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A Senate Democrat Majority?

Monday, 21 May 2001 12:00 AM

Now there’s the rumor that two New England Republicans, Jeffords and Chaffee, will soon be resigning from the Republican Party to become independents – or possibly even Democrats. The effect, to deny Trent Lott their support as majority leader and to put South Dakota Class Warlord Tom Daschle into that office.

The Democrats are in jihad mode – a holy war to gain what they see as their rightful control of the Congress. They have every expectation that they’ll have control of the U.S. Senate before the 2002 congressional elections. They also have every expectation that they’ll gain control of the House in 2002.

They’re almost there, folks. Decades of patience and concentrated effort on the part of the Democratic Socialist Party have placed vast numbers – arguably a majority – of American citizens on some sort of government dependency program. These are the Americans who, to one degree or another, vote for a living, and the Democrats want to increase their numbers.

You can see the Democrats at work now! They want to use surplus federal funds to relieve more and more middle- and lower-income Americans from any income or payroll tax liability. They want to give their constituents a free ride not only for basic government services, but also for their future Social Security and Medicare benefits!

The defection of Jeffords and Chaffee will only help the Democrats on their path to congressional domination.

Got your escape route planned yet?

The Washington Post thought it a good idea to join in the slamming of George Bush over his plans to explore for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The Post, a notoriously left-wing newspaper, went for the "awwww, isn’t that cute!” factor with a picture of a female polar bear and her two cubs. The Post told its readers that the picture of these cute bears was taking smack in the middle of the ANWR. The desired result? Readers will be outraged at the thought of disrupting or threatening the lives of these bears and will turn against the evil Bush and his energy plan.

So - now there’s a correction! Alaskan officials knew the truth about this picture, and the Post hurried to print a correction - which read, in part, "The file photo, taken in the early 1980s, actually showed bears on pack ice 30 miles offshore in the Beaufort Sea, about 200 miles northwest of the ANWR.”

Carelessness? Yes. Premeditated carelessness designed to promote a particular agenda? What do you think?

I got another one of those letters – a letter from someone who "never listens to my show” but, on this one occasion "heard it by accident.” This particular writer was in her sister’s car and "just happened” to hear my comments.

We get a big laugh out of this particular little ploy that so many negative letter writers use. None of them ever actually listen to the show. They’re always listening by accident or just happened to be tuning their radios when they heard such-and-such. It’s as if they have some deep psychological need to make sure that I know that they don’t like me, don’t like what I have to say, and don’t listen - except just this once and this time only by accident and I can rest assured they’ll never listen again.

Yeah, sure. Whatever.

This particular non-listener heard my comments to the effect that being an "honor student” at a government school is no particular honor. She was outraged! She wanted me to go to some sort of an assembly and hear these little "honor students” tell about how proud they were of their accomplishments!

Well – I guess it takes this type of a mentality to be able to love and brag on our government schools.

This lady is missing an important point. It’s not the student’s impression of their school and accomplishments that count! Sure, the child is impressed! Sure, the child is honored and thrilled to be an honor student! That’s the objective! That’s the goal! The child has no awareness of grade inflation. The child doesn’t understand that earning an "A” or "B” average in a government school is no guarantee that information is being absorbed and knowledge – useful knowledge – gained.

This woman is apparently content to allow the children to decide whether or not the government schools are doing their job. Other, more cogent and responsible parents might think that adults, not children, should make that judgment.

This whole "my child is an honor student at the such-and-such government school” nonsense does nothing less than allow these "honored” children to build a false pride in a non-accomplishment.

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Now there's the rumor that two New England Republicans, Jeffords and Chaffee, will soon be resigning from the Republican Party to become independents - or possibly even Democrats.The effect, to deny Trent Lott their support as majority leader and to put South Dakota Class...
Monday, 21 May 2001 12:00 AM
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