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Our Man in Iraq

Thursday, 19 June 2003 12:00 AM

The CIA has selected Dr. David Kay to be its top weapons expert on Iraq. The selection of Dr. Kay has been greeted with approval throughout the U.S. military and diplomatic community.

Dr. Kay was the key investigator who uncovered Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program. Kay now returns to Iraq with CIA and Defense Department backing to once again uncover the Iraqi weapons programs.

"So far, the United States has come up empty in its search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. But the Bush administration's early attempts to root out Iraq's chemical and biological weapons stockpiles is now shifting into a broader, more comprehensive effort aimed at analyzing the key players, components and techniques of Iraq's WMD effort," stated Ilan Berman, Vice President for Policy at the American Foreign Policy Council.

"The CIA's selection of David Kay as its new point man is an important step in this direction. Dr. Kay has vast knowledge of Iraq's technologies, the concealment and deception techniques of its military and intelligence services, and the broader WMD strategy pursued by Saddam Hussein-elements essential to now uncovering the regime's hidden arsenal," said Berman.

Dr. Kay has testified many times on missile defense and weapons of mass destruction. Kay was the former chief U.N. inspector in Iraq after the first Gulf War, from 1991 to 1993, and is currently a senior fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

Kay is viewed as a hard charger and a no-nonsense researcher likely to concentrate on the Iraqi scientists and engineers. Kay recently made several remarks on the Iraqi weapons programs during a December conference on U.S. missile defense.

"Iraq had a large number of SCUD B and Al Hussein missiles. Estimates vary from a half-dozen in 1998 by the U.N. to around 50. Iraq has lots of SCUD B parts. Iraq imported a very large number of SCUD parts and those probably still exist," stated Kay.

"The heart of any science based/engineering based program is the technical cadre," noted Kay. "The scientific and technical cadre in Iraq was left in place. They simply transitioned to working on permissible programs."

"If you want to talk to people who have experience in getting highly sensitive foreign technology, you could go to no better place than Baghdad. The record of how they stole and procured – using Germany contacts – the most modern gas centrifuge technology for their nuclear weapons program is a chilling story. They stole from a quasi-government commercial enterprise in Europe the height of mechanical engineering, an operational gas centrifuge," stated Kay.

"The Iraqis are premier with regard to deception and denial technology," noted Kay. "The Iraqi biological program is built on experience. The shock we had in the mid-1990s was that there was a degree of pre-delegation for missiles containing BW [biological weapon] warheads on them and Saddam had delegated the command authority to fire them," stated Kay.

While Dr. Kay is gearing up a U.S. team of defense and weapons specialists to travel to Iraq, Israel is gearing down its defense posture now that the threat from Baghdad has receded.

During the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq fired 92 SCUD missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israeli defense sources believe that no SCUD-type missiles were fired during Operation Iraqi Freedom. However, Iraq managed to fire some 90 FROG-7 (Free Rocket Over Ground) missiles modified with an SA-2 rocket motor.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sources stated that they are certain that Iraq had biological and chemical weapons but that they could not be assembled onto missiles in time because of the fast-moving U.S. offensive and the rapid disintegration of the Iraqi military command.

The defeat of Saddam Hussein has already impacted the small Israeli air force. Israel has decided to retire its A-4 Skyhawk attack jets and the F-4E Phantoms because they are no longer required to counter the large missile and air threat posed by Iraq.

In addition, the removal of Iraq as a chemical and biological threat has led the IDF to consider the elimination of gas mask distributions, which cost some $40 million a year.

While the Iraqi threat has receded into history, a new threat involving missiles and murder has suddenly appeared in Moscow. Almaz-Antei, the Russian firm charged with manufacturing some of the most-advanced missiles in the world, has been rocked by the murder of two top executives.

An unknown assassin murdered Igor Klimov, acting director general of Almaz-Antei, on June 6. Klimov, a former Kremlin administration official and former Foreign Intelligence Service officer (SVR), was shot near his home in central Moscow. The shooter reportedly shot Klimov with a silenced pistol.

Klimov's death had barely reached the press when news of a second murder of an executive connected to the Almaz-Antei company rocked Moscow. Sergei Shchitko, commercial director of RATEP, an Almaz-Antei subsidiary, was shot to death late on June 6 in the Moscow suburb where the subsidiary's offices are located.

Almaz-Antei was formed by a presidential decree earlier this year and was aiming for over a billion dollars in annual export sales, mainly to China, India and Iran.

Shareholders were due to appoint a permanent CEO later this month and Klimov was among the candidates.

The current chairman of Almaz-Antei's board is Viktor Ivanov, a former Federal Security Service (FSB) general who is a deputy presidential administration chief and a member of President Putin's inner circle.

According to Russian sources, Klimov and Shchitko were "a warning to the Kremlin." Intelligence sources indicated that the murders might be part of a criminal takeover of the Russian missile maker. One source stated that the Solntsevo crime group had effectively taken over RATEP, which produces naval air defense systems and missile guidance electronics and has contracts with China and India worth $50 million to $100 million.

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The CIA has selected Dr. David Kay to be its top weapons expert on Iraq.The selection of Dr. Kay has been greeted with approval throughout the U.S. military and diplomatic community. Dr. Kay was the key investigator who uncovered Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons...
Thursday, 19 June 2003 12:00 AM
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