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Monday, 20 September 2004 12:00 AM

The report, however, turned out to be incorrect. The company name actually cited by the federal lawsuit remains sealed, thus one can only speculate as to which of OnStar's competitors might have come under the FBI's surveillance efforts.

The whole point is that the public expects integrity, both from law enforcement operations that are a potential violation of personal privacy, and from journalists who report the news. In short, I owe it to you, my reading audience, to get the story right and report any mistakes.

Most of my articles are based on documentation or actual photographic evidence. For example, I recently wrote an article that cited a photograph of Sen. John Kerry on a private trade trip to Beijing.

In an attempt to confirm the photographic evidence, I contacted the Kerry campaign, the senator's office in D.C. and the private businessman who sponsored the trip to China. The businessman used the photograph to advertise his business dealings with the Chinese government.

In this case, the Kerry camp refused to comment on the photograph and the private businessman angrily made a statement to the effect of "buzz off and don't bother me." However, no one involved denied the evidence nor did they withdraw any of the advertisements surrounding the Kerry trip to Beijing. Thus, I was able to conclude that the photograph was quite real.

Clearly, Kerry's privately paid-for trip to Beijing was not something that the senator wanted the voting public to discover.

Yet I am amazed at the case of Dan Rather and the CBS documents. Not so much that the leading news agency was fooled by obvious fakes but because they pursue such trivial stories in the first place.

For nearly a decade I obtained, published and pursued real documents outlining "corruption, collusion and nepotism" within the Clinton administration. The previous quote, "corruption, collusion and nepotism" comes directly from State Department documents written about the billions of U.S. tax dollars lost inside Indonesia.

When have any of the mainstream media reported on such a sensational accusation of crime?

These documents were obtained by using the Freedom of Information Act. The originals were complied by the government lawyers of various agencies and verified. They are not forgeries.

Yet, over the years, CBS and the mainstream media have paid scant attention to the documented corruption that occurred inside the Democrat-controlled White House. The only exception was to label the effort some vast right-wing conspiracy per the infamous statement made by Mrs. Clinton.

Yet here I am with letters written by Chinese generals, corrupt deals with the Indonesian dictator, thank-you notes from major contributors and signed requests for presidential waivers from the CEOs of leading corporations.

For example, the mainstream media and the left wing continue to harp about Enron as if prosecuting former CEO Ken Lay was a favor spun by George W. Bush. CBS even ran a "docu-drama" on Enron that outlined a series of false and misleading accusations against President Bush.

The truth, however, is locked inside the eight years of documents showing that the Clinton administration did everything it could, including criminal acts, to help Enron win big contracts around the globe. The fact is that the Clinton administration pressed the government of Indonesia to accept a deal between the son of its dictator and Enron. The obviously corrupt deal bilked U.S. taxpayers out of millions of dollars.

Then there is the amazing series of documents I obtained from the FAA showing that the Clinton administration was trying to train Chinese Air Force (People's Liberation Army Air Force, or PLAAF) officers using a peaceful aviation program as cover.

Unlike most Freedom of Information Act responses, which can take months or years, the FAA officials involved were quick to respond, delivering hundreds of pages within days of the request. The only reason for this quick response was that the FAA did not want to be involved in such a scheme.

The FAA documents showed a wide range of Chinese Air Force officers touring the U.S. on your tax dollars. They were even taken on an official tour of Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The amount of military information gathered by the PLAAF at Edwards is breathtaking. According to the handwritten notes, the FAA representative wrote that "mil uses airspace from 200 to 60,000 feet" and "radars 7 short range 3 long range provide coverage in complex. Lower alt short range at bottoms end - gap fillers look + down valleys where mil likely to fly."

"Companies 'rent a runway' - ie Boeing practices dangerous maneuver," states the handwritten notes on the USAF documents. "2 Ladkebeds used by NASA. For 29,000+ DOD asks for clearance from TRACON - FAA clears out aircraft - after pilot thru w/mission above 29K ft - returns. 60 mile corridor chords row planes practice straight on 'chicken' flying."

In typical Chinese fashion, many of the Chinese military officers were given civilian cover names. However, FAA officials were not duped, and at one point an unidentified FAA employee penned in the real rank and title of each of the PLAAF visitors.

One such FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin," who toured FAA headquarters in Washington, Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually Gen. Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff.

It should shock no one that Gen. Kui turned out to be a leading killer from Tiananmen Square, who had been banned from America.

The USAF documents show that PLAAF officers were given a "simulated" training mission. The training included a "two ship formation of F-16s from Luke AFB, Arizona" on a "bombing" and overflight mission in a training area, code-named "Baghdad," northwest of Prescott Ariz. The simulated exercise also included "in-flight refueling" with a tanker aircraft under control of a USAF AWACS plane.

Today, CBS is wrestling with fake documents and issuing insincere statements about being duped. Instead, as I did with OnStar in the opening of this article, they should be apologizing.

The fall of the mainstream media is a tumble from grace brought on by years of neglect to deliver the facts. CBS and all the mainstream media should apologize to you for not covering real stories backed by real documents.


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The report, however, turned out to be incorrect.The company name actually cited by the federal lawsuit remains sealed, thus one can only speculate as to which of OnStar's competitors might have come under the FBI's surveillance efforts. The whole point is that the public...
Monday, 20 September 2004 12:00 AM
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