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Race and the 2000 Presidential Election

Friday, 10 November 2000 12:00 AM

Al Gore's appeal to minorities was incredible. About 90 percent of blacks chose Gore over Bush. In Florida, whites favored Bush, 57 percent to 40 percent; but blacks favored Gore, 93 percent to 7 percent. That's part of the reason for the recount. Black votes swung states like Pennsylvania and Michigan toward Gore, too, with numbers similar to Florida.

Bottom line: Bush's appeals to the minority voting bloc went nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Blacks, Hispanics and others fell into lockstep behind Al Gore, who promised them more goodies and worked hard to validate their coveted victim status in our society.

Gore promised them more preferences and more social programs. More free money from the government. He promised to protect them from those mean, nasty white racist Republicans and their corporate bosses. He promised they wouldn't have to worry about taking care of themselves, because the federal government would do it for them.

And they fell for it, again.

How do you defeat a party that has so masterfully enslaved an entire segment of the population? How do you convince those voters that they're voting to maintain the status quo, which does nothing more than keep the nation racially divided?

A listener e-mailed me this thought about the voters of Missouri electing a dead guy to serve in the U.S. Senate: "Can you imagine if John Ashcroft of Missouri had been a black Democrat, running against a dead Republican and lost … how fast would Jesse Jackson be there crying foul?"

It speaks volumes about the character of Ashcroft that he announced that he will not appeal the process or stand around stating that it doesn't pass the smell test.

The gender gap in Tuesday’s election was 22 percent. Women preferred Gore by an 11 percent margin and men preferred Bush by an 11 percent margin. The reasoning is clear. The offer of government-provided security is eagerly accepted by women. Liberty means much more to men. The founding fathers had this one right!

Yes, Al Gore is now calling for the rule of law to prevail as votes are recounted in Florida. Yesterday afternoon we heard Gore urge "respect for the rule of law. ... We now need to resolve this election in a way that is fair and forthright, and in a way that is fully consistent with the Constitution and our laws."

Funny how Gore wants to respect the rule of law only when the law has an immediate impact on his future. He and Bill Clinton have been all too happy to flout the rule of law elsewhere – like covering up the Chinese government's financing of the 1996 election, for example.

Yet more evidence why Gore should not be president. He calls on the Constitution to prevail only when it's convenient for him.

Yet again we hear from Senator-elect Queen Hillary Clinton that she doesn't plan to run for president in 2004; instead, she'll serve her entire six years in the Senate. That's what she told reporters yesterday at a news conference.

What? And push her presidential campaign back to 2008? Yeah, right. Hillary Clinton has had designs on the Oval Office since she and Bill moved into the White House in 1993. She is now setting up what some are already calling a "Clinton Administration in Exile" in New York City.

Everything this woman does is designed to gain and maintain her hold on political power. Is she going to wait until 2008 to run for president? Not while she's riding a wave of popularity following her election in New York. This kind of good press may not last that long, but if the Florida vote counts stand up and George W. Bush is our next president, then she instantly becomes the front-runner for the 2004 election.

New Yorkers were dumb enough to put her into the Senate. Which means they're not likely to mind – or even notice – if she uses them as a stepping-stone to the White House.

Wait, still more on the Senate Queen! Hillary has already announced that Al Gore should have been the victor in Florida. In her statement to the media yesterday Hitlary said that if Al Gore gets credit for all of the votes he "should have had" in Florida, he will be declared a victor.

You should also know that Hitlary fired a warning shot across the bow of upper income (high achieving) Americans. She said, "I will work hard for working families to see that they get what is owed them."

Just what do you think is "owed" working families? I think they are owed the equal protection under our laws and the right to keep the wealth that they produce. So, what do you think Hitlary believes the "working families" are owed? How about the right to share in the wealth that YOU produce?

She’s going to be a trip!

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Al Gore's appeal to minorities was incredible. About 90 percent of blacks chose Gore over Bush. In Florida, whites favored Bush, 57 percent to 40 percent; but blacks favored Gore, 93 percent to 7 percent. That's part of the reason for the recount. Black votes swung states...
Friday, 10 November 2000 12:00 AM
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