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Neither Bush nor Kerry

Thursday, 28 October 2004 12:00 AM

In addition, a wasp flies into the room, one of them seizes it, the wasp stings, and they begin to argue about what to do with it.

Both Bush and Kerry could not help knowing that since 1986 China has been developing post-nuclear superweapons in seven fields. This was once briefly reported (on Oct. 7, 2000) by Craig Smith of the New York Times, and surely the staff of the U.S. president and that of the U.S. senator brought to their attention such a life-or-death fact from a New York report if the CIA and the Pentagon had never heard of it (or had never heard of China since their fifth grade at school).

But – and here we have mysterious depths of social psychology – both presidential candidates (as well as the CIA, the Pentagon, the universities and, last but not least, “the mainstream media”) ignore the fact. This willful blindness can reduce Western civilization to atoms, but Bush and Kerry argued about how to improve the living conditions in the United States and about Iraq, which corresponds to a wasp, if compared with the post-nuclear superweapons, developed in China with the help of Russia’s “strategic partnership” and Western trade and private enterprise.

What to do with the wasp? Well, a wasp will not sting unless attacked or otherwise endangered. If the United States had not attacked the wasp – I mean Iraq – the wasp would never have stung the United States. As it is, the two presidential nominees debate what to do with the stinging Iraq. The United States cannot let it go – such an affront to the great power! But the damn wasp keeps stinging. How to cope with it?

The argument about the wasp (Iraq) is noteworthy. It has been admitted by the Bush administration that the only goal of the pre-emptive war against Iraq was “regime change” – the replacement of Saddam Hussein with democracy. Both Bush and Kerry supported the invasion, and argued only about how to defeat the guerrilla war – the stinging of that damn wasp.

Were Kerry an intelligent person, he could have said the following:

The present temporary constitution of Iraq, established with U.S. blessing, stipulates that Iraq is an “Islamic state.” Since the majority of the population are the fundamentalist Shi’as, in contrast with the more secular Sunni minority on which Hussein relied, the fundamentalist majority will elect (oh, as democratically as Hitler was made the Reichschancellor of Germany) the fundamentalist head of state, who will be more hostile to, and dangerous for, the United States than Hussein ever was.

That is, even if the guerrilla war is defeated, Iraq will become the REAL center of Islamic suicidal terrorism instead of IMAGINARY centers, such as Afghanistan, with bin Laden, who merely BOASTED of his leadership in 9/11, or Hussein’s Iraq, where France built a nuclear power station that Israel bombed, saying the station was an attempt to create nuclear weapons, which France denied.

Actually, Kerry, for all his mediocrity, could have devastated Bush, and vice versa, far more easily. How?

The United States is polarized. One pole consists of conformists who think and say what Bush or Kerry says. The other pole consists of such as most of my Internet readers are. I will quote the last paragraph of one of the many e-mails I received on Oct. 16 in response to my column of Oct. 15 about the Pentagon’s ignorance of the geostrategy of China. I choose this reader of mine to quote because she is a daughter of a Pentagon weapons developer: She and her son seem to me to represent a majority – no, not of the electorate, but of the population at large: Please bear in mind that about half the population does not vote. I am not responsible for her language applied to Bush. I am sure that she, a daughter of a Pentagon weapons developer, had always voted Republican. But now ...

“As an aside, I have argued with my son many times about the U.S. government – he views our government as one which cannot be trusted on anything. Watching Bush’s treachery and watching the Democrats run an equally unviable candidate has convinced me the United States is being run by the corporations – most specifically oil and American media – who have no loyalty to any nation or any principles beyond profits. Now, as a result of the world situation (no one to nuke, ergo obsolete weapons), treacherous bills like letting illegal aliens get driver’s licenses (more consumers?), and our ignorance on weaponry. I fear for the survival of our country in my own lifetime. It is Big Oil and Big Media who need to be convinced their own survival is at stake to wake up this country.

“Thanks for sounding the alarm,

“[I withhold her name], Detroit, Michigan”

Howard Phillips ran as the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party in 2000, but he does not in 2004, since he is not a millionaire able to bear the expenses. Imagine him in the place of Bush or Kerry during the three debates this past month. How would he have devastated Kerry/Bush?

Phillips is more conservative than Bush. But that would have helped him no more than the conservatism of the conservative Winston Churchill would have helped him to become the prime minister of England after England had realized, due to Hitler’s grab of “the rump” of Czechoslovakia, that Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler was suicidal for the democratic West, for Nazi Germany was after world domination, not world peace.

Phillips would have described how Bush/Kerry have been willfully blind to the development of post-nuclear superweapons in China in strategic partnership with Russia and with the help of Western trade and private enterprise.

He would have displayed an enlargement of the New York Times report of October 7, 2000, from China, describing Project 863, founded in 1986 to develop post-nuclear superweapons in seven fields. “You do not believe those hieroglyphs and their translation? Well, here is a report from China in our major daily.”

This charge that Bush/Kerry had been willfully blind to a mortal danger would have been a super sensation that would have filled the “mainstream media” to overflowing! My God, I would have been invited to speak on major TV programs on “the China danger” as in the good old days when I spoke on “the Soviet danger.”

Bush or Kerry could have said in the very first debate what Howard Phillips has been saying on “Yahoo!”

The second debate would have been about a possible annihilation of the West any day, including tomorrow. That wasp of Iraq would have been forgotten – it would have been scandalous even to mention it, let alone to discuss how to hold it while being stung.

The third debate? It would have been canceled. The ratings of Bush/Kerry would have fallen so low that his defeat would have been a foregone conclusion, and he had the third debate canceled.

The two debates would have been historic. The United States would have begun to spend dozens of billions of dollars, which are now being spent on the wasp, on the development of what is necessary for the survival of the United States.

As it is, I agree with my readers, such as that lady from Detroit, that the debates are three non-events. She does not even mention them, nor does she guess who has won them and who will be the next president of the United States.

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In addition, a wasp flies into the room, one of them seizes it, the wasp stings, and they begin to argue about what to do with it. Both Bush and Kerry could not help knowing that since 1986 China has been developing post-nuclear superweapons in seven fields. This was once...
Thursday, 28 October 2004 12:00 AM
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