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No, I Am Not Going to Leave Michael Lasseter Alone

Tuesday, 15 January 2002 12:00 AM

I'm also getting quite a few e-mail messages telling me that I should back off on Michael "To hell with you, I'm gone!" Lasseter, the Hartsfield security sprinter.

Sorry, it's a "no." As long as I keep getting e-mails from people who seem to think that Lasseter's son was all alone at the gate waiting for his daddy to get back (not true), and that it's really Hartsfield's fault because they didn't need to shut down the whole airport (again, not true), I'm going to keep after this.

As long as I read weeping newspaper stories telling me how Lasseter's birthday celebration was all ruined because charges had been filed against him ... I'll keep pounding.

Some people didn't get to a dying parent's bedside because of this jerk, and we're supposed to get all teary-eyed because there was a cloud over his freaking birthday?

Big fine and jail time. Let's go for it.

I notice the Georgia Republican Party taking some shots at Governor Roy Barnes.* Georgia, you see, has some money problems. In the last 10 years the population of Georgia has increased by 26 percent. The Republicans say that spending has increased by 100 percent in that same time.

I included this bit to bring up two points.

First, it's nice to see the Republicans campaigning on something other than the Georgia flag.

Second, these claims that governments are spending too much money never seem to resonate with the majority of Americans, and there's a reason for that. More and more of the people in this country are "net tax receivers," not "net tax payers."

This means that in the final accounting more people receive benefits from the government that are worth more than the taxes they pay. The burden for paying for these services is falling more and more on the upper income taxpayers – the high achievers.

Claims that government is just spending too much money don't resonate with the people getting all the government goodies.

*You folks who don't live in Georgia need to get acquainted with Georgia's governor. He has a campaign war chest of something over $10 million, and he darn sure isn't saving that money to run for re-election in Georgia. Ole Roy is going to be a presidential candidate in a few years!

And that brings us to ...

Teddy Kennedy is going to be making a major policy speech tomorrow. It's called "America's New Challenge: National Security, Economic Recovery and Progress for All Americans."

Simply put, he's going to ask for more government spending programs and higher taxes. Oh, Kennedy won't call them tax increases, but tax increases they are. He will want the cuts that are already on the books for high achievers to be eliminated.

When the law says that your tax rate is going to be X percent in the year 2004, and another law is passed changing that tax rate to X+1 percent for that same year, that's a tax increase. It's folly and stupidity to call it anything else.

Bruce Bartlett has it right in his column today:

"In the Democrat worldview, deficits are never caused by excessive spending, except maybe on defense. They arise solely and exclusively because taxes are too low. Hence, the universal Democratic solution for all budgetary problems, whether they be deficits or disappearing surpluses, is always the same: higher taxes."

Well, Bartlett is right – as far as he goes. But why don't he and other pundits write about what is really going on here? Kennedy and his Democratic fellow travelers only want taxes raised on those evil, successful capitalists who earn the top incomes! He's all for lowering the tax liability for the core Democratic constituency out there.

I don't know how many times I've said and written this ... but here it goes again.

The Democrats are engaged in a steady and long-running effort to relieve their constituents from any tax liability whatsoever. This includes federal income as well as payroll taxes.

When Democrats read that the top 1 percent of income earners pay one-third of all income taxes while earning 17 percent of the income, they smile. This is what they're working for!

They want a system where federal income taxes are almost entirely the responsibility of a minority of high achievers who aren't likely to vote Democrat anyway! That leaves them free to milk those who won't vote for them to feed those who will!

It's all so simple – so obvious. Come on, Bruce. Expose the plan!

We now learn that all 50 states have agreed to cooperate with the feds on upgrades to our driver's licenses. It is likely these licenses will someday soon contain our fingerprints. We are told that the goal is to improve security after the terrorist attacks.

Odd, though ... this idea has been around for years. Many of the reasons given for these new licenses are completely valid.

That's the key, though, to implementing big-government idea. You look for one valid reason for a change, one idea that opponents can't easily refute. While people are applauding your incredible foresight in proposing your idea, you and your cronies are busy sneaking the rest of your agenda through the back door.

The centralization of records on American citizens is nothing less than the forebearer of centralized control.

Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times went back through his news archives to uncover an interesting little bit of information about Larry King. It seems that King is really keeping his eye on the pike to see what comes along. Goldstein writes of three different King statements, separated by about 11 years.

On March 19, 1990, in USA Today, Larry King claimed, "Even though I appear as myself in ‘Crazy People,' you'll have to take my objective view that it's one of the funniest movies to come down the pike in a long, long time."

On April 26, 1993, in USA Today, Mr. King quipped, "Put aside that I make a cameo appearance in the film 'Dave.' Ivan Reitman's latest is one of the funniest movies to come down the pike in a long time."

On July 16, 2001, in USA Today, Larry King declared, "I have a cameo role in the movie ‘America's Sweethearts,' opening Friday. That said, it is one of the funniest comedies to come down the pike in years."

The Left Coast Report in NewsMax is waiting to see if Larry King will call the efforts to rewrite the Clinton legacy "one of the funniest routines to come down the pike in a long, long time."

During yesterday's show we had what you might call a "spirited" discussion about the forced diversity of that firefighters memorial in New York City. I wondered how long it would be before some artist would be commissioned to change that famous painting of our forefathers signing the Declaration of Independence. After all, they're all white! There's no diversity!

Has that been done already? I received a few e-mail messages yesterday telling me that this very painting appears on the back of the $2 bill, and that the painting has been altered to include at least one black person. Political correctness over historical accuracy.

Sorry ... don't happen to be carrying a $2 bill right now, so I can neither confirm nor refute.

Stay tuned.

Bill Clinton delivered a speech last night in Los Angeles. The fee was $200,000. No, I'm not complaining about the fee. As I have said many times before, I don't look into other folks' pockets. Besides, I think I'm worth at least 1/20th as much as Clinton! All I need now is a good agent.

You all know by now that President Bush had a bit of a pretzel problem the other evening. Some pretzel chunk irritated a particularly important nerve, leading to a momentary presidential blackout.

Here is a list that is circulating around the Internet. It purports to be a list of statements left on a leftist computer bulletin board following the pretzel incident. In these comments you will see how wonderful, caring and compassionate our leftist friends really are.

After our little cat-chasing debacle last week I have received hundreds of e-mail messages asking me where copies of the 1988 Georgia Cat Chasing Championships can be bought. Sorry, they're not available and there's really nothing I can do about it. I did that radio program when I was working for another broadcast company. They retain the rights to the show ... and that's just about the end of the story.

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I'm also getting quite a few e-mail messages telling me that I should back off on Michael To hell with you, I'm gone! Lasseter, the Hartsfield security sprinter. Sorry, it's a no. As long as I keep getting e-mails from people who seem to think that Lasseter's son...
Tuesday, 15 January 2002 12:00 AM
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