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Same Nancy, Fancy Label

Friday, 15 November 2002 12:00 AM

Yet, the news media went out of their way to peg the lead in their stories on her gender, which is fine, although everyone … well, almost everyone … is one gender or another.

And, yes, it is good news that as time goes on women in politics are receiving more and more recognition in top-drawer positions of government.

(A parenthetical footnote of history, however: If Condoleezza Rice is the Republican nominee for president in 2008, to carry on the George W. Bush tradition, don’t hold your breath waiting for the lockstep leftist press to get anywhere near so excited. And if she makes it to the presidency, expect slurs instead of huzzahs from them, regardless of her gender or, for that matter, her race.)

But how come the establishmentarian lefties in the news media picked Rep. Pelosi’s gender rather than her political orientation as to what makes her such a celebrated success?

Why all of a sudden abandon her cherished appellation of “liberal”? After all, most journalistic panjandrums count themselves to be “liberals.” Indeed, they glory in it, and consider it their license to slander anyone in public life who’s not to the left of them.

Wouldn’t you think the media mediocrities would be trumpeting about how wonderful it is that the new Democratic minority leader of the House is a liberal?

But the word “liberal” rarely appears in any of their stories, and if it does it is always buried far down in the article.

Two reasons why attention is not called to Pelosi’s politics:

One, the kept press is dishonest but not stupid. The pseudo-journalists can read the election returns from Nov. 5. They can figure out all by themselves that Liberation Tuesday meant a sharp repudiation of “liberals” and all things associated with them.

Just like the new minority leader, they’re spinning how she’s such a whiz-bang coalition-builder, when on Nov. 4 she would probably have slapped the sassy face of anyone who called her a coalition-builder instead of a liberal.

The instant it became manifest that the country has had it up to here with “liberals,” she – and the tag-along press – dropped that label like a hot potato.

As nimble as Al Gore is when it comes to cutting himself a new persona, he’s a cornfield klutz compared with this lady from San Francisco. She spun off the liberal dime so fast there were 10 cents in change left.

So “liberal” Nancy Pelosi has, overnight, been repackaged and relabeled as sort of Centrist Lite, a consensus-builder whom everyone just loves to pieces.

Liberal … liberal … what liberal? Where … where?

Rest in peace, Nancy the Liberal. All hail the miraculous, reincarnated Nancy the … . Fill in the blank with whatever you like, for whatever you like is what she’ll have you believe she is now.

The second reason Pelosi’s true politics have conveniently slipped below the selective radar of the leftist press is even more stinky than the first.

With very few notable exceptions among the news media, no one has dared breathe a word about who this new bell cow for Democrats really is.

Say this much for her: She has been consistent, for so long as anyone can remember. She is a veteran, unwavering, faithful servant of the socialist movement – not just in the United States, but abroad as well.

For a documentation of her far-left affiliations, read

There’s nothing wrong with being a socialist if that’s your poison. It’s a free country, and everyone here has a right to split his, or her, pants politically. But if you’re going to be a socialist at least have the good manners to say so and not hide from yourself.

There are brands of socialists of course, as with any political ideology.

Within its tent are those who feel attracted to socialist doctrine out of some wispy, well-intended but muddle-headed notion they are saving humanity from whatever.

Then there are those on the very far left. They know exactly what they are doing and why. They are cynically intent upon tearing down the values upon which this country was founded.

Their shifty eyes never stop searching for ways to undermine free-market capitalism and freedom of thought and expression. These are the new reactionaries. They are subversives, the left’s true radicals.

This is the sector of socialism from which Nancy Pelosi has sprung and to which she owes her true allegiance.

She has draped around her shoulders the mantle of conciliator and facilitator of conflicting political points of view. Don’t be fooled. This is an old leftist dodge, once expressed as a “united front.”

Just wait and see. The “consensus” that Nancy Pelosi purports today to be building will tomorrow be a socialist wreck. It’s the way it got started, and is now happening, in Europe.

Democrats in Congress who don’t go for that are alarmed, some to the point of even considering – as a matter of principle – switching to the Republican Party. As usual, they are a step or two behind the electorate, but should be welcomed with open arms.

Nancy Pelosi’s selection by her Democratic colleagues in the House illuminates how far the leftists have gone in seizing control of the Democratic Party nationally.

The leftist elitist press will not be able to hide her true identity forever from a discerning electorate.

If Republicans play it smart and keep right on pointing out just what the Democratic agenda truly is – a 21st century leftist manifesto – the selection of the Lady in Red can turn out to be a precious gift.

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Yet, the news media went out of their way to peg the lead in their stories on her gender, which is fine, although everyone … well, almost everyone … is one gender or another. And, yes, it is good news that as time goes on women in politics are receiving more and more...
Friday, 15 November 2002 12:00 AM
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