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Recount Hysteria: More of Gore Doing Anything to Win

Thursday, 09 November 2000 12:00 AM

If Gore is declared the winner, the media and the Democrats will call it a "victory for democracy" and will say that the "system worked."

The Democrats will not accept the recount unless, of course, it favors Democrat Al Gore.

The Gore campaign has already retained the services of one of Florida’s most powerful law firms to file legal challenges to this election. The center of the challenge is going to be in Palm Beach County. The basis for the challenge? The Democrats just can’t believe that this many voters actually voted for Pat Buchanan in Palm Beach.

In effect, the Democrats are saying, "Hey! Those people couldn’t possibly have voted for Buchanan! Those are our type of voters! Everybody knows they should have voted for Gore! We want their votes thrown out!"

You get to challenge an election on the basis that people didn't vote the way you expected them to vote. Didn't Milosevic just try that ploy over there in Yugoslavia?

This is going to be the Democrats’ last stand. This is where they are going to make their case that Gore should have been given the electoral votes from Florida.

Here are some things for you to ponder about this ballot:

· At least 96 percent of the people were not confused by the ballot.

· The ballot was designed by a Democratic Party official.

· The people of Palm Beach County had an opportunity to view the ballot and comment on it before the election, with no objections entered.

· The Florida Democratic Party approved the ballot before the vote.

Come on, folks. There's an arrow clearly pointing to a hole. There is no ambiguity as to which hole it's pointing to. If you went up to any second-grader in this country – even those in government schools – and told that second-grader to "put the little pin in the hole next to arrow number 5" there would be no problem. The rude truth of the matter is that you have to be an

Now we have three Palm Beach voters who have filed lawsuits. They are saying that they were confused and cast their vote for the wrong person.

There is NO WAY that any of these plaintiffs can prove that they miscast their votes. There is absolutely no way to match any ballot to any voter. There is no way that any of these voters can prove their claim. Would someone please tell me how the courts can resolve any claim for a person who cannot prove that they have been wronged?

I think I won the Big 5 jackpot last weekend. I was confused by the ballot used to select my lottery numbers. I demand another chance. I’m hiring a lawyer!

There's more. The Democrats are screaming that there is no way Buchanan could have received this many votes in Palm Beach County. They cite the fact that Broward County, immediately to the South, only saw around 100 votes for Buchanan vs. the 3,407 votes in Palm Beach.

Well, here’s what you probably haven’t heard in the media. According to the Florida supervisor of elections, Broward County has only 189 members of the Independent Party – Florida's Reform party. However, in Palm Beach County there are well over 14,000 members of the Independent Party. As a matter of fact, Palm Beach County has the highest Independent registration in Florida.

Oops! Well that certainly puts things in a different light, doesn’t it?

Palm Beach County isn’t the only area of Florida where the Democrats are claiming voter fraud. They also have their eye on Osceola County. The Democrats are suspicious about the number of votes that Libertarian Harry Browne got in Osceola. You see, there are only 120 or so registered Libertarians in Osceola County, but Harry Browne got 309 votes there. The Democrats feel that if there’s only 120 registered Libertarians and Harry Browne gets 309 votes, there must be voter fraud!

Well, guess what. It wasn’t voter fraud. It was Neal Boortz! You see, I’m broadcast on 580-WDBO in Orlando. WDBO goes blasting into neighboring Osceola County and its two largest cities, Kissimmee and St. Cloud. I’ve been on that station for quite some time now talking up the Libertarian position. Last Saturday I traveled to Orlando to do a special two-hour election show. There was plenty of Libertarian talk on the show.

A lot of pundits are exploring the possibility that one of the electors might decide to cast his vote for the "other guy" when they meet to cast their electoral votes on December 18. Greenfield suggested that some elector might get the word to one candidate or another suggesting that his vote might be changed in exchange for a good government appointment, a highway, etc.

I've even seen some of the Democratic electors in Florida openly challenging Republican electors to "do the right thing" and to cast their votes for Gore if there is any question of voting irregularities.

"Honorable." That’s the word. If Bush wins the recount in Florida, and thus the presidency, the spin will be that it just wouldn’t be honorable for him to claim the presidency in light of Gore’s lead in the popular vote.

I first heard the word used in a press conference yesterday. Florida Governor Jeb Bush was answering questions about the recount process. He was asked if it would be "honorable" for his brother to serve as president even though he lost the popular vote.

Well, golly! Let’s think about this for a while. Obviously the Democrats feel that Clinton has served his country "honorably" during the past eight years, thus we can assume that it would be "honorable" for a president to continue in office despite having committed perjury, obstruction of justice, and violating his oath of office. But it would be "dishonorable" for a president to serve in office pursuant to the strict dictates of our Constitution as it regards the Electoral College.

Reporters asked Warren Christopher yesterday afternoon if this is a constitutional crisis.

Why? Why ask the question at all? The Constitution is working exactly as it was supposed to work. There are no questions as to what to do next. There are no uncertainties as to how this process is to go forward. You determine the vote in Florida, and the Florida electors cast their electoral votes. It's just that simple. A president-elect is chosen. Just where in the hell is the constitutional crisis?

Consider this. Is it possible that some biased reporters are actually trying to create that crisis through their questions?

Would someone please tell me just why most of those mysterious "found" ballot boxes in Florida are being found in precincts that vote heavily Democratic?

Create a sense of panic and hysteria, the usual Democratic game plan. Create a sense of panic in the minds of the Palm Beach voters. Convince them that they have been cheated – that they voted for the wrong people. Did you hear that Democratic attack dog Robert Wexler? He was talking about hundreds of voters crying and wailing in parking lots at polling places after they learned that they had miscast their votes. Don’t you think that some newsman with a camera could have discovered these weeping and wailing voters on Tuesday, and treated us to a picture?

Wexler and that publicity whore and race warlord Jesse Jackson know their assignment well. Create such an aura of voter hysteria that national public opinion will demand a solution – and no solution will do short of a new vote in Palm Beach County.

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If Gore is declared the winner, the media and the Democrats will call it a victory for democracy and will say that the system worked. The Democrats will not accept the recount unless, of course, it favors Democrat Al Gore. The Gore campaign has already retained...
Thursday, 09 November 2000 12:00 AM
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