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President Bush is Winning World War IV

Friday, 02 December 2005 12:00 AM

There is no doubt President Bush is now a captive of the press, which loudly proclaims he "is on the ropes."

Katrina was supposedly mishandled; his choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court failed to win support; his Social Security plan for personal accounts has been shelved; a senior staffer has been indicted for perjury; even his liberal plan for Medicare drug benefits is ridiculed.

His personal popularity is quite low, at least according to the polls. And perhaps most important, our soldiers continue dying in Iraq. But except for the latter, these ranklings are petty partisan attacks traditional for second-term administrations.

But the important aspect of these attacks is that, in coordination with left-wing Democrats, including former President Clinton, the media have created a maniacal Bush-bashing aimed at having America lose the war, and with it our traditional ability to guide the world toward a better future.

Fortunately, history isn't written by typically impatient, unwise and biased journalists. If history is a guide, their opinions are nearly perfect contrary indicators of eventual reality.

The reality is that America - and specifically President Bush - is winning one of the great contests of all time, World War IV, the fight by the civilized secular world against Muslim extremism, the last repository of fascism.

History continues to prove contemporary journalism always wrong. It rated Harry S. Truman as a boorish Missourian living in the shadow of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who won World War II. Truman, hopelessly unpopular when he left office, has since been re-evaluated by history into the upper tier of presidents, having stopped the communists in Korea, and created NATO and the Marshall Plan that saved Europe.

Ronald Reagan was another whipping boy of the press, caricatured as an actor of no substance who slept at Cabinet meetings. He even left office under the cloud of Iran-Contra.

The historical reality? Reagan spread the word of democratic capitalism and the free market, today the golden standard for nation behavior, throughout the globe. And, of course, he won the Cold War, actually Word War III. Today, Reagan already resides alongside Truman in the pantheon of the greats and near-greats of the American presidency.

So much for the intellectual wrongheadedness of contemporary journalism, which is once again active in American culture.

Now consider President George W. Bush and his place in history. If journalists get their way, he would scrape bottom. Though it is still early, there are reasonable signs Mr. Bush may someday join Truman and Reagan in the hierarchy of greatness.

But how and why, you might ask? Aren't American boys dying daily in Iraq, with no exit strategy in sight? Isn't Iraq a quagmire rivaling Vietnam as journalists insist?


World War IV is the final worldwide conflict that must be resolved in the West's favor, with America - unfortunately - forced to carry the major burden while Europe sleeps.

Yes, there are more than 2,000 casualties, and even one is too much. But this war is being fought no less vigorously than any of the three previous worldwide conflicts. To his enemies' dismay, Mr. Bush is winning World War IV, the fight against Muslim fascist extremism and its vicious terrorism.

The full conflict is only four years old, yet we are making progress more quickly than in anti-communist fight that lasted 50 years.

Let us look at the actual record, and not at the journalistic distortions.

(1) Since September 11, 2001, there has not been a single case of terrorism in the United States.

(2) Mr. Bush's conquest of the Taliban fascists was applauded universally, and Afghanistan has the beginnings of a Muslim democracy, something no one has been able to accomplish in history. A great victory in World War IV.

(3) Mr. Bush's invasion of Iraq has eliminated Saddam Hussein, whose continued presence in Iraq would have made impossible the Middle East's progress toward freedom. The insurgency is at its height, but a guerrilla war without a competing idea and majority public support (most Iraqis support the government) will fail. The desperate insurgents now kill 20 innocent Iraqis for every American. The majority Kurds and Shi'ites, once pushed beyond their amazing patience, will end this insurgency, bloodlessly or otherwise.

(4) Fear of American power has frightened Moammar Gadhafi of Libya, who has surrendered his weapons of mass destruction to the U.S. and has vowed to discontinue any terrorist activities. This is a Bush victory in an important World War IV battle.

(5) The increasing U.S. prestige and power in the Middle East has forced Syria out of Lebanon after Syria was implicated in the assassination of a Lebanese hero. This is solid evidence democracy is developing roots in Lebanon, a small but important Middle Eastern nation, and that the ability of terrorists to intimidate others is waning rapidly. Another victory for Mr. Bush in World War IV.

(6) The desperation of the terrorists was demonstrated by their recent bombing of a Muslim wedding party in Amman, Jordan, where some 60 people were killed. Having difficulty terrorizing Americans, they have killed these innocent Muslims in Jordan, turning that nation against - not America - but al-Qaida. Another significant victory for Mr. Bush in World War IV.

(7) As American power and pressure expands in the Middle East, Egypt has begun loosening its grip on its own people. Multiparty parliamentary elections are being held. This momentum will eventually grasp all Middle East nations. Another victory for Mr. Bush in World War IV.

(8) Muslim terrorism in Muslim nations, from Algeria to Saudi Arabia, is shifting public opinion in favor of America. Still another Bush victory.

(9) The international community is seeking sanctions against both the shaky Assad rule in Syria and the internally unpopular theocratic rulers in Iran. If America, with word and action, continues pressing both renegade nations, as it successfully did the Soviet Union a generation ago, victory in World War IV will be complete as the two terrorist nations collapse from within.

Muslim fascism's only hope is that the media and the once-patriotic Democratic Party's anti-American branch keep blocking the president's valiant fight for worldwide freedom.


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There is no doubt President Bush is now a captive of the press, which loudly proclaims he "is on the ropes." Katrina was supposedly mishandled; his choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court failed to win support; his Social Security plan for personal accounts has...
Friday, 02 December 2005 12:00 AM
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