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Rescuing the Rest of Us

Thursday, 08 September 2005 12:00 AM

Horrendous as they were, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were vertical disasters. Katrina's murderous swath was horizontal, more like the footprint of a nuclear attack.

The whole world watched as one of America's great metropolitan areas, home of more than half a million souls, was eliminated as a functioning entity.

What an adrenalin rush the desolation of New Orleans must have given Osama bin Laden and the boys. At no cost to them, this was just what they've always wanted – a major American city brought to its knees, its population dead or terrorized, every family in the land staggered.

What a cornucopia of options have been handed to al Qaeda – where and how worst to inflict their own next strike upon the Great Satan:

If Katrina could throw America into this much disruption, think what greater chaos could be created. Don't think bin Laden hasn't been thinking.

It must be of particular comfort to him that he is receiving such gracious help from the lunatic left here at home. Cheap-shot politicians are wasting no time crying crocodile tears for the TV cameras. Tin-pot second-guessers in Congress are taking turns blaming, even cursing, the president of the United States. Their hatred of George W. Bush far exceeds any compassion they might summon for the afflicted.

Katrina succeeded in flushing out of New Orleans a subculture of hundreds of thousands of individuals incapable of sustaining themselves. They were victims long before Katrina blew into town – victims of a government-funded, collectivized culture of incompetence, entitlement and lifelong dependency that dates back at least to the failed Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Now they are out of the only slums they've ever known, a Diaspora airlifted, bused, pickup-trucked and Amtraked across the continent, into city after city, community after community, neighborhood after neighborhood.

There are among this throng many fine, decent, hard-working, deserving, law-abiding, God-fearing people, but there are many who are not.

By and large the latter have no employable skills, even should jobs pop up and await them. They were on the dole in New Orleans. They will be on the dole wherever they land.

Systematically non-educated in government kid-sitter warrens called schools, a shocking number suffer piteously from dietary obesity and other crippling inflictions. They have lost what abodes they had. With no money in their pockets, they have no jobs and few prospects of permanent employment.

They will be the natural prey for the politically unscrupulous, who will not shrink from registering them in their new zip codes while at the same time voting them absentee at their old, water-logged polling places.

Yet, they must be fed, washed, clothed, treated, housed and, of course, policed. There is very little they can, or will, do for themselves.

Fret over them as their new, welcoming neighbors will do, counsel at them as the well-intended will insist, they are unlikely to become much other than what they are, what they have been socially mis-engineered to be.

For they are the latest generation of generations who owe their existence to a doomed leftist philosophy of government – still championed by one of this country's two major political parties – and subsidized by taxation on those Americans who have not yet been quite taxed dry.

Still, they must be taken in, cared for and, absolutely yes, loved.

Who's to do it? The folks in whose laps they have landed for heaven-knows how long?

Sad to say, it won't take many moons for the current commendable wave of sympathy and generosity to subside. As that ebbs, in will seep, then rush with a roar, a counter-tide of irritation, resentment and anger followed by fury. The dragon's seed of unprecedented chaos, anarchy and outright rebellion will have been sown.

Egging it all on will be the charlatans of racial hatred, both white and black. They will think nothing of inciting subcultures in other cities to protest, then destroy in empathetic futility. After all, if the self-elected champions of the afflicted can feel free to slander and curse the president, himself, why haven't they a similar right to play with fire where they are?

There are not enough national guards and regular military forces to protect every big city, every town, every crossroads, every neighborhood, every front porch, every individual.

When the metastasized masses' needs and wants turn to entitlements and demands – from food, to shoes, to smokes, to medicines, to drink, to sex, to dope – that cannot be met any other way, they will be taken from those who have, or who appear to have.

When all this comes to pass, who will rescue the rest of America?

There is only one answer, the answer that has been there long before Katrina. The answer is simply: The rest of us will have to, for who else will be left who can do it?


The answer to that question is what it has always been in America, from 1776 onward, and will be unto the unforeseeable future:

The rest of us can rescue America because this is America, and we are Americans, and there is nothing we cannot do as Americans.

In times past when this nation faced its worst crises, the leadership required to take America through to survival and beyond has always risen up.

If it isn't too presumptuous to say so, that is what this president, George W. Bush, is telling us. And that is the leadership he is providing.

The ultimate question, the one that no president can answer for the rest of America, is whether


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Horrendous as they were, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were vertical disasters. Katrina's murderous swath was horizontal, more like the footprint of a nuclear attack. The whole world watched as one of America's great metropolitan areas, home of more than half a...
Thursday, 08 September 2005 12:00 AM
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