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Seniors! Listen Up! You're Being Used!

Saturday, 25 May 2002 12:00 AM

You need to be a bit careful who you send e-mail to these days. One keystroke … and it's gone. No pulling it back out of your mailbox. It's gone.

This is what happened to one of the staffers to a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio, Marcy Kaptur. Kaptur, being a good, loyal Democrat, is being counted on to be a full participant in Democrat Party efforts to frighten older Americans during this election year.

Frighten them how? Scare them by making them believe that Republicans want to take away their precious Social Security checks.

So … here's what happened. One of Kaptur's congressional staffers sits down to write an opinion piece on Social Security. The piece discusses President Bush's plan to "privatize" Social Security. It likens Bush's plan to "corporate gambling." The piece will presumably be offered to the media for publication.

After this (as yet unnamed) staffer finishes the piece, it is sent to other Democratic staffers for comment. In time the e-mail memo containing the opinion piece is expanded by comments from other staffers. At this point someone slips up. The e-mail memo, complete with the opinion piece and the comments, gets sent to a Republican staff member.

Oops. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Now … the "smoking gun." In that memo is a note from another Kaptur staff member. This note says that the opinion piece is "not entirely factually accurate." The note then says "Talk about scaring seniors – this may be a little over the top. But it is sooooo fun to bash Republicans."

There you have it. What more do you need? The Democratic game plan is laid out here … laid out clearly for all to see. The goal is not to engage in an honest discussion of the merits of Bush's plan for Social Security. The goal is to SCARE SENIORS!

And thus it has been for decades. Every single election cycle. Democrats exploit the fears of our senior citizens. Democrats know that there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Americans are going tolerate any threat at all to the Social Security benefits of our mothers, fathers and grandparents.

Somewhere in this country there are some senior citizens who are going to hear about this little e-mail memo, and the realization is going to hit them. They're going to finally realize that they've been used. Duped! They will know that Democrats have been exploiting their sense of vulnerability for votes!

The Social Security debate isn't about seniors! It's not about your mother and father. It's about your children. Should your children have 15 percent of every paycheck looted by the Imperial Federal Government for use in some vote-buying income redistribution scheme?

If your children were allowed to invest that 15 percent in their own private retirement plans, they would be able to retire with a higher income than when they were working! With Social Security they might not be able to draw their first check until after they're 70! Even then, the check will be but a fraction of what they could have earned from a private plan.

Isn't it sad? The wonderful, compassionate, caring, "feel your pain" Demcorats have to engage in an intentional program of deception and scare-mongering just to get votes.

Now there can be no doubt.

Evidently the elected class is aware of the Muslim aversion to pork. Why else would they have put so much of it into the anti-terrorism bill?

Word today that an FBI agent in Minneapolis tried her best to get a search warrant for one of the places haunted by Zacarias Moussaoui while he was being held last August. Some think that Moussaoui might have been the 20th hijacker … if he hadn't been cooling his tail in the brig.

I'm sure a lot of us are wondering how the FBI failed to piece together the information from Arizona, Minnesota and other places to at least generate enough curiosity for a search warrant.

Just look at this list. I'm not referring to notes here – just a quick list compiled out of the dark recesses of my so-called brain …

Start in 1993. Remember the first Muslim attempt to destroy the World Trade towers?

Then … a year or so later in the Philippines. A plot by Muslim terrorists is uncovered to blow up commercial airliners. One detained fanatic, who was involved in the 1993 WTC bombing, talks of flying commercial airliners into the Pentagon.

Move on to Algiers in, I think, 1995. Here we have Muslim terrorists trying to hijack an Airbus. They want to fly it into the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Things don't work out well for the terrorists – that time.

Then we have the bombings of U.S. military barracks in Saudi Arabia, embassies in Africa, and the USS Cole in Yemen.

Then we get memos about Arabs taking flying lessons in the U.S.

Do you know what a relational database is? I was using a relational database on a cheap 8086 MS-DOS computer in the 1980s. You just enter a note – a little tidbit of intelligence information, if you will – into that computer. As more and more bits of information are entered, you are able to draw that information together with just a few words and a keystroke.

Now I have ME interested here … so let me give you some examples of entries that might be made to a relational database over a few years. It might look something like this:

Someone out there dropped some pretty big balls, my friends.

Here's an Internet site for you to visit: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/frontierhouse/ The site is for the PBS series "Frontier House." The site contains this introduction:

The year: 1883

You don't.

Wow! Sounds like PBS is going to give us a real good look at life on the American frontier in the late 1800s, doesn't it? You take three modern families from Massachusetts, Tennessee and California. You plunk them down into the wilderness of Montana with only the tools and assets that they would have had access to in 1883. It's sort of a glorified survivor show.

And we all know that it's going to give us a good, accurate look … don't we? After all, this is PBS. We're going to get the real picture there, aren't we?

Apparently not.

One of the participants in the program, Gordon Clune, is spilling the beans on PBS political correctness. It's about guns. Guns may have been a big part of frontier life in 1883, but they were certainly not going to be a big part of life in the "reality" series. The instructions were … no hunting for meat to feed the family. No shooting at predators. Just fire warning shots to keep coyotes away from the chickens.

It looks like reality has its limits. Guns are not PC. So, on PBS at least, try to cover up the reality of guns on the American frontier.

Did you know that the wonderful United States Immigration and Naturalization Service has issued 50,000 temporary visas so that people from the Middle East can visit America? Yup – 50,000! And we're not talking about Israelis. This number doesn't include Israel.

Oh ... and one more thing. Every one of these 50,000 temporary visas to Middle Easterners has been issued SINCE 9-11!

This is called "fighting terrorism."

Now … are you wondering just how the next wave of terrorists is going to get into this country?

Judith Kleinfeld is college professor. That's OK, I guess. There are probably some good college professors. Kleinfeld recently wrote of her experience with airport security. She was to be subjected to a private and invasive search. As she was being led to the search area she asked the screener, "Do I look like a terrorist?" The guard replied, "Are you telling me we should be doing racial profiling?"

Yes – that's exactly what we should be doing. Profiling. Racial profiling. Ethnic profiling. Call it what you will – but call it pure, unadulterated common sense. There is going to be another terrorist attack. When it happens, we are going to learn that it might have been prevented were it not for the hideous politically correct ban on profiling.

Remember ... the Bush administration still has in place an official policy in the Transportation Department that prohibits screeners from profiling Arabs or other Middle Eastern types. That policy is going to get some of us killed.

… comes from Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Thomas Oliver:

Broken clocks are right twice a day, but only if you know what time it really is.

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You need to be a bit careful who you send e-mail to these days.One keystroke … and it's gone.No pulling it back out of your mailbox.It's gone. This is what happened to one of the staffers to a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio, Marcy Kaptur.Kaptur, being a good, loyal...
Saturday, 25 May 2002 12:00 AM
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