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Radio Host Rusty Humphries: Hamas Poised to Strike

Wednesday, 19 April 2006 12:00 AM

Talk Radio Network's Rusty Humphries tells NewsMax that the Hamas terrorists he just visited in the West Bank candidly admitted to him that they are planning to fire new ramped-up rockets from Bethlehem into Jerusalem, and will continue suicide bombings such as the recent deadly attack on a Tel Aviv restaurant.

Using his mock Middle East accent, Humphries, who is recognized as one of America's 100 most important radio talk show hosts by Talkers magazine, mimics for NewsMax the threat he heard directly from a Hamas senior lieutenant, Mohammad Abu Tir:

"‘We have rockets now; if we get into Bethlehem any closer, we will rocket Jerusalem.'"

Abu Tir, who spent more than two decades in jail for plotting to poison soft drink dispensers in Israel, was elected to the newly formed Palestinian Authority government in January's legislative voting, in which Hamas won by a large margin.

Abu Tir, who, according to Humphries, is trying these days to recast himself as a legitimate politician, taunted the radio journalist, saying, "Americans cannot understand this [the election results] because the United States' churches are secretly controlled by Jews and that the American media was also controlled by Zionists leading terrorism inside the mass communications media."

Budding "politician" or not, Abu Tir takes credit for and pride in the recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and warns of yet more carnage to come.

Humphries recounts to NewsMax that he asked the Hamas leader whether this incoming wave of violence indicated the start of yet a third Intifada.

Abu Tir's answer is chilling:

"'No -- because the second one has not ended.'"

NewsMax caught up with Humphries, the youngest inductee ever to the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, just 48 hours after his return to the U.S. from this latest trip -– the fourth he has made into the belly of the beast.

He describes how at one point he met with members of the gun-toting Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorist group in Bethlehem.

"I heard the click of guns and I turn around, and there are three of the biggest, meanest... It was scariest 10 minutes of my life," he concedes.

This clandestine interview -- to which he was invited -- was held just hours after one of their leaders, Raad Abiat, was killed during an Israeli anti-terror operation in Bethlehem on Monday. Abiat's death resulted in a forced shutdown of all Christian and Muslim schools and shops in the city while brigade members protested the killing of their leader.

Humphries recounts that throughout the interview with the Al Aqsa members they were jumpy and nervous, turning their guns to wherever there happened to be a noise. One of the members, who called himself Abu, said, "Because we are wanted, the Israelis want to kill us and every single movement that seems suspect, we are going to shoot."

Abu claimed that "the plan for Israel to withdrawal from the West Bank is a lie, and that his organization does not want them to withdraw because we want to react. We want to have revenge."

Abu went on to say that the only way to ever end the fight between Palestinians and Israelis is to "Get rid of all Jews -- kill all of them, [then] there will not be war."

According to Abu, his organization is associated with the Fatah Party. As he told Humphries, "There is no difference between Hamas and Fatah; we both belong to the same people."

Members of the terrorist organizations would neither confirm nor deny receiving aid from Iran. However, one Al Aqsa member did say, "It is a very natural relation, but I can not give any detail." And Hamas leader Abu Tir said, "You [America] are the one who is pushing us towards Iran, and the choice of Iran."

NewsMax asked Humphries why -- with the new Hamas government reeling financially since civilized nations cut off a good portion of their life's blood of foreign aid -- would a Hamas leader inflame the situation even more by such rhetoric.

"They might be alienating themselves from the West, but they are saying what the money people in Iran want to hear," he says.

According to Humphries, Abu Tir bluntly concluded: "'We don't need your money anymore.'"

The bold and careless talk has other roots as well, Humphries explains:

"Terrorists have enormous egos. I rip them to shreds [in radio shows]; I call them terrorists and thugs and liars, but they respect that I don't edit things out."

Humphries recalls his very first contacts with the terrorist inner sanctum.

"The first time I made contact, last year in November, I actually had to bribe a Palestinian with $400. He took a check." Humphries ribbed his guide, only half-jokingly, "They'll stop payment if I don't come back."

The radio host makes no secret about where he stands.

He thinks Israel ought to go to a zero-tolerance mode -– otherwise folks like the Hamas terror leaders have a public relations and propaganda field day.

He shakes his head recalling the Israeli evacuation of the Gaza Strip. "They were shooting rockets into Gaza –- even as the Israelis were leaving under orders. ‘Look. Look, they shouted, see how terrorism works.'"

Hamas already had a leg up, with its reputation for building schools and providing health care, explains Humphries, "but foremost they showed that their military wing had had success."

"Israel needs to stand up for what is right and fight these people full force," Humphries emphasizes.

"Every time I talk to Israelis, they explain to me that they are willing to give up land for peace," he notes.

On the other side of the coin, however, he says that even ordinary Palestinians give him but one viewpoint -– Jews don't belong here and we won't be satisfied until they are all gone.

"I'm learning a lesson here, and I hope America is learning it as well," says Humphries, who takes pains to explain that he is "a good Christian boy and has no dog to hunt" in the conflagration.

The lesson: "They cannot be negotiated with; they cannot be dealt with."

He makes an analogy to Osama bin Laden and the wider ranging war on terrorism.

"It's like bin Laden telling us he was at war with us. We didn't want to hear it."

"They say I'm a bad person and a bad American for talking to them [the terrorists]," Humphries laments.

But Humphries has no intention of stopping. Furthermore, he is convinced that Americans must get a constant reminder of the intractable mind-set that the West is up against. And Israel is the age-old object lesson:

"They [the Israelis] deal with it every day, and there are great lessons for us. Just imagine if five Starbucks are attacked across the country. It would literally shut the nation down. We would wind up with armed guards in front of every restaurant just like in Israel. Talk about being inconvenienced in airports."

Humphries says that in his opinion President Bush is absolutely right to take and hold the hard-line approach he has, but he is less than enthused about the administration's present course of negotiating with Iran over its stubborn march into the nuclear league.

As intractable as Hamas is, says Humphries, "It's worse in Iran. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims he hears the voice of Mohammad from a well. He was one of terrorists from the hostage crisis."

The radio host goes on to describe how Ahmadinejad is convinced that the terrorist tactics in the taking of the American hostages propelled President Carter out of office.

"Are we going to negotiate with

In his latest missive to the world, Ahmadinejad said that Israel is a "constant threat," and predicted that the Jewish state is on the verge of "elimination."

So what do you think will be the end game in Iran? asks NewsMax.

"If we continue to negotiate, they will get the bomb, and then they have won; game over when they get the bomb," he replies without hesitation.

Humphries gives credit to his own peculiar modus operadi in getting access to terrorists. He says that he starts off asking easy questions and joking around.

"Pretty soon it's 'Come see the funny American.' Here come nine guys with guns."

Many times, he will go through the drill of running through all the most bizarre stereotypes with his subjects.

Example: "The Jews sent Monica Lewinsky to the White House to entrap President Clinton, true or false?

"True. Everybody knows this," Humphries mimics the answer in his practiced accent.

"Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Israeli agents and that is why he died."

"Oh, yes, he was poisoned by the Jews," comes the rote answer.


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Talk Radio Network's Rusty Humphries tells NewsMax that the Hamas terrorists he just visited in the West Bank candidly admitted to him that they are planning to fire new ramped-up rockets from Bethlehem into Jerusalem, and will continue suicide bombings such as the recent...
Wednesday, 19 April 2006 12:00 AM
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