Conformities and the China Threat

Thursday, 02 September 2004 12:00 AM

Thus the citizens of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and post-1949 China were to believe that they were living under true democracy while people in the English-speaking countries were living under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie or of the Jewish plutocracy, as Hitler put it.

A Chinese can be a “performance artist,” eating the flesh of a stillborn baby, but he cannot say that the form of government in China is dictatorship, not true democracy.

This is obvious and as old as history. In Plato’s “ideal state,” the people had to pretend that they were born in the bowels of the Earth.

But in 1859 John Stuart Mill argued that conformities not only may be imposed by an omnipotent tyrant but also may be created spontaneously by citizens themselves and be more absurd, intolerant and vindictive with respect to nonconformists than conformities imposed by omnipotent tyrants.

No Italian or French government imposed Marxism on their populations. Yet, at one time, one-third of Italian voters and one-quarter of French voters were extreme Marxists (“Communists”).

Here is one example showing how strong spontaneous conformities may be. In the Russia of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, not all poets had to write political poetry, as they had to under Stalin, when the poet whom Stalin called “the best poet of the Soviet era” wrote:

Poets who wrote about nature and love were called “lyrical.” So Soviet “lyrical poets” were sent as delegates to a congress of poetry in France. But as soon as they began to recite their poetry about nature and love, the French and Italian poets jumped onto the stage and drove the Soviet poets off with shouts of “Traitors! Fascists! Imposters!”

Then the French and Italian poets recited the REAL Soviet poetry – about the proletarian fingers squeezing the world’s senile throat.

Another interesting example of a spontaneous conformity is “Freudian psychoanalysis.” Leading world and American psychiatrists agree with me today (in letters, not publicly!) that Freud was either psychiatrically sick or so mentally retarded that his stupidity cannot be differentiated from insanity.

The conformity began to go out of fashion in the 1970s and was gone several years ago. But when it was at its zenith, millions of Westerners regarded Freud as the greatest scientist who had ever lived, and when an American psychiatrist expressed in the 1950s his skepticism concerning Freud, his colleagues had him fired, drove him to suicide, and said that he killed himself because he could not bear his guilt.

What guilt?

At first Freud contended that all children had sexual relations with their parents (incest) but were ashamed to confess it to a Freudian “psychoanalyst” and hence became sick from an unbearable sense of unconfessed guilt. But Freud’s idiotic (insane) invention was dangerous to him: Too many “patients” would deny that they ever slept with their parents.

Then Freud modified his invention: All children between ages 2 and 3 WANTED to have sexual relations with their parents but forgot it, and Freud or his “psychoanalyst” was to help them to recall their sexual desire between ages 2 and 3, confess it, and thus get rid of their sense of guilt that made them sick.

You see, that psychiatrist whom the conformists drove to suicide longed between ages 2 and 3 to possess his mother sexually and his sense of unconfessed guilt drove him to suicide.

Freud, a clinically insane or mentally retarded Austrian, was spontaneously transformed into a scientist of genius who permeated Western and especially American culture more deeply than Marx ever permeated Soviet culture.

When we came to New York in 1972 and I began to publish in Commentary, an American psychiatrist invited me to deliver at an American psychiatric conference a lecture about the government-instigated abuses of Soviet psychiatry. I asked him, “What about Freud?” Surely millions of people had been abused by Freudians. Surely this was the biggest case of malpractice in the history of medicine. The psychiatrist agreed, and the two of us made mincemeat of the Austrian charlatan.

Then I said: “I have an idea! In my lecture at your conference I will speak not only about the government-instigated abuses of Soviet psychiatry but also about the spontaneous abuses of “psychoanalysis”!

He stood up and rushed out of our apartment and to the elevator. The last I saw of him was his frightened face through the latticed window of the elevator. The Freudian conformity was not as strong as it had been decades earlier. Still, he was as frightened as if I had said that I would come to his conference and shoot its chairman.

It is only spontaneous conformities, discovered by John Stuart Mill, that can explain some societal behavior.

From 1947 to 1962 the spontaneous conformity in the United States was that Soviet Russia was going to attack the United States. This was absurd because of Mutual Assured Destruction. No matter how devastating the Soviet nuclear attack would be, the U.S. means of nuclear retaliation (such as submarines deep underwater) that no nuclear power could destroy would have destroyed Soviet Russia.

But whoever said what I have said above would have been considered un-American, unpatriotic, treasonous.

In the 1970s the Soviet rulers began to develop post-nuclear superweapons able to circumvent Mutual Assured Destruction, but now the spontaneous conformity was that the Soviet rulers craved peace, and whenever I mentioned the Soviet development of post-nuclear superweapons (which Yeltsin later opened to international inspection, in 1992), I was a warmonger to the conformist “majority of the American people.”

When we arrived in New York in 1972, the owner of a big building corporation whom we had met as a tourist in Russia invited my wife and me to a small, intimate evening party, the only other guests being a famous journalist and a prominent spokesman for George McGovern. Soon after I began speaking about the Soviet development of post-nuclear superweapons, the journalist and the political leader moved their chairs together at some distance from the table, to suggest that they were the mass audience, and began chanting in a chorus of two: “Fascist! Fascist! Fascist!”

Even more universal in the West is the conformity whereby no one has been noticing the Chinese rulers’ development of post-nuclear weapons in seven fields since 1986. In the past several years, as the development of nanoweapons has become especially intense in China, this conformity in the West has been total. To mention what was still called occasionally in the 1990s the “China threat” is ill-mannered, unfashionable, harmful.

As for nonconformists like myself, all good Westerners, and especially Americans, all patriots, all decent and well-bred ladies and gentlemen must chant in chorus: “Fascist! Fascist! Fascist!” until a nonconformist will understand how outrageous he is and join the conformity.

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Thus the citizens of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and post-1949 China were to believe that they were living under true democracy while people in the English-speaking countries were living under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie or of the Jewish plutocracy, as Hitler put...
Thursday, 02 September 2004 12:00 AM
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