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One Way or Another

Monday, 13 November 2000 12:00 AM

We start with one of the most-troubling aspects of these manual recounts. They are only taking place in counties that are heavily Democratic. More bluntly, the manual recount is only happening in four counties in Florida where Democrats think the recount will result in increased votes for Al Gore: Palm Beach, Dade, Volusia and Broward.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

After two machine recounts showed Bush still in the lead by hundreds of votes, why a hand recount? You should know that earlier this year Theresa LePore, the Palm Beach County elections supervisor, denied a manual recount to a Republican candidate who had lost a primary by 14 votes. LePore told the candidate a recount was only called for if the difference was in the single digits. Now when it's her Democratic candidate for president running short, she rushes to initiate a manual recount. Just a tad suspicious.

From tad to chads. You know what a "chad" is, don’t you? It’s that little square piece of paper on a ballot that you punch out when you jab your ballot with that little tool. If you do your job right, the chad is gone.

So when they started this hand recount process in Palm Beach County yesterday, the chad had to be literally hanging by a thread to be counted as a vote. That changed soon after the hand count started. About one-tenth of the way through, they decided to change the standard to a "light" test. That is, if you could see any light through the hole it would be counted as a vote. Then that didn’t seem to work out very well, so they changed it again. Now the standard is that if only one corner of the chad is dislodged, the vote is counted.

There have been two machine counts of the votes in Palm Beach County. This is the same way these votes are counted across the country. Bush won both machine counts. That should be it. End of story. But one way or another, Gore is determined to be president.

Do you believe the Democrats would cheat? Would Gore and his crowd intentionally break the law to put him in office?

What? Are you kidding? Of course they would! Can any of you name one time during the past eight years when the Clinton-Gore administration has allowed a law to get in the way of a policy objective? Tell me one time Clinton or Gore has said, "We'd like to do so-and-so, but legally we just can't."

Here's an example of how they operate: the appointment of Bill Lan Lee to be the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. This appointment required Senate confirmation. The Senate refused to confirm. Lee’s love of racial quotas didn’t sit well with the senators. So, under our law, that should have been it. Clinton should have picked a new appointee. But did he? Did the Clinton-Gore administration follow the rule of law?

Hell, no! Clinton waited until the Senate was in recess and made an interim appointment of Lee in 1997. The law said that the appointment could only last 90 days. It’s been years. Lee is still there. The Democrats have threatened the Republicans with charges of racism if they dare to challenge the legality of Lee’s appointment.

The examples are endless. You already know about the White House coffees and the various illegal fund-raising schemes of the Clinton-Gore administration. You’ve heard about envelopes full of cash changing hands in the White House.

You also remember, of course, Gore’s famous "no controlling legal authority" statement. A true slap at the rule of law if ever there was one. And, of course, the famous Buddhist temple fund raiser.

The truth of the matter is that since Clinton became president the Democrats have never allowed an inconvenient law to get in the way of a policy objective. Not once. Now, suddenly, we have the disgusting spectacle of Al Gore brandishing the rule of law as he tries to preserve his lifelong dream of being president.

Did you know that last Tuesday evening the Democratic Party hired a telemarketing firm to start making calls to Palm Beach voters? The voters were asked whether or not they thought they might have been "confused" by the Palm Beach ballot. A shark fisherman would call that "chumming the waters." You throw enough blood and guts into the water until it attracts sharks. It's all part of the plan, all part of the effort to stir up a voter and media frenzy.

You know what the Big Lie technique is, don’t you. Tell a lie often enough and loud enough and it soon becomes the operative truth. Gore campaign boss Bill Daily knows the technique well and is using it in this battle of nerves with George Bush.

Here’s the lie. Those ballots used in Palm Beach County were illegal under Florida law. You’ve heard it dozens of times, haven’t you? Those ballots used in Palm Beach County were illegal under Florida law. I heard Gore spokesmen make that statement dozens of times over the weekend. As proof of their claim the Gorons cite Chapter 101 of Title IX of the Florida Code. Chapter 101.141 says, in part, that the box for voting for a candidate shall be "to the right of each candidate’s name." The Gorons state that since the box for marking a vote for Buchanan is at the left, the entire ballot is illegal.

What the Gorons don’t tell you is that Chapter 101.5609 makes an exception. Here it says that voting squares may be placed "in front of or in back of the names of the candidates" if the ballot is part of an "electronic or electromechanical voting system." That applies to the Palm Beach ballots.

Do you suppose that the Gore campaign folks aren’t aware of Chapter 101.5609? Of course they are! They know the ballots are legal, yet they continue to claim that they are illegal. So, what’s going on here?

Here’s what the Democrats are trying to do. They find a code section that

So, what’s the safeguard? Well, it’s supposed to be the media. We would expect one of the major networks to step in and say, "Hold on a minute here! The ballot is legal! Yeah, right. You seen that yet?

A federal judge will hear arguments this morning in a lawsuit brought by the Bush campaign. The suit asks the judge to block the third and fourth ballot counts of ballots in predominately Democratic Florida counties.

Guess what? U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who will hear the suit, was appointed to his lifelong position by Bill Clinton. So we have a Democratic elections supervisor teamed up with a Demcoratic Palm Beach County commissioner arguing before a Democratic judge that a hand recount should proceed. All of this after Kathleen Kroll, a Palm Beach Circuit Court judge described as an "ultraliberal," granted an injunction preventing the Elections Canvassing Board from certifying the presidential vote. Just how do you think this one will turn out?

In California in 1980, a Republican who won election to the state assembly by about 54 votes wound up losing the race by 17 votes after a manual recount was finished.

Are the Democrats really trying to steal this election from the Republicans? If you think they wouldn't do such a thing, you're deluding yourself. They're so drunk with the power they already have. They're positively intoxicated by the power that comes from having control of the White House and the cooperation of the national news media. If only they can steal a few hundred votes here and there, they'll be able to maintain their grip on that power.

If Al Gore ends up being sworn in as president of the United States, there will be a broad suspicion in about one-half of the country that he stole the election with the help of Democratic party operatives, county commissioners, judges and elections officials in Florida – particularly in Palm Beach County.

If George Bush retains his win, the other half of the American voters will grumble about the popular vote and a stolen election for the next four years.

At this point neither side is prepared to accept the other candidate as a legitimate president. This is going to make for a very interesting four years and one hell of an election in 2004.

All along we’ve been told that Donna Brazile, a black woman, was Al Gore’s campaign manager. During the course of the campaign her role was somewhat limited to making bigoted remarks about whites … but she remained the campaign manager, and the Gore campaign continued to showcase Brazile as the symbol of its dedication to black voters.

Now we have a real crunch going on! It’s emergency time! Man the lifeboats! So, where is Donna Brazile? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where. I’ve seen Brazile on the tube just one time since the vote, and that was to introduce Gore’s REAL campaign manager, Bill Daley.

There’s your dedication to the black vote. As soon as the rubber hits the road the token campaign manager is put into the background and the real power structure comes forward to engage in battle.

Tell me, black America: Just when are you going to get just a bit weary of all of this phony symbolism? You really think these people care? Sure they care! They care about power! And their dedication to the black vote goes only to the extent necessary to keep those black voters on the Democratic plantation. The Democrats are painfully aware that the more successful a black American becomes, the more likely it is that black American will give strong consideration to Republican candidates. Can you connect the dots here?

The first political party to file any legal action was, indeed, the Republican Party. But that’s not the whole story. The first lawsuits in this matter were filed by Democratic voters in Palm Beach County. These were Democratic voters who were solicited by the Democratic Party and hustled off to file their lawsuits. The Republicans had to respond in kind.

This gives the Democrats the opportunity to scream that the Republicans were the first to go to court. Nice trick and, with the help of the media, it works!

As you know, the media – all of the networks – called Florida for Gore 45 minutes before the polls in the heavily military, heavily Republican panhandle closed. This caused untold numbers of Republicans to say "the hell with it" and head for home.

Some western Floridians don't think this was an accident. They think that the networks, or some of the people at the networks, knew exactly what they were doing. They knew that the early call would send Bush voters home and they could sit back and blame it all on the Voter News Service.

Think about this. All Al Gore had to do to win this election was to win his old congressional district in his own so-called home state of Tennessee! That's it! Just win the district he used to represent in Congress and he's living in the White House! What do the people of Gore's congressional district know about him that we don't?

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We start with one of the most-troubling aspects of these manual recounts. They are only taking place in counties that are heavily Democratic. More bluntly, the manual recount is only happening in four counties in Florida where Democrats think the recount will result in...
Monday, 13 November 2000 12:00 AM
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