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Rosie O'Donnell's Vitriol Harms Us All

Thursday, 21 September 2006 12:00 AM

As a Jewish Republican activist and author (of the Amazon No. 1 best-seller "Millionaire Republican"), who has spent his entire adult life dealing with Hollywood limousine liberals, I feel I'm in a unique position to respond to the recent anti-Christian rants of Rosie O'Donnell on ABC's "The View." (I am also married to a born-again Christian.)

Her off-the-cuff remark that Americans should fear "radical Christianity" equally with radical Islam, showcased an out-of-touch, confused, delusional, self-loathing, bleeding heart, politically correct, limousine liberal — in short, a typical Hollywood celebrity who has probably spent half her life lying on a couch in therapy working out her issues.

Radical liberals like Rosie and her Hollywood friends are so blinded by their own prejudices and hatred towards America, Christians, and Republicans that they actually believe that conservatives who defend their moral values with words are equivalent to radical Muslim terrorists. Terrorists! Those who defend their moral values with murder!

How bad has America been to poor Rosie?

Here in our Christian-dominated nation, Rosie — an outspoken lesbian activist and mother — is a multimillionaire TV celebrity living the life of her dreams in complete freedom.

Here in this Christian-dominated nation, Rosie is able to host television shows, adopt children, publicly express her views, and openly flaunt her lesbian lifestyle. Devout Christians may not approve, but no one takes any actions to ruin her life. She is not imprisoned or murdered for her views or lifestyle choices.

Is Rosie not aware that in any Muslim nation she'd be banned from television, banned from adopting children, and imprisoned for infractions far less serious? Just for being a lesbian she would be beheaded or stoned to death.

She could also face the rape and torture of women that occurs on a regular basis in Muslim countries.

Perhaps Rosie hasn't read that script yet. (After 20 years as a successful producer and host in Hollywood, I can tell you that actors often require a script to understand their talking points).

A half century of liberal brainwashing (and therapy) has convinced the Rosie O'Donnells of the world that words are worse than actions.

Rosie and many of her radical liberal Hollywood friends, in my mind, can now be officially classified as delusional, paranoid, and living in a fantasy world. Rosie so loathes the Christian leaders who disagree with her lifestyle that she doesn't understand the difference between verbal disagreements and people who would instead cut her throat, stone her to death, and murder her children for the "crime" of having been adopted by a lesbian mother.

The real irony? The reason Islamic radicals hate us so much is symbolized by Rosie O'Donnell herself. They hate us so intensely precisely because America is a free nation that allows an outspoken lesbian to host talk shows, bask in celebrity, give lectures on radical views, and earn tens of millions of dollars while flaunting an unconventional lifestyles.

While Rosie and her liberal Hollywood friends suffer confusion about who the enemy is, blame America for Islamic radicalism, and compare Bush to Hitler — Islamic radicals suffer no such confusion. It's the Rosies they are coming for — the outspoken lesbians will be the first to go!

If Islamic radicals have fantasies (is that allowed?), public executions of big-mouthed, educated, liberal lesbians and sensitive Hollywood artists certainly top the list. The man Hollywood liberals loathe — President George W. Bush — is the one protecting Rosie from the crazy Islamic extremists who want to cut her head off (after they make her suffer).

No Rosie, religious Christians don't approve of your lifestyle or your views, but they would give up their lives to defend your right to express those views. That is what makes America and Christianity (and President Bush and the Republican Party) the good guys. There is no comparison. Only dysfunctional, confused, mentally-fragile, spoiled brat Hollywood liberals, who think holding hands and singing will make us all friends, could miss that dramatic difference between America and her enemies, between Christianity and radical Islam.

This is a very clear battle — it's Hitler all over again (and George Bush is

Yes, there are people who say bad things about lesbians in America.

Prejudice, racism, and intolerance are practiced in America (and everywhere else in the world). They existed in America in the days of World War II as well. But words have never compared to actions.

Words never compared to the killing of six million of my Jewish relatives in gas chambers, or conducting torture experiments on innocent Jewish children (before they were murdered). They could not be compared then, and they can't be compared now.

That's a little nuance Rosie and her liberal friends just don't get. Hitler was a madman and represented the worst kind of evil known to mankind. He was responsible for the torture, rape, murder, extermination of an entire race of people.

Unfortunately, this same kind of evil has been resurrected by radical Islam. This is a clear-cut struggle between good and evil. Christians (and Americans) do not target women and children for death. No words of intolerance can compare to the actions of Islamic extremists.

Make no mistake — Rosie O'Donnell's words prove that out-of-touch radical liberals from Hollywood are a huge danger to America.

These pompous, spoiled-brat debutantes living in their insulated worlds don't have a clue that we are now in the most deadly war since World War II. They don't understand how to successfully fight a war. Their high-profile doubts, negativity, non-stop self-loathing, blame-America-first routine undermines our efforts to fight a brutal enemy that suffers no such doubts about its mission.

We stand little chance of waging a politically correct war and winning — not against an enemy that believes God has ordered him to fight to the death, to purposely target women and children, and to torture and behead anyone and everyone who disagrees.

The difference between Christians and Islamic radicals is black and white.

Our enemies are monsters devoid of human feelings who want to riot, rape, torture, and murder based on words from the Pope or cartoons in the newspaper.

Liberal Hollywood "artists" like Rosie are such sensitive, naïve, bleeding hearts — they're afraid of hurting the feelings of cold-blooded murderers whose goal is to plot the murder of thousands of Americans at a football stadium, or worse, millions of Americans with a nuclear blast.

No Rosie, you are wrong. The great danger isn't "radical Christianity." It is radical liberalism that poses the greatest danger because it threatens to destroy America from within. We must not allow Rosie O'Donnell's brand of radical liberalism to infect the hearts, souls, and common sense of Americans.

This Jewish Republican says God Bless Christianity and Judeo Christian values.

Thank God that in this great country, we choose to disagree with words, not with murder. But if radical Islamic terrorists choose to enslave us and murder us for our words and beliefs; to destroy the greatest Democracy in the history of civilization; to wipe away our freedoms and liberties in favor of their brand of intolerance-at-gunpoint; to destroy the greatest economy in world history and send us all back to the Dark Ages; then let us agree to kill our enemies until none are left standing.

Rosie O'Donnell and the Hollywood elite may not understand, but thank God that a silent majority of Americans do.


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As a Jewish Republican activist and author (of the Amazon No. 1 best-seller "Millionaire Republican"), who has spent his entire adult life dealing with Hollywood limousine liberals, I feel I'm in a unique position to respond to the recent anti-Christian rants of Rosie...
Thursday, 21 September 2006 12:00 AM
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