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Perspective, Please!

Tuesday, 18 September 2001 12:00 AM

The stock market has not crashed! The sky is not falling! Yesterday’s 684-point drop in the Dow doesn’t even put Sept. 17, 2001, in the top 10 bad days on Wall Street. We have some companies, United Airlines for instance, whose stock is trading at a level below the value of their airplanes! This comes at a bad time for me. All of my cash is tied up in a real estate venture – not much out there to dump into the market. Too bad.

Do you know that the percentage of Americans who think our economy is in good shape has gone up by about 8 percent over the past week? The American people recognize a good deal when they see it. There are some real bargains out there. It’s time to either go long on America or sell short. I’m going long.

We had a quick little meeting of the minds last Friday at our flagship station, WSB-AM, Atlanta. I was interested in buying about 300 of those yard signs – those "for sale” type signs – with American flags on them. I wanted to travel to some location and hand them out after the show. The decision was made to purchase 500. I thought that was too many, but buy them we did.

Today, after I finished my four and one-half hours on the air, I announced I was heading to a sponsor’s location in the northern suburbs. The sponsor was chosen for the ease with which people could drive by, grab a sign, and go on about their business.

My friends, all I can say is that I was completely stunned by what happened. I made the announcement at 1:00 p.m. By the time I got to the location at 1:25, traffic was completely and utterly stalled. I parked behind the building and walked through to a throng I couldn’t have imagined. Cars were lined up as far as I could see. The local fire department (at Belinda’s suggestion) was there to collect money for the families of New York firefighters and police lost in the tragedy.

I wasn’t there 20 minutes and we had run out of signs. No matter, though. People kept coming buy and stuffing firemen’s boots with cash and checks. I tell you, it was a wonderful thing to see. The final tally on the boots was more than $7,200. We should also point out that the fantastic WSB Radio Group listeners in Atlanta have donated more than $500,000 to the Red Cross since the terrorist attacks.

Thank you so much, Atlanta, for your show of love for your country and your support of New York’s finest.

We’ve ordered 1,000 more signs.

We’re told that 100 or so Muslim clerics are meeting in Afghanistan right now. The goal of the meeting is to decide whether or not Osama bin Laden will be turned over to the United States.

OK – how many times have we heard in the last week that Islam is a "peaceful” religion and that these terrorists are not representative of mainstream Muslims. I happen to believe that – but a failure of these Muslim clerics to turn bin Laden over will be seen as nothing less than an endorsement of his activities.

I am amused by the spin that the Taliban Muslims put on turning over bin Laden. They say he is a "guest” in their country and that under Islam you can’t ask a guest to leave. He must choose to leave of his own accord. So, let’s see. You’re Muslim. You have a Muslim guest in your home. You wake up one morning to find that he has raped your neighbor’s daughter and killed his son. You’re telling me that you’re not going to allow your rapist, murderer guest to leave your home? Maybe it’s only bad if he rapes YOUR daughter.

As I understand, virtually all of those appropriations bills need to be passed and sent to the White House for Bush’s signature. Obviously we are going to spend billions more on national defense and for the war against Islamic terrorism. Do these congressmen have the political courage to step in there and start cutting back on some of their vote-buying programs? Every $500,000 spent studying the mating habits of Polish zlotnika pigs is $500,000 that can’t be spent ferreting out Osama bin Scumbag.

Frankly speaking, Libertarianism took a bit of a hit from a column written last week by presidential candidate Harry Browne. The column, entitled "When Will We Learn?” was written the day after the terrorist attack. Here is just one paragraph from that column:

Is my faith in Libertarianism shaken? Nope, not a bit. It is not a doctrinaire philosophy. I believe in freedom, and I believe in defending freedom and eliminating those who would destroy freedom.

As for American intervention in foreign conflicts … here’s my take. When it comes to warfare, the world is quite small. It can be compared to one residential street in your subdivision. Some would say you owe no duty to a neighbor whose house is burning down. Strictly speaking, you don’t actually owe that person anything unless you have reached some mutual agreement to protect each other from fire. But consider this. There are sparks flying from your neighbor’s fire. One of those sparks could land on your roof and ignite your own home. What are you going to do? Are you going to wait until your own home becomes involved? Or are you going to help your neighbor put out his fire before it spreads.

There’s a fire in the Middle East. Let’s put it out now.

Attorney General Ashcroft made it clear today that, while the immediate target is Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein should not rest easy. He’s on the list. And the president won’t be happy till every box on the "to do” list has been checked off.

This pathetic, idiotic, mindless idea came from Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak. He thinks that America should forego a military response to the terrorist attacks on our soil. And just what does Mubarak propose? A nifty little United Nations conference on terrorism.

Hey, Hosni ole buddy, what a terrific idea! We can have a little U.N. terrorism conference just like that absurd racism conference the U.S. just walked out of in South Africa. Imagine the scene! Delegates from Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and other countries known to harbor terrorists trying to paint America as the great Satan. Yeah, that ought to do one helluvalotta good.

Now … in Mubarak’s defense, he may have had a member of the Islamic jihad standing nearby with an AK-47 pointed at his head. He may be saying one thing for public consumption while doing another – but this whole idea of a U.N. conference on terrorism is so ridiculous that it needs to be featured on South Park.

I’m talking about replacing those minimum-wage unskilled airport security personnel with a federal airway protection force. They are the federal airways, controlled by federal law and federal air traffic control facilities. Let’s get trained, well-paid federal agents at those screening locations. Just take the people who are there now and move them on past the screening station to work in those fast food joints out on the concourses.

NCCI Holdings Inc. is that company in Boca Raton, Fla., that banned American flags on workers’ desks last Friday. When that news hit the Internet over the weekend, the managers of NCCI knew that they had committed one royal screw-up. On Monday morning workers were handed American flags as they walked into the workplace.

It is hard to imagine that in these times any business owner or manager could possibly be so shortsighted. There may be valid reasons for not putting flags on company uniforms. But valid reasons for not allowing a worker to have a flag in his private workplace?

Nice to see Bill Schrempf at NCCI get his comeuppance. Reality stinks, doesn’t it?

H. Rap Idi Al Yadda Yadda Amin Brown showed up in court here in Atlanta yesterday. It was another preliminary hearing in his murder trial. You probably know this character as H. Rap Brown. Now he’s a Muslim – and he’s charged with murdering a Fulton County deputy sheriff and wounding another.

Yadda Yadda Amin looked a little different when he showed up in court yesterday. It seems he wasn’t wearing his turban. Civilian clothes, too. Could it possibly be that ole H. Rap has figured out that his Muslim persona may not be the best defense in a murder trial right now?

I firmly believe that a national ID card will be one of the inevitable results of the terrorist attacks. Politicians have wanted this forever – a good way to track every aspect, financial and otherwise, of a subject’s life.

It’s time for damage control on this one. If the card is inevitable, it should contain nothing but a name and a picture. No computer chip with medical or employment information. No digital fingerprints. Just the picture and your name – and some anti-counterfeiting stuff.

It feels terrible to be in such a defensive position on this.

Is the Smartest Woman in the World getting the less-than-royal treatment from her New York constituents?

NewsMax tells us that, as President Bush visited rescue workers at the World Trade Center, firemen and policemen couldn't wait to shake his hand. But then came Hillary – who's been everywhere from Ground Zero to Wall Street, soaking up as much press as she can find.

According to NewsMax's source: "Nobody wanted to shake her hand. They all stood there with their arms folded."

Not only are these rescue workers heroes – they also see Hillary Clinton for what she really is.

... did you see the puff piece NBC's "Dateline” did on her and Chelsea? Evidently – horror of horrors – Chelsea was just 12 blocks from the World Trade Center last Tuesday.

Let's see ... if a city block is about a 10th of a mile, then Chelsea was about 1.2 miles from Ground Zero. Was that a close call? Hardly. Actually, maybe it was a close call for Hillary. Had Chelsea been farther away from the destruction, Hillary might not have gotten any face time last night.

One would think that, at this time when unity is needed, the mainstream media would be in the same boat with George W. Bush. Nope. No way. The leftist agenda is still there and is now bubbling back to the surface.

They're trying to sink Bush's ship. The leftist media are still sniping at Bush, nipping at his heels, and trying to destroy Americans' confidence in his ability to lead. On Tuesday they were attacking Bush for failing to return to Washington immediately after the attacks. Since then:

But for the TV networks, it's business as usual: slamming Bush, even in a time of crisis. I guess there's no letting up when there are Democrats vying to win House and Senate seats next year.

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The stock market has not crashed!The sky is not falling!Yesterday's 684-point drop in the Dow doesn't even put Sept. 17, 2001, in the top 10 bad days on Wall Street.We have some companies, United Airlines for instance, whose stock is trading at a level below the value...
Tuesday, 18 September 2001 12:00 AM
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