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Preemption Wins

Wednesday, 18 February 2004 12:00 AM

The shock is not that this nastification of the way in which the presidency will be determined has sprung so early upon the political landscape. Rather, it is the depth of the hatred that has broken out, eerily approaching Civil War II in its loathing.

Strategies and tactics of the 2004 campaign have taken on frightening similarities to those being deployed around the world by America’s mortal enemies.

Vehemence and venom being expressed in the presidential campaign are on a scale with the calumny shouted by fanatics overseas against everything America represents in this world.

Exponents of hatred, abroad and at home, know they are headlong into a win-all or lose-all war.

The tangible target in the precincts of hatred throughout the Middle East is American power exercised in behalf of democratic encroachment upon fanatical tyranny. The tangible target on these shores is a president who is leading that War on Terror in support of freedom and democracy worldwide.

But far more is at work here than animus against one man, George W. Bush. This nation is engulfed in a gathering collision of cultures, visible in every turn of the television dial. Bush is but the convenient symbol of the embattled culture of traditional American values.

Values that were born and enshrined at the advent of this unique nation and have brought it to its current supremacy on the global stage are under vicious attack at an exponentially accelerating gallop.

The class warriors who lead this assault have lost patience with conventional means for trying to gain majority acceptance of their ideologies. They now have opted to leap the onslaught ahead, beyond constraints of civil democratic discourse.

No longer do they want merely to win. Now they want to destroy. And they will, unless the assaulted segment of American society – one prays it is still in the majority – meets this unfolding, calculated subversion head-on and vanquishes it.

The day has gone – and this is so heartbreaking – when adversaries in America were content to let reason rise or fall in the open market of ideas. Now the mortal battle is whether hatred, abetted by suffocating leftist news media, shall triumph over reason.

It’s not clear yet whether the president and his counsel see it quite this way. There is no question their enemies do, and they are gleefully at it.

For decades it’s been said that incumbency bestows upon presidents a huge advantage – to be presidential, above the tawdry fray. That’s coming to look like a liability.

A presidential president is not expected to stoop to refuting slanders. Bush’s enemies have turned that to their advantage. Probably not since Abraham Lincoln was hideously vilified have so many pikes been driven into this chink in a president’s assumed unassailable armor – and in such short time.

More than a joust within accepted limits, it resembles a nightmare tennis match waged without rules. Watching Bush lately is something akin to seeing not one but an array of hostile opponents slamming multiple serves across the net at him at once – as he and his surrogates lunge from one side of the court to the other in frenetic efforts to return even a few.

Those aren’t innocent, fuzzy tennis balls. They are more like grenades that keep on exploding.

Take the “issue” of Bush’s service in the Texas and Alabama Air National Guard units. No matter how many evidentiary rebuttal documents he releases, his attackers keep intoning: “This raises more questions than it answers.” Never mind that they don’t mention the questions that are answered or those they say remain unanswered.

Bush could bundle up the complete "Oxford English Dictionary", both testaments of the "Holy Bible" plus the "Apocrypha", the "U.S. Pharmacopoeia" and the unabridged text of Tolstoy’s "War and Peace" and you would still be hearing: “This raises more questions than it answers.”

He is accused of things there’s no way in the world that could be proved or disproved, and will be accused of many more so-whats.

Take the legendary dead-fowl dilemma. As state legislatures do periodically, Florida’s went through its criminal code 32 years ago, killing out obsolete crimes, like steamboat racing within city limits. Another such offense was intercourse with a dead fowl. (One is tempted to ponder how that got on the books in the first place.)

Suppose Candidate X gets accused of that. How’s he going to refute it? Where do you go to find witnesses in position to say they saw it not happen? And, by definition, the fowl is in no condition to testify. “This raises more questions than it answers.”

It is clear now that Bush’s enemies are also going to utilize the kind of multiple hit-and-run tactics the crazies are resorting to in Iraq. Those attacks cannot be allowed to go unanswered, and you may grow exhausted trying to chase down every last one. Or appear inept in the process.

And as Bush labors to volley back those service slams, he appears less and less presidential, eroding his big advantage – incumbency.

It’s time to re-consult Sun Tzu, purported ancient author of "The Art of War", history’s oldest military treatise. Above all else, Sun Tzu counseled, seize the high ground commanding the field of battle before the enemy does. It’s called preemption.

Not talking here about being “pro-active,” a shopworn public-relations misconception that is light years away from being preemptive.

This is something Bush understands well. He courageously and correctly called upon his country to engage in a preemptive war against Iraq – before Saddam Hussein could become an imminent threat.

Bush is going to have to recognize he is in more than one war now – although the two are cut from the same pattern. An awfully ugly second war has been declared on him by his political enemies here at home. Not by accident do his foes here and abroad advance each other’s game.

Like those overseas, the domestic enemies are desperate. They know if they lose this election they are out of business for many years to come. They speak for all who would despoil America’s cultural and ethical values, and that is one large, well-funded pack of debasers.

Those enemies of Bush aren’t about to let him get away with conducting a conventional presidential campaign.

It is not just Bush whose future is at stake. The whole country is in mortal peril as a values-based culture. That’s what is at stake.

The side is lost that fails to wage the shrewdest preventive war – and quickly, for time is short.

In this startling all-out war, preemption is the only strategy that wins.


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The shock is not that this nastification of the way in which the presidency will be determined has sprung so early upon the political landscape. Rather, it is the depth of the hatred that has broken out, eerily approaching Civil War II in its loathing. Strategies and...
Wednesday, 18 February 2004 12:00 AM
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