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O'Reilly Arrives – Leftists Upset

Wednesday, 08 May 2002 12:00 AM

The Boortz show moves to Washington, D.C., tomorrow to broadcast from our Cox Radio bureau. Our pal Jamie will be helping us out. Then it's off to Norfolk, Va., to participate in our second WNIS Talk Fest 2002 at the Chesapeake Convention Center! We'll be broadcasting with Ken Hamblin, Laura Ingraham and Tony Macrini! See you there!

Fox News Channel majordomo Bill O'Reilly makes his debut with a radio talk show today – and the Washington leftists are upset. There's an article in today's Washington Post bemoaning the lack of liberal talk show hosts. Paul Farhi writes, "So, conservatives we got. 'Independents' we got. But where have all the liberals gone? The few proudly progressive hosts who've ever gotten their own national gig generally haven't lasted long."

Leftists like to come up with a variety of reasons why they fail so regularly at talk radio. The most-used excuse would be that these conservative talk show hosts are only there because they mirror the attitudes of their corporate owners.

I covered this in my book "The Terrible Truth About Liberals." Let's take another stab at it here. Liberals fail at talk radio because of the very nature of their political philosophy. The leftist ideology is based on disdain for the individual and on theft.

It's quite easy for a leftist to write a column or an editorial about the need to redistribute income from those who earned it to those who, in the eyes of a "compassionate" liberal, need it. You write the column or the editorial – it gets published – and you head off to suck down a grande caramel latte at Starbucks. You're a writer, so you get to choose just what responses to your column you will read – and whether or not you care to respond to your readers.

Try that on talk radio. You start your hour with a dialogue about the need for some new grandiose government-spending program. As soon as you finish, the phone calls start coming. "Sam, this is Bret. I have a question. I had to go out there and earn that money the government is taking from me for this new welfare program. I have things that I need to spend that money on. My wife is pregnant and I need to start saving for when she has that baby and has to quit work! Say, Sam, can you tell me why you think that this money should be taken from me and spent on these other people who haven't been as responsible with their lives as I have?"

Let's say you're a leftist talker pushing for more gun control. That's easy to do in a newspaper column or a simple commentary. But what if you have to face callers? What do you say to the caller who cites the statistics that clearly show that the easier it is to get a concealed weapons permit, the lower the rate of violent crime?

How do you respond to a caller who asks you to explain just why all of the 10 items in the Bill of Rights confer rights and powers on the people – EXCEPT, that is, for the Second Amendment, which only confers rights on the states.

Another example? You're a die-hard Democrat arguing against the Bush tax cuts. You say that these are just tax cuts for the "richest 1 percent." If you wrote this in a column or an editorial you could walk away, smugly satisfied with the blow you've struck for an egalitarian society. But … you're on talk radio. The lights are flashing. You need to put someone on the air.

A caller then asks you if you know how much of the total income the top 1 percent of income earners claim. You don't. The caller then tells you that the highest 1 percent of income earners earn about 19 percent of the total taxable income.

He then asks you if you know what percentage of all income taxes this top 1 percent pays. Again, you don't … but he does. He tells you they pay almost 34 percent of all income taxes. Then he asks you to defend that disparity. You can't. As a result, your credibility suffers. Your show fails.

Liberals wither and die on talk radio simply because they don't have fact and logic on their side. Their "feel good" sophisms just don't stand up to the onslaught of callers armed with information.

Another homicide murder in Israel. Another brave Muslim seeks out the largest concentration of innocent civilians he can find and then triggers a suitcase full of explosives. About 16 dead. Immediately, Yasser Arafat's organization condemns the bombing … in statements in English and Hebrew. Not in Arabic.

America isn't the only country in the world where taxpayers are forced to hand over some of their hard-earned money for government-mandated transfer to artists who can't survive in the private sector. Evidently it happens in England also.

The taxpayers of England have been fixin' to pay big bucks to Franko B. Franko is going to appear in the annual festival of performance art in the British midlands later this month.

Would you like to know what Franko is going to do for his taxpayer loot? He's going to take a razor and make a 10 cm incision across his stomach. He's then going to stand there for six hours while blood trickles down his body. He even has a doctor on hand to make sure the wound doesn't heal until the "performance" is over.

One by one, individuals will be invited to file into Franko's room, where they can spend a couple of precious minutes with the immensely talented artist.

The festival director thinks this is all fine. He says Franko's canvas is his body and his main material is his blood. The director has over $100,000 of British taxpayers' money to spend on his festival. He won't say how much Franko is getting.

This isn't new. A similar piece of "performance art" took place at taxpayers' expense in the U.S. several years ago. The performer took the stage with another man, who was HIV positive. The "artist" took a razor and made several cuts in the HIV patient's back. The blood flowed rather nicely. The "artist" took some paper towels and used them to soak up the HIV-positive blood. He then attached these bloody paper towels to a clothesline that was stretched over the audience. Using pulleys he sent the towels to hang over audience members. This, my friends, was art paid for by taxpayers.

Your government at work.

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The Boortz show moves to Washington, D.C., tomorrow to broadcast from our Cox Radio bureau.Our pal Jamie will be helping us out.Then it's off to Norfolk, Va., to participate in our second WNIS Talk Fest 2002 at the Chesapeake Convention Center!We'll be broadcasting with...
Wednesday, 08 May 2002 12:00 AM
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