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Do Nothing, Congress! Please!

Thursday, 07 September 2006 12:00 AM

The drumbeat the mainstream media are now using to march sheep leftward toward the ballot box this November is that old, tired liberal slogan, now repeated endlessly, that we have a "do-nothing Congress."

To my Jeffersonian ears this sounds like praise. Like America's founding Tom-Toms, Jefferson and Paine, I believe that the best government is the least government.

I created the Jefferson's Birthday Committee and have written Op-Ed pieces about it in the New York Times and elsewhere to advocate that the April 13 birthday of the author of America's Declaration of Independence be made a national holiday for taxpayers. Among its benefits, this would create one more holiday for government employees.

The United States now has more people employed by government than work in manufacturing, in making things. We need 365 federal holidays each year that government folks can take off from their jobs. They would continue to extract their pay from working Americans, but at least they would no longer be busy imposing bureaucratic regulations. Jefferson's Declaration accused King George III of sending "swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance."

"No man's life, liberty or property is safe," the old saying goes, "while the Congress is in session." This is truer today than ever before as voters find themselves trapped between Big Government Republican and socialist-led Democrat lawmakers.

Because our lawmakers are unwilling to do what polls show the overwhelming majority of us want – such as halting illegal immigration across our borders, or making permanent the tax cuts scheduled to expire in 2010 – I'd prefer that the Congress did nothing at all. The politicians of both major parties now seem bent on enlarging the government. Please, please do nothing instead.

But what makes this slogan from Democratic politicians and their media allies even more distasteful and hypocritical is that journalists know why the narrow-majority Republican Congress has done so little. One of the biggest reasons for lack of congressional achievement is the Democratic minority, which has used gimmicks and parliamentary procedures to obstruct nearly every Republican legislative initiative.

Time magazine explained this in its lengthy September 4 story about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, who likely will become the first ever female speaker of the House if Democrats win a majority in November's midterm elections.

"[A]n aggressive, hyperpartisan liberal pol who is the Democrats' version of Tom DeLay," wrote Time reporter Perry Bacon Jr., Nancy Pelosi "has employed tactics straight out of DeLay's playbook: insisting other House Democrats vote the party line on everything, avoiding compromise with Republicans at all cost and mandating that members spend much of their time raising money for colleagues in close races."

"Pelosi," wrote Bacon, "has embraced hard-knuckle partisanship, even if it means standing still…. Throughout the past year, Pelosi has demanded that Democrats unanimously oppose G.O.P. bills…. Pelosi has also ordered Democrats not to work on bills or even hold press conferences with Republicans whom the party is trying to defeat in November."

"Some members were leery, concerned that Pelosi would make Democrats look like the Party of No," wrote Bacon. But by using the strong-arm bullying tactics she learned from her father, the former mayor and Democratic machine political boss of Baltimore, Pelosi has intimidated Democratic representatives into avoiding any kind of cooperation or compromise with Republicans.

Keep this in mind when you hear liberal reporters and pundits talk of the "do-nothing Congress" as if this were the fault of Republicans. These media elitists know that this is almost entirely the fault of the ambitious ideological leftist (and member of the almost openly socialist Progressive Caucus in the House) Nancy Pelosi, who is determined either to rule or ruin the United States.

What do we call a politician who refuses to compromise in any way for the greater good of the country? In Pelosi's unprincipled case, a fanatic.

Will things improve if Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House? Bacon reported that earlier this year she was openly "bragging" that one of the biggest benefits of a Democratic takeover of Congress this November would be "subpoena power." Social Security may be collapsing and America could soon face terrorists with atomic bombs, but Pelosi will devote her energies instead to the Bread and Circuses of televised congressional show trials to distract us.

Any likely Democratic majority in the House after November would be razor thin. Even with today's gloomy prospects for Republicans the G.O.P. is almost certain to retain control of the Senate. And President Bush will likely remain in the White House, veto pen in hand. So a Speaker Pelosi will be unable to enact any of her far-left agenda into law and be unable to remove the president via impeachment.

Pelosi's power as speaker would be like that of terrorists – the power to intimidate, obstruct, and do damage. She has already demonstrated an eagerness to use her political power in ideological ways.

The American people apparently understand this. The same polls that show strong disapproval for Republicans in Congress also show strong disapproval for Pelosi Democrats. But this, too, is something liberals in the media seldom mention.

"We have to be careful," warned Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York about Pelosi, "not to create a leadership figure that becomes so strident, so confrontational that they become Gingrichian."

Democrats called former Speaker Newt Gingrich's disciple Tom DeLay "the Hammer." In the interest of truth in labeling, Republicans could call Nancy Pelosi "the Hammer and Sickle."

"We've got the left turn signal on," said Georgia's last Democratic senator, Zell Miller, now retired, whose moderation made him an endangered species in his own party. "And we're headed down another rabbit hole to political oblivion."

The good news is that whichever party ekes out a narrow win this November, Congress will continue to achieve little or nothing legislatively while playing politics in preparation for 2008.


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The drumbeat the mainstream media are now using to march sheep leftward toward the ballot box this November is that old, tired liberal slogan, now repeated endlessly, that we have a "do-nothing Congress." To my Jeffersonian ears this sounds like praise. Like America's...
Thursday, 07 September 2006 12:00 AM
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