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Soviet-Style Election?

Wednesday, 15 November 2000 12:00 AM

Communist dictator Joseph Stalin said that.

Tom Carroll is an economics professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Since last Thursday, Carroll has been running statistical analyses on the net vote gains Al Gore and George W. Bush have made in the Florida recounts. Gore, as you know, has picked up about 2,200 votes and Bush has added about 700 votes to his total.

Carroll found that the statistical chances for such large and different totals (more votes for Gore than for Bush during the recounts) are about one in 49 million. Basically, the odds of Gore picking up more than 1,500 votes are about the same as the likelihood of a single person getting hit by lightning 30 times.

What it all boils down to is that something very fishy has been going on in Florida over the past week – as if you didn't already know that. Think about it. Shouldn't a recount increase the numbers of votes for all candidates uniformly, rather than be overwhelmingly lopsided, as the recounts have turned up more votes in favor of Al Gore?

But Gore supporters would tell you that they just want a "fair and accurate count that expresses the will of the people." And if the will of the people is for Gore to beat 1-in-49-million odds and magically pick up votes in Florida, well, so be it.

It doesn't add up.

It looks like this election will truly be decided by lawyers and judges. The Gore camp has issued an urgent call to the National Association of Trial Lawyers for 500 volunteer lawyers to help in the hand recount efforts. The Clinton administration has worked diligently to protect these trial lawyers from any tort reform legislation that might cut into their huge fees – it’s time to return the favor.

Who has the absentee ballot advantage?

Don’t pin your Bush hopes on these absentee ballots. Carl Limbacher of NewsMax.com has been doing some snooping, and it looks better for Gore than you would expect.

As Lance DeHaven-Smith, director of the Florida Institute of Government, says, "This presidency will be decided by the Florida Crackers and the Israeli Jews."

David Froelich is the U.S. voting coordinator in Israel. He says that there are about 4,000 Floridians who live in Israel, and about 2,500 will vote by absentee ballot. Many of those ballots are not counted yet. On the other hand, many of the military absentee ballots have been counted. At the Pensacola Naval Air Station, 504 of 687 are in and on the books.

Many Americans think this absentee ballot thing is going to save the nation from four more years of Clintonism. They could be dead wrong.

However, 3,000 absentee ballots are being flown in by the Navy from military personnel on three U.S. Navy ships that haven’t been sent back to the States yet.

The three ships are the USS Tarawa, USS Deleuth and USS Ahchorage. All have been involved in the rescue efforts for the USS Cole, the Navy destroyer bombed in a terrorist attack in Yemen.


A congressional investigation is being called for. Meanwhile, the Navy is said to be working hard to get those ballots destined to Florida in the hands of Florida elections officials by the Friday deadline.Could it be too late?

This entire presidential election situation moves so fast, it’s really hard to say where we stand "now." Ten minutes from "now" it will all change.

The certified count sent to the Florida secretary of state yesterday shows Bush with a 300-vote lead. That just one car full of voters for each of Florida’s 67 voting precincts. Whatever else happens in this election, individual Americans are learning that their votes count.

The big news, of course, is the ruling handed down by Florida state judge Terry Lewis. In essence, he dumped the entire mess into the lap of Katherine Harris, the Florida secretary of state.

I think the ruling was a good one. Florida counties had to send their certified results to Harris by 5 p.m. yesterday. But they were free to amend and correct those returns if, in the discretion of Katherine Harris, there is cause to do so.

See – it has all been dumped on Harris! She’s a partisan Republican. She contributes to Republicans. She campaigned for George W. Bush! Now it could be said that this election is in her hands. Do her politics enter into the situation?

Harris has ordered all Florida counties engaged in hand recounts to give her a complete and full written explanation as to why they should be allowed to correct and amend their returns with the recount results. Their deadline for this explanation is 2 p.m. today.

Smart move. Get an explanation before the results are tendered. This makes it somewhat more difficult for these counties – and we’re talking specifically about Palm Beach County here – to go on a fishing expedition in which they’re not only looking for the Gore votes, but also looking for a good excuse for the recount.

Of course, the Democrats see this as the time to destroy Harris, and their chief hatchet man will be Warren Christopher.

Christopher has already used the Big Lie technique on Katherine Harris a few times. On Monday he accused Harris of arbitrarily "setting" the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline for Florida counties to get their vote totals in.

She didn’t "set" the deadline. It’s a matter of law, and Christopher knows it. It’s all an attempt to convince the masses that Harris has more discretion than the law gives her, thus tarnishing any decision she might make adverse to Al Gore.

Katherine Harris is now the next designated target of the Clintonista / Goron personal destruction machine. What they’re going to do to her will make the war on Ken Starr look puny. Before the Democrats get through with Katherine Harris she’ll be sporting swastika tattoos and waving Confederate flags. Packets of "information" on Harris have already been delivered to news organizations by Demcoratic operatives.

As this woman ducks for cover from the Democratic onslaught, Gore will deny any responsibility and issue that standard hypocritical Clintonista call for an end to "the politics of personal destruction."

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Communist dictator Joseph Stalin said that. Tom Carroll is an economics professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Since last Thursday, Carroll has been running statistical analyses on the net vote gains Al Gore and George W. Bush have made in the Florida recounts....
Wednesday, 15 November 2000 12:00 AM
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