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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 12:00 AM

To those of you who came to talk radio and to the Neal Boortz show after Sept. 11, welcome! For 2002 we pledge to keep you constantly up to speed in the latest developments on the war on terrorism. For my part, I will continue to work hard to keep you offended, amazed, shocked, and, most of all, entertained.

Now ... about the new year. I have a very strong feeling that 2002 is going to be a fantastic year – a great year for the future of our country, for our economy, and for the show. Consumer confidence is up. Housing starts are up. There is a sense of optimism in the air. More and more Americans have been brought to talk radio by the horrific events of 9-11. These people are learning things about government and their responsibilities as voters that they never dreamed of before.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, why not? We have professional welfare recipients, don't we?*

My friends, this has to be one of the most amazing scams pulled on the American public in quite some time … and it should also be a time for those wonderful, hard-fighting, smaller-government Republicans inside the Beltway to hang their heads in shame. They've been whupped. They've been had. The Democrats played them like drums.

What am I talking about here? Airport screeners, that's what. The federalization of the airport security screening programs. What a fraud.

I yakked this one up for weeks on the air. I said that all the Democrats were really trying to do was to create 28,000 more federal employees. Well, mission accomplished.

Not only do the Democrats have their 28,000 more federal employees, but they also have 28,000 people who will soon be earning more than they're worth as government union members paying union dues to government workers unions that will then channel a good portion of those dues into Democratic campaign coffers.

Remember the Democrats' chief class warlord, Tom Daschle? Isn't he the one who came up with that "you don't professionalize unless you federalize" line? Yup, Tom Daschle telling us that you can't be a professional unless you work for the Imperial Federal Government of the United States. Tell me … why didn't more people rake him over the coals for that absurdity?

Well, now we have the job description for a "professional" airport screener, and that job description doesn't even include a high school diploma!

Yup … you got it! Our brand new Transportation Security Administration, the federal agency established to oversee the airport security screening process, has decided that there need be no requirement for a high school diploma! Instead of a high school diploma, all they need is one year of experience in a similar line of work.

Just what does "similar" mean? Well – as long as I predicted this one, let me predict what "similar line of work" will come to mean. Anyone who mans any security station anywhere is going to be deemed to have engaged in a "similar line of work." This means security guards or the people who look at your employee ID badge when you walk into your office.

Let's be clear here. The Republicans are not blameless in this idiotic decision. The Transportation Security Administration is part of the executive branch of our government.

The head man is President Bush. He could sign an executive order tomorrow negating the decision made by this new federal agency … but will he?

Is Bush's dedication to making our skies safer strong enough to tell the American people that the people who form that last line of defense at the screening stations will have at least a high school education, if not more?

And what of the Democrats? They're the ones who pushed this absurd "federalization" scheme on the rest of us. They knew that government operation of airport security screening stations had failed almost everywhere it had been tried.

These Democrats knew that private companies with a mandate to adhere to strong standards (unlike today) would do a better job for less money. So, Daschle and the class warriors started this "you don't professionalize unless you federalize" nonsense and the media and public ate it up like free candy.

So, where is the great Democratic pursuit of professionalism now? Where is Daschle while high school dropouts are retaining their screening jobs? Quiet, that's where.

He has what he wants – government union members who will vote Democratic. That "professionalism" BS was nothing less than campaign-style rhetoric. It worked. They got what they wanted, and now their precious new government employees will split their time between admiring their newest hairstyles and fingernail artwork, glancing at the X-ray screen, and working for the Democratic candidates who are sure to protect their high-paying government jobs.

Only in America.

Denouncing racial profiling is a convenient way for some people to avoid having to face the fact or bear the consequences of the reality that those who share their racial, religious or cultural heritage are responsible for an inordinate amount of crime or other wrongdoing.

If you're a devout Muslim in the United States, it's safe to say that you have faced some additional problems traveling by air lately. There are several different responses you might have. On the one hand you could condemn those of your faith who engage in the senseless murder of civilians and work diligently to have these people identified and arrested.

If this is just too difficult for you, or if the fact is that you are not unsympathetic to the terrorist cause, you could just stand around and scream "racial profiling" every time you're singled out for a thorough airport screening.

Is racial profiling racism? Of course not. Racism is a belief in the inherent superiority of one race over another. Law enforcement doesn't pay special attention to air travelers of Middle Eastern appearance because of any belief in racial superiority.

They pay attention to these travelers because ALL of the people who have been engaging in terrorist activities of late, including ALL of the people involved in the attacks on New York and Washington, were of Middle Eastern appearance or descent.

Do the words "common sense" mean anything to you?

Racial profiling is a prejudicial act, not a racist one. You're working an airport screening station and you see someone who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent. Knowing that ALL of the airline terrorists have been Middle Eastern, you make a judgment – call it a PRE-judgment – that this person is more likely to harbor ill intentions than the 85-year-old blue-haired woman standing behind him. So, if the choice is between searching the man or the blue-hair – common sense says you go with the man.

Here's your hypothetical situation. Let's say that you have a community where all of the people – and I mean ALL, 100% – come from one of two different ethnic backgrounds. You have 50 percent Middle Eastern Muslims and 50 percent Pennsylvania Quakers living in this town. Nobody else.

You're the county sheriff. You've just received word that someone from this particular town is about to head for a big city, where he will attempt to board an airliner with explosives and try to blow it up. Time is very limited. You only have time to question half the residents of the community. You can either question all of the Muslims, all of the Quakers, or randomly pick among the entire community.

Whatchagonnado? You know that ALL acts of airline terrorism were committed by Muslims. You also know that Quakers have taken a vow of nonviolence and live a completely passive lifestyle. Who are you going to question?

If you tell me that you are going to try to question members from both groups because you don't want to racially or ethnically profile the Muslims, then I will tell you that you are a damned fool who has lost touch with all reality.

Law enforcement has limited resources. These resources have to be used in the most efficient manner possible. That means sometimes you have to choose between two individuals to be searched or questioned, and that choice should be made on probabilities, not political correctness.

Let's stop the damn whining and get after the terrorists.

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To those of you who came to talk radio and to the Neal Boortz show after Sept. 11, welcome!For 2002 we pledge to keep you constantly up to speed in the latest developments on the war on terrorism.For my part, I will continue to work hard to keep you offended,...
Tuesday, 01 January 2002 12:00 AM
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