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Roy Barnes Wants New Powers!

Friday, 18 January 2002 12:00 AM

It's supposed to be a free country, right? So, what would you, as an adult, do if the state government notified you to report to a specified location to receive a mandatory vaccination?

Now … let's think about this "mandatory" word again. Remember just who we're dealing with here. Government. Government, the one entity that is legally entitled to use deadly force to accomplish any goal it sets for itself.

So, when you are told by the government that you will report to such-and-such a place to get your required vaccination, you are actually being told that you will do so or the government will use whatever force is necessary to make you do so.

We're now told that Georgia Governor Roy Barnes is seeking the authority to order large-scale mandatory vaccinations. He also wants to be able to quarantine individuals or communities.

These powers, and others, are being sought as part of a "homeland defense" initiative. He apparently feels that the powers are necessary in the event of some sort of biological or chemical terrorist attack.

If you read this column every day, you will remember that several weeks ago I warned you about this "homeland defense" stuff. The danger? Bureaucrats using the threat of terrorism to ask for and obtain sweeping new powers over the lives and property of individual citizens.

While our politicians are worrying about terrorists, we need to maintain our vigilance against power-hungry politicians and requests for laws that will further erode our freedoms.

Most Americans have never been fond of the idea of forced medical treatment. Are you ready to make that move now?

The governor also wants doctors to be required by law to report all cases of infectious disease, such as smallpox. Presumably, the doctors will also be required to report the name of the patient.

You do know, don't you, that this was never required with AIDS. You know why, don't you? AIDS is a disease with a strong political constituency. Smallpox is not.

To its credit, the Georgia Legislature is considering legislation that would require school officials to plug another element into the process of enforcing "zero tolerance" weapons policies. If the legislation becomes law, local school boards would be required to apply this new element – called "common sense" – to zero-tolerance cases.

Sounds good in practice. Perhaps it would help, though, if the Legislature would appoint a search committee to find a local school board that understands just what common sense is.

OK ... it's no secret. I'm not a huge fan of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA). I don't believe professionals should join unions. Regardless of the maneuverings of owners and management, I still think it was the ALPA that drove the stake through the heart of Eastern Airlines. That was the first strike I had ever heard of that was called for the express purpose of destroying a company.

Well … now I've heard whispers about an ALPA action I can support! Evidently, pilots are getting just a tad weary of the insane harassment they're receiving at the hands of the airport security Gestapo.

After years of dedication to hideously expensive and intensive training, followed by more years of grueling schedules on out-of-the-way routes, airline captains aren't really in the mood to be ordered to disrobe by overpaid losers who didn't have the mental strength to even make it through high school.

Some of these pilots are talking either a strike or a slowdown. I'm with them. Do it! That would be one way to get the attention of these mindless bureaucrats in Washington who are allowing this insipid show of false security to continue at our airports.

Tell you what. You go forward on this one and I'll walk a picket line for you.

First the Democrats told us that their "professionalized" security screeners would have to be high school graduates. They went back on that one.

Now a year at a McDonald's counter will suffice insofar as job experience is concerned. No high school diploma or GED required.

The Democrats also promised that their professionalized (that means paid with a federal paycheck) screeners would be U.S. citizens. Look for that promise to go away too. Some non-citizen screeners are filing suits to keep their jobs.

Until recently you could walk into a school and ask a seventh-grader what he wanted to do when he got out of school. Most of them wanted to be professional athletes – but deep in their minds they must have known that there was little chance they would make it.

Well, now there's another dream. Be an airport security screener! Big pay, government job, union protection, great pension, you don't have to finish high school and if you're in a bad mood one day you can really screw with people you damn well know are better than you.

One day in the future each and every one of you is going to suddenly realize what a huge mistake this federalization of security screeners was. All that has been done is to create 30,000 new government jobs: 30,000 new government union members and 30,000 new Democratic voters – all with the eager help of the Republican Party.

In a press release issued late yesterday, the FDNY said:

"New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scopetta today announced that he will consider new options for a fitting memorial to honor the members of the fire department who died and those who worked tirelessly at the World Trade Center following the Sept. 11 attacks."

This was in light of continuous controversy over the decision to erect a politically corrected statue based on the famous photo of three (white) firemen raising the flag at Ground Zero. At question now is whether the memorial will still include a representation of that photo, or something altogether different.

I have a suggestion. How about in one area you put up a historically accurate statue of the three firemen raising the flag, and in another area have statues of "racially and gender diverse" firefighters carrying people out of harm's way and running in to save others (also historically accurate).

The ACLU is also suing Argenbright Security and the Illinois National Guard on behalf of a Muslim woman who claims she was strip-searched at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The woman was wearing a hijab, the traditional scarf or veil that covers the head and neck.

But the UPI article says that she was wearing "boots, pants and sweater." The article is unclear if that was underneath a cloak or not. At any rate, she didn't set off the metal detectors, even when checked with the hand wands. She refused to remove the headscarf in front of the men because of her Muslim beliefs and so was taken to a private room and searched by two female security guards.

The suit alleges the two guards "opened her clothing, fingered through her hair and searched her body beneath her underwear." I could understand that if she had set off a metal detector, but if her claims are true, it does sound a bit odd to me.

Oh, yeah ... the ACLU is saying that security guards need to be trained in "cultural sensitivity." Fine. Let's do that after they get their high school diplomas.

La Verkin, Utah, passed an ordinance last summer officially declaring the city a United Nations-free zone and prohibiting the U.N. from taxing the town or stationing troops there. The state attorney general told the city that it was unconstitutional, so another watered-down ordinance was passed. Well, the newly elected city council has now repealed it, leaving Bingham, N.M., as the only U.N.-free zone in the country.

"I took the beer because I want to go to jail," Robert Fremer said, according to an arrest report. "Take me to jail. I can't succeed in this world. They won't give me a chance."

Fremer, who has spent years in jail, took the beer and told the clerk to call the police. He was sitting calmly in the parking lot with the six-pack of beer at his side when police arrived.

Get him a job as a security screener.

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It's supposed to be a free country, right? So, what would you, as an adult, do if the state government notified you to report to a specified location to receive a mandatory vaccination? Now … let's think about this mandatory word again.Remember just who we're dealing...
Friday, 18 January 2002 12:00 AM
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