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One Step Closer to the Incumbent Protection Act

Thursday, 14 February 2002 12:00 AM

The House of Representatives passed its version of so-called campaign finance reform last night. There was absolutely no public demand that they do so, but pass it they did.

I ranted about this yesterday – and will do so again. Just know this. There is a reason why these politicians worked so hard to pass this bill when there was no voter pressure to do so.

They passed it because it is a bill that is not designed to "reform" (in any true sense of the word) campaign finance laws. It is a bill designed to make it harder for challengers to raise the money and issues needed to unseat incumbents.

Also – note that I said that there was no "voter" pressure to pass this bill. There was pressure, though. That pressure came from the mainstream leftist press. We're talking the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, the Los Angeles Times, ad nauseam.

And why are these bastions of the leftist media so eager to see this bill become law? Simple – because the only special interest groups who will be able to "advertise" for or against candidates in the final 60 days of the election will be the columnists and editorial writers of these august members of the leftist media cabal.

Does Bush have the nerve to veto this monstrosity? Probably not.

One of the most embarrassing moments of the sleazy Bill Campbell years in Atlanta was the infamous stolen car incident. Here's your refresher: A car drives up to Bill Campbell's house. Campbell's son hops out of the passenger side and heads inside. The car drives off.

A police officer guarding Campbell's residence thinks that something isn't quite right here. Call it instinct. Anyway – he calls in a check on the license number of the car. Sure enough, it's stolen. The teenaged friend of Campbell's son is stopped down the road.

Now … what would be the reaction of an upright mayor to an incident such as this? We would imagine that the mayor would congratulate the police officer on his finely honed instincts and his good work in recovering a stolen car.

But NOT Bill Campbell. He was outraged! He immediately issued an order that from that point forward police officers were NOT to check the license plates of ANY cars that drove into his driveway.

Furthermore, police officers were not to approach his house to investigate any suspicious activity unless specifically invited to do so by a resident of the house.

There you have it. A mayor who gives every appearance of tolerating criminal activity – and who castigates the cops when they actually do their job. Just part of the culture of corruption that oozed around Campbell during his eight rancid years in office.

When you have a mayor's office that seems to tolerate a certain level of corruption and criminality, that culture is sure to spread. Evidently one of the infected areas is Hartsfield International Airport.

Most of the workers at Hartsfield are privately employed by airlines and concessionaires. There are, however, about 372 Hartsfield workers who are employed by the City of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has completed a little study of these employees ... and found that nearly 12 percent of them have criminal records and have served at least one probation or prison sentence.

Isn't that just dandy? Airports are at the absolute center of most of our post-9/11 security efforts – and 12 percent of Atlanta employees at Hartsfield are not what you would call good citizens.

Some of these employees have access to airplanes, ramps and baggage areas. Not good. In fact – an absolute violation of federal laws.

Well – what the hell. If the mayor doesn't want the cops to find stolen cars in his driveway, why should he care about crooks working at Hartsfield?

Tell me again how long we're going to allow the Atlanta city government to operate Hartsfield airport?

You probably think that the act of borrowing money to purchase a home is essentially a private enterprise function, right? You find a home built by some private builder and borrow the money from some private mortgage company. Ahh … the wonders of free enterprise.

You do know that the Imperial Federal Government of the United States actually holds – through quasi-government organizations such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board – some of the household mortgage debt out there, don't you? Care to guess at just what that percentage is? How about 56?

Just a thought to brighten up your day. Is our home lending market a true free-enterprise market when 56 percent of the debt is, in reality, held and controlled by government agencies?

Things aren't looking too good for Gary Condit. Last Friday he spent several hours shaking hands and campaigning at a retirement home in Stockton, Calif.

The problem is that his district has been redrawn and the retirement home is no longer in it. No one living there could vote for him, even if they wanted to.

One of his former aides is running against him ... and has raised four times as much in campaign funds as Condit. And, of course, there's the ever-looming shadow of Chandra Levy.

But Condit is not coming out swinging. He's taking the gentle approach. One of his mailers peevishly suggests, "Perhaps you will reconsider me when you vote for Congress."

When asked what he will do if he loses this fall, he said he might go back to welding, a job he held as a teenager.

Sorry … won't work. Welders actually do something productive for their income. That's too much of a career shift for a politician.

Rep. Doug Ose, R-Calif., who has been investigating the Clintons' failure to disclose gifts given to them during their eight years in the White House (and undervaluing many of those they actually did disclose), said yesterday that he had turned over evidence of possible criminal wrongdoing to the Justice Department.

Appearing on Cutie Pie's show on WABC in NYC, Ose was asked if he had uncovered anything illegal, to which he replied, "Arguably, yes."

We all know the Clintons are crooks … and that goes for those of you who actually think he was a good president. Knowing it is going to have to be enough … nothing other than additional knowledge and reinforcement of previously held opinions will come of this.

A Palestinian named Abu Zippidy Do Dah Zubaydah, who travels the world using false names and fake passports, is believed to be the new head of al-Qaeda. He is particularly dangerous because he knows all the identities of the secret cells throughout the world and WE know very little about HIM.

Intelligence officials are saying that he is planning new attacks against the U.S. in light of bin Laden's current inability to function. No word yet as to whether or not bin Laden's current disabilities have anything to do with an advanced state of decomposition.

The Chinese are close to a military breakthrough. They will soon have an intercontinental missile complete with multiple warheads that rivals anything we, the Russians or the British have. Some experts believe that China's new missile capability might be so advanced that Bush's proposed missile shield would be totally worthless, even before it is developed.

OK, there's your harsh reality. Now, just who do we have to thank for this harsh reality?

It was Bill Clinton who lessened restrictions on the sale and transfer of American missile technology to the Chinese.

It was Clinton who transferred the decision-making processes on the sale of these technologies from the Pentagon to the Commerce Department.

It was Clinton who did all of these nifty things that have helped the Chinese develop the means to rise up and smite us … all in an apparent exchange for political contributions from the Chinese military to the Democratic Party in the '96 election.

Don't expect to see an exhibit about this at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, though.

Maybe the Chinese will target Clinton's library for the first strike.

Emory University professor Michael Bellesiles had an award-winning book last year titled "The Arming of America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture."

The book presented the premise that early America's proliferation of firearms was actually a myth. Bellesiles claimed to have found evidence that guns were rare in America's early days, and that because few owned them, the Second Amendment was not really intended to insure the right of ownership of guns by individuals.

Oh boy! What a deal! Anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment and anti-individual leftists were almost orgasmic in their praise of the Bellesiles work.

Well – Emory, we have a problem. When people started looking at the "research" in Bellesiles' book, it just didn't stand up. No one could document his claims.

After much criticism, Emory University has finally decided to launch an investigation. It could result in Michael Bellesiles losing his tenure.

It says it "could," but it won't. Bellesiles is a leftist – and we're talking Emory University here. Once you get away from the medical school, clinic and hospital, Emory becomes hard-core lefty through and through.

My guess? Bellesiles gets a letter of reprimand and an order to straighten up his office. Nothing more.

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The House of Representatives passed its version of so-called campaign finance reform last night.There was absolutely no public demand that they do so, but pass it they did. I ranted about this yesterday - and will do so again.Just know this.There is a reason why these...
Thursday, 14 February 2002 12:00 AM
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