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Scoring Al Gore

Monday, 04 June 2007 12:00 AM

Last weekend, the early Democratic presidential debates settled into a long-predicted dull pattern: Snow Hillary and the Seven Dwarves.

As Hillary Clinton's rivals lose stature with each encounter, the inevitability of her nomination as the most statesman-like politician in her party grows.

Her opponents increasingly seem like either desperate attention-seekers — e.g., John Edwards, childishly throwing spitballs at those besting him in the polls, Sens. Clinton and increasingly-centrist Barack Obama — or sycophants running, like Sen. Joe Biden and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, for a place on Clinton's ticket or cabinet.

Growing, too, is disgust among liberals for these unappetizing candidates. From Hollywood to Harvard, anti-war Democrats believe that Hillary is too moderate, yet too polarizing to win in 2008.

Sen. Clinton's nomination, liberals fear, is the one thing that could reunite a disintegrating Republican Party.

Is there a red knight, a dark horse who could come galloping to the rescue from outside today's field of Democratic candidates?

Such a Democratic champion would need to have universal public name and face recognition and the ability to tap $50-100 million in cash quickly.

This as-yet-unannounced candidate would, for credibility, need a resume showing extensive political experience and savvy, yet be pure and heroic enough to excite idealistic young left-liberal activists.

The most likely such alternative to Hillary Clinton, according to many liberals, is former Vice President and 2000 Democratic Party presidential nominee Al Gore.

Mr. Gore, the argument goes, won a popular majority of votes in 2000.

Gore's campaign commercial disguised as a (pseudo) scientific documentary warning of catastrophic global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," was honored at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Gore probably will also be given a Nobel Peace Prize, as former President Jimmy Carter was, as a Euro-socialist spite gesture against the policies of Republican President George W. Bush.

By such honors, the liberal-left continues its propaganda effort to metamorphose Mr. Gore into a larger-than-life figure who could again become the Democratic nominee if Senator Clinton stumbles.

Central to this re-creation of Mr. Gore is the myth that he is smarter than the rest of us, and that he rightly foresaw opportunities such as the Internet and dangers such as global warming long before the rest of us did.

Those on the left, like their bretheran totalitarians from Hitler to Marx, believe they are intellectually superior.

British atheist Richard Dawkins, for example, proposes that those who reject God should be referred to as the "brights," implying that those who are religious are less than bright.

What, we wonder, would Dawkins say about Al Gore?

Would Dawkins be troubled that Gore attended Vanderbilt University's Divinity School, apparently with plans to become a minister or preacher?

Or would Dr. Dawkins take comfort in the Washington Post's discovery that Gore's long-concealed college transcript shows grades of "F" in five of the eight Divinity School courses he took – including an "F" in a course about science and nature? (It's clear from his "documentary" that Gore remains an ignoramus about science.)

Gore, in other words, did not leave God. One might say God left him. Mr. Gore literally flunked out of Divinity School. (But unlike Woody Allen's famous joke, he did not get kicked out for peeking into the soul of a student next to him during a test.)

And what would Mr. Dawkins think of Gore's claim, reported in Bob Zelnick's biography, that "God sometimes talked to him." Gore's telling her this "frightens me," an acquaintance said afterwards.

Is Mr. Gore a "bright," Dr. Dawkins, or not?

Truth be told, Gore has never been as smart or educated as the liberal media pretends.

At elite private school St. Albans, Gore's marks were embarrassingly bad in several subjects — including physics and chemistry. But he was the son of a powerful U.S. senator, and St. Albans students, however unscholarly, were given nearly automatic admission to Harvard University. (Gore scored only a meager 57 points higher than George W. Bush on the SAT.)

At Harvard Mr. Gore's grades were for years lower than those Bush earned at Yale. Classmates remembered Gore, The Washington Post reported in 2000, spending "a notable amount of time" shooting pool, watching television and "occasionally smoking marijuana."

Gore (whose [confessional?] new book is titled "The Assault on Reason"), according to The Washington Post, "avoided all courses in mathematics and logic throughout college."

His grades at Harvard were pathetic, especially for someone who today holds himself up as the national arbiter of scientific issues. As a sophomore he got a D in Natural Sciences, and only a C-plus in another low level Natural Sciences course his senior year. In Economics — yet another field in which Gore has exhibited lifelong ignorance — he earned a C-minus.

For two of his four years at Harvard, Gore ranked in the bottom fifth of his class academically.

After squeaking through Harvard, Gore returned to Tennessee and, after flunking out of its Divinity School, entered but failed to earn a degree from Vanderbilt University Law School.

Such are the liberal politicians lionized as intellectual giants by the liberal media. The Kennedy children, granted automatic admission to Harvard as Gore was, knew that it mattered not whether they majored in basket weaving or music appreciation; the media would report only that they graduated from Harvard, or leave it unreported if they flunked out or were ejected for cheating.

As Harvard Law School researcher Jennifer C. Braceras revealed in a 2000 Boston Globe Op-Ed, Democratic presidential standard bearer of the 1950s Adlai Stevenson was praised as an intellectual by the media.

He attended but never graduated Harvard Law School.

Reporters were unable to obtain Stevenson's grades, she reported, because "Harvard Law School Dean Erwin Griswold had hidden Stevenson's transcript in a locked cabinet in his office. What was he hiding? Stevenson, the so-called ‘thinking man's candidate,' had, in fact, flunked out of Harvard Law."

Hillary Clinton's radical senior college thesis was likewise long concealed by Wellesley College.

Remember these things when liberal journalists tell you how intellectually superior Democrats are.


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Last weekend, the early Democratic presidential debates settled into a long-predicted dull pattern: Snow Hillary and the Seven Dwarves. As Hillary Clinton's rivals lose stature with each encounter, the inevitability of her nomination as the most statesman-like politician...
Monday, 04 June 2007 12:00 AM
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