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Newsweek's Incredible Cover

Friday, 03 May 2002 12:00 AM

"The Scripture clearly and unequivocally declares that homosexuality is a sin against God."

But Newsweek's managing editor, Jon Meacham, writes:

"The Scriptures are actually not quite so clear and unequivocal. Readers usually look to five or six passages for God's words on homosexuality. ..."

Editor Meacham does not identify any such readers. Nor does he report just how many of them there are. As for his claim that there are only five or six biblical passages of divine condemnation of homosexuality, there are six such passages in the first chapter of the Epistle to the Romans alone, not to mention numerous anti-sodomy passages in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and several additional books in both the Old and New Testaments.

Meacham then cites unidentified "left-leaning critics" of Southern Baptist Merrell's statement. And he reports:

"The story of Sodom, they say, is really about a failure of hospitality."

Precisely what hospitality did the men of Sodom expect? The 19th chapter of Genesis reports the following:

"The men of Sodom compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter. And they called unto Lot, and said unto him: 'Where are the MEN which came into thee this night? Bring them out unto us that we may KNOW them. ' "

That means that we men may have sexual intercourse with those men. And this is why non-consensual anal intercourse is still referred to in our nation's state and federal law books as sodomy. (Would Newsweek's managing editor favor all sodomy laws being changed from forced buggery to inhospitality?)

Actually, this utterly ludicrous Newsweek exegesis has been spread about for many years by the sodomy lobby (Gay Pride, etc., etc., etc.).

Newsweek's managing editor also cites a homosexual priest (unidentified) who says:

"The Church is pretty much saying: 'If you stop ordaining gays, you'll stop the sexual abuse.' Isn't that like saying, 'Let's stop ordaining blacks so there won't be any more crime in the rectories'?"

That is another sodomy lobby contrivance, which compares the skin shade with which one is born to an acquired sex habit like sodomy. Is Meacham at all aware of how offensive this is to blacks? Or is he not aware of the very strong statements against this sort of comparison from Martin Luther King's niece and from Generals Calvin Waller and Colin Powell?

Mr. Meacham also writes, "The best guess is that between 35 and 50 percent of Roman Catholic priests are homosexual."

Is that really a "best guess"? Or is it really a worst sort of guessing – somewhat akin to someone writing that the best guess is that Newsweek's New York City headquarters staff is 75 percent homosexuals, sadomasochists, necrophiliacs, pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality?

Managing Editor Meacham also writes: "In fact, the Biblical defense of slavery is stronger than the case against homosexuality." Would Meacham be willing to debate this with Southern Baptist Merrell?

Meacham goes on to write: "The more we learn about the roots of homosexuality, the more it appears that an attraction to the same sex is something you are born with, or develop so early that it is not what most of us would think of as a manageable 'choice' any more than being born black, Jewish or female is a manageable 'choice.' ... And if science now teaches us that being gay is a 'natural' state, how can a reading of the Bible, including St. Paul's condemnation of same-sex interaction in Romans, inarguably cast homosexuality in 'unnatural' terms?"

In point of fact, science does NOT teach us that "being gay is a natural state." Homosexual scientists have been trying quite desperately, for years, to find a so-called "gay gene" – in order to prove that all homosexuals were born that way.

No such proof has ever been found. If it ever were, there would be an immediate search for a pedophile gene and a necrophiliac gene, as well.

Managing Editor Meacham also claims: "The evidence is that homosexuals are no more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals. The great majority of cases now before the church involve not pedophilia but 'ephebophilia,' an attraction to post-pubescent youths."

The molesting of any minors is hardly a great deal less outrageous than molesting small children. And the largest known organization of child molesters, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, is hardly heterosexual. It is homosexual-pederast-pedophile.

Newsweek also quotes attorney William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, as saying:

"I don't think most Catholics would care if their priest is straight or gay, to tell you the truth. I think the issue for them is whether he can live up to his vows on celibacy. I'd take a chaste gay priest any day over a promiscuous straight one."

To that Donohue statement Meacham added, "But that raises a number of questions, too." So I asked a question of Donohue:

"Would it be all right with you if this chaste gay priest were to go on marches with San Francisco's anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other gay pride events?" Attorney Donohue immediately replied: "Not that!"

When I telephoned Newsweek in New York, I asked the "communications person," Ken Weine, "Was Managing Editor Meacham assigned to write this cover story because he has been an advocate of gay rights?"

Mr. Weine's voice changed as he asked me, "Where are you going with this?"

I replied that I was going to do my best to find out all I could – just as Newsweek reporters do! But Communications Person Heine refused to give me any such information on Managing Editor Meacham's personal involvement – or non-involvement – in the Sodomy Acceptance Campaign.

So the public is left to wonder.

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The Scripture clearly and unequivocally declares that homosexuality is a sin against God. But Newsweek's managing editor, Jon Meacham, writes: The Scriptures are actually not quite so clear and unequivocal. Readers usually look to five or six passages for God's words...
Friday, 03 May 2002 12:00 AM
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