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Tuesday, 28 November 2000 12:00 AM

It’s as if these Democrats think it was God’s plan that they should control the Imperial Federal Government of the United States for eternity! Now they’re faced with a Republican presidency, a Republican House, and a Senate where a Republican vice president casts the deciding vote. The atmosphere is thick with desperation, and it’s fun to watch.

Even more entertaining is the complete sense of desperation Al Gore must feel. Here is a man who was born and raised in Washington, D.C. All Gore has ever known is government – federal government. For the past 16 years he has had his sights set on one thing: fulfilling the dream of his father that he would one day be president of the United States.

Gore has spent the past eight years looking ahead to that day he would be sworn in as Clinton’s successor. Now he sees that slipping away.

Where will Gore go? Will he run again in four years? No way! And he knows it! He is fully aware that the Democratic Party is not pleased with his campaign – his constant reinventing of himself, his pitiful debate performances that opened the door to George Bush. There’s not a chance the Democrats would give Gore another chance, and he knows it.

Where does he go once he concedes? He’s not a lawyer, so a big position in a fancy law firm is out. About the only thing I can think of is some college or university somewhere. I can see it now, Professor Al Gore, President of Antioch College.

This man is desperate. That makes him dangerous.

A new poll by ABC News and the

A majority of the poll respondents said the Florida vote was fairly counted (56 percent to 39 percent). And 48 percent don't think dimpled ballots are votes, compared to 45 percent who do.

Americans are saying it's time to give George W. Bush the White House. And the longer Al Gore drags this out, the deeper and deeper he digs his own hole. Even better, he'll drag the Democrats down with him if they manage to prolong their whining.

Are there "uncounted" votes? That’s what the Gore team says. But saying it doesn’t make it so.

Fact is, folks, there are no "uncounted" votes in Florida. Every single ballot has been run through the machines and counted, except, that is, for those military absentee ballots the Gore lawyers had tossed out.

Repeat, every valid, legal, properly cast vote has been counted. So what are the Gorons talking about? Just where are these uncounted votes?

They are those 10,000 ballots in Miami-Dade County where the machine did not detect a choice for president. There were other properly cast votes on those ballots, but no vote for president.

You can’t uncount a vote that isn’t there. If there is no valid vote cast for president, then there is no vote that isn’t counted. The only fair definition of an "uncounted vote" is a vote properly and legally cast that is not counted and included in the final results.

What we’re seeing here is another exercise in the "Big Lie" technique. The Democrats believe that if you repeat this uncounted votes nonsense often enough and loud enough the public is going to come to believe it.

You know what? They’re probably right.

The Democrats, with no small amount of help from the media, have most of the people in this country thinking that Gore would surely be the winner of the Florida vote if those bad people in Miami-Dade County would just do a hand count. After all, that’s what the media is saying, right?

Here’s the story from the Democratic side. Miami-Dade has 614 precincts. They only hand-counted 135 of them (about 22 percent) before the count was halted, but Gore picked up 157 votes in those 135 precincts. That’s over one vote per precinct! If they counted all 614 precincts that would mean 714 votes for Al Gore and he would be our next president!

But that’s not the whole story. Those 135 precincts that were counted? They were the precincts with the heaviest concentration of Democratic voters in the county. As a whole, these 135 precincts gave Gore about 74 percent of the vote. Countywide, Gore only got about 53 percent of the vote. There were many more votes in those precincts to be found with a hand count than there were in the remaining 479 precincts.

Michael Barone with

If you look behind the curtains just a bit, you’ll see that the story being presented to you by the Democrats and the bulk of the mainstream media isn’t exactly the whole story.

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It's as if these Democrats think it was God's plan that they should control the Imperial Federal Government of the United States for eternity! Now they're faced with a Republican presidency, a Republican House, and a Senate where a Republican vice president casts the...
Tuesday, 28 November 2000 12:00 AM
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