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National Media Join Dems in Republican Smear Over Enron

Monday, 14 January 2002 12:00 AM

Although there is absolutely no appearance of impropriety in the Bush administration regarding the collapse of Enron, the national media and the Democrats are doing everything they can to tie the name Enron to the name Bush.

Newsweek reports, "It was one of America's biggest, best-connected companies. Then it all fell apart for Enron and its shareholders. The shockwaves rock George W. Bush's Washington."

Huh? George W. Bush's Washington? What about Tom Daschle's Washington? There was mucho dinero given to Democrats, as well.

But even Joe Lieberman is jumping in on this one, saying that it is "... a source of deep concern." It appears the Democrats have decided this is the issue (since Daschle's economy speech a week ago fell on deaf ears).

But there were also connections to the Clinton administration, and that could be why Lanny Davis has warned Democrats to let this sleeping dog lie.

Or how about the Financial Times headline: "White House to Be Quizzed Over Enron Role." The White House is quizzed over multiple issues throughout the year.

Look for innuendo and guilt by association to rule the press over the next few weeks. The Democrats are frantic to find an issue they can use to defeat the Republicans this fall, and both the press and the Dems smell blood on this one (even though it seems to be just a paper cut).

Let's hope Lanny Davis is correct and this could end up in one big backfire for the Dems. At any rate, there are a lot of Democrats scrambling to either return their Enron contributions or donate them to charity.

I first mentioned this story to you the middle of last week. Over the weekend it really gained some steam. It's the story about that memorial statue in New York City, the statue that will commemorate the event where those three New York firemen raised an American Flag at ground zero.

As you know by now, the three firemen were white. The New York City fire department, however, has ordered the artist to make the three men in the statue racially diverse. In other words, the three men who raised the flag won't be the three men who are seen in the sculpture.

This whole PC thing has become somewhat of a controversy. That thrills me no end. Controversies like this always give people, especially leftists, the chance to step forward and say something truly stupid. This time was no exception.

Enter Kevin James, a member of the Vulcan Society. The Vulcan Society represents black firefighters. Evidently the Vulcan Society is somewhat upset that there wasn't a black fireman present when that flag was raised, and they're now thrilled that one of the men in the sculpture will be black.

James needed to make some statement in support of the politically correct racially diverse mandate ... and here's his very telling gem:

"The symbolism is far more important than representing the actual people," he said. "I think the artistic expression of diversity would supersede any concern over factual correctness."

Do you need to read that again? "I think the artistic expression of diversity would supersede any concern over factual correctness." Can any of you astute readers find a more succinct way to say that? How about "I think that political correctness should count more than the truth."

Haven't I always told you that the truth is poison to the left? Didn't you read that in my book "The Terrible Truth About Liberals"?

Well, if I can figure out that liberals are uncomfortable with facts, that the truth is their enemy, then they can damn sure figure that out for themselves.

So, what to do? Just argue that the truth isn't important! It's leftist dogma that's important ... and it trumps the truth!

Now ... I wonder what the fascinating Mr. James would think of that picture of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and all those white boys signing the Declaration of Independence? Every single face in that artist's rendition is white!

Is Mr. James now ready to launch his movement to have some restoration artist head to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., to "diversify" that painting?

If there is any public debate going on right now that is based in pure absurdity, it would be the debate over racial profiling. The assault on basic common sense is stupefying.

Here's how absurd things are getting. Do you remember a few years ago we had some character riding trains all over the country like a hobo? He would hop off the train every once in a while and murder a woman.

Every description of this man mentioned Hispanic descent. Even before the police had a name for this man they were limiting their searches and questioning to males of Hispanic descent.

If that were to happen today, there would be screams of outrage from various Hispanic activists about racial profiling.

"The police are targeting Hispanic males!"

"But all the descriptions of the murder say he's a Hispanic male!"

"That doesn't matter. The police are engaging in racial profiling."

The blunt truth of the matter is that there are times when racial profiling – or, more accurately, "cultural profiling" – is perfectly legitimate.

Let's say the police get word that a Klan group has moved into town and is planning a cross burning. The police enter the community and start questioning ... but only the white folks! Then some white activists start screaming about racial profiling!

Just a bit absurd, right? Well, considering the fact that our present terrorist threat comes almost exclusively from people of Middle Eastern descent, why is it such a crime against all humanity to concentrate searches for potential terrorists to the very community from which virtually all the terrorists came?

Let me ask you an uncomfortable question. It's about screening for weapons and bombs at airports. Would you give your approval to a program that would require all airport security screeners to keep a log of all people subjected to the full hand search?

The purpose of that log would be to make sure that Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent weren't searched at a number inconsistent with their percentage of the total population. Would you go along with this program?

If you have an ounce of sense, you would brand this idea as not only asinine but also potentially dangerous to the flying public.

Well, I agree. Do you know what that means? It means you support racial profiling.

Political correctness was, at best, a minor irritant and a subject of amusement for many years. Now the leftist PC movement has become a threat – a threat to the very lives and safety of Americans everywhere.

It's time to put a quick stop to the PC movement. Send it back to the leftist halls of academia from which it came.

Somewhere in my reading travels over the weekend I read about some US Airways pilot who was taken into custody at the Philadelphia airport security station. The screeners said that the pilot said something "inappropriate" and was arrested – as a security threat.

OK ... let's visit this whole screener issue again. Several months ago you had Class Warlord Tom Daschle arguing for all airport security screeners to become federal employees. That's when he came out with his "you don't professionalize unless you federalize" nonsense.

Well, the grand ole Republicans gave the Democrats just what they wanted – 30,000 new marginally intelligent government worker union members.

Do you know what the educational requirements for these "professional" government workers are? Well, here it is, straight from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The screeners have to "Possess a high school diploma or general education diploma or have one year of any type of work experience that demonstrates the applicant's ability to perform the work of the position."

How's that for vague? My guess is that one year at a McDonald's would suffice. After all, McDonald's workers have to know how to deal with the public and look at those little TV screens where the burger count is carried.

We have a problem here. The DOT is going to be taking people who didn't even have the drive or character to finish high school, and they're going to put these people in a position of authority and responsibility over people who are, bluntly speaking, generally their superiors when it comes to drive, ambition and accomplishment.

These screeners know that they're pretty much at the bottom of the food chain – but here, at this screening station, they have a chance to be in charge. To be the man. To show these hot-shot businessmen and airline pilots who is really running the show.

Who do we have to thank for this nonsense? Who do we have to thank for the broken promise to replace these high school dropouts (forget that "early school leavers" crap) with actual professionals who have shown some degree of responsibility and drive in their lives?

Not the Democrats, folks. The Democrats were just doing what Democrats do. They were trying to build up more of a government-worker support base for future elections.

Thank the Republicans. Thank the Republican senators, who unanimously approved of this idea without giving it five minutes of concentrated thought. Thank the Republican Congress that couldn't stand up to the tide of political correctness.

And thank George Bush, who signed the bill.

Remember – the next time you go to the airport you may very well encounter someone who isn't qualified to change the refill in your pen, but who can decide that you aren't going to get through his almighty screening station without a bit of humiliation.

This will come as no particular surprise, but the august editorial writers at the Atlanta Journal Constitution are telling us that Michael Lasseter has suffered enough. It's time to just leave him alone.

Lasseter, you remember, is the jerk who ran down the up escalator at Hartsfield to get by security. The result? Airport shut down, millions lost and tens of thousands inconvenienced.

The AJC says that the shutdown was an overreaction.

Let's see ... you have a man intentionally bypass security, not by "mistake," as the AJC puts it, but intentionally. When security guards yell for him to stop, he yells back "To hell with you, I'm gone!" Then this man disappears into the aircraft boarding area ... and the AJC thinks that these boarding areas didn't have to be cleared and searched?

The AJC editors say that Lasseter's actions weren't criminal. They say it wasn't malicious. I guess that means that Lasseter didn't know that it was illegal to intentionally bypass the security screening stations at Hartsfield, and his "To hell with you, I'm gone!" was intended as a friendly greeting.

His actions were intentional. He didn't want to miss his precious UGA football game. Don't buy this "I was trying to get back to my child" crap. His child was safe with an adult relative.

It was pure "these rules don't apply to me" arrogance. Fine him and put him in jail.

The Georgia General Assembly convenes this week. Other than the Atlanta City Council, this would be the biggest collection of misfits in the nation. The only state legislative body that has remained under Democratic control since the Civil War. Watch these clowns. Nothing's safe while they're in session.

Here are a few things these so-called "public servants" should address while they're in session. They should, but they won't.

Revoking the charter of the City of Atlanta. There is no logical reason for the continued existence of the City of Atlanta as presently constituted. Homeowners who reside within the city pay substantially higher taxes than those who reside in unincorporated Fulton County, though they receive no more government services.

The reason? They're paying to support a second level of bureaucracy that they don't need. The Legislature won't address this because it would be politically incorrect to do so. The city government, you see, is controlled by blacks. The Legislature is majority white. 'Nuff said.

Instruct the City of Atlanta that it has two choices: (a) sell or lease Hartsfield International Airport and use the proceeds to cover the city's budget shortfall and to provide property tax relief; or (b) surrender Hartsfield to the control of a state airport authority.

Put a trembling fear in the hearts of all Georgians of the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Prepare and issue a report to the taxpayers of Georgia detailing the cost of incarcerating nonviolent drug offenders in the state's prisons and jails.

Put further restrictions on teenage drivers.

Require insurance companies to notify the state of all automobile insurance policy cancellations within 10 days. Include this information on the databases accessed by police officers conducting traffic stops. Immediately impound any cars found to be on the road without the required liability insurance.

Forbid the sale of single cans or bottles of cold beer at any retail outlet that sells gasoline.

There's more ... but I have other stories to research. Suffice it to say that none of the above will be accomplished. Instead, the high point of the session for most legislators will be their work on the state budget. Here is where they get the chance to insert various pork barrel spending projects for their home districts – things they can brag about when the election rolls around at the end of the year.

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Although there is absolutely no appearance of impropriety in the Bush administration regarding the collapse of Enron, the national media and the Democrats are doing everything they can to tie the name Enron to the name Bush. Newsweek reports, It was one of America's...
Monday, 14 January 2002 12:00 AM
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