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We Must Face Islamic Fascism Now

Monday, 25 June 2007 12:00 AM

All but a few of the presidential contenders acknowledge it and the Democratic candidates for president are ignoring it.

Some are even denying it. Sooner or later we must face radical Islam. With the recent arrest of the "Fort Dix Six" and the thwarting of the plot to blow up a portion of JFK Airport, politicians and mainstream media are slowly awakening to the threat. We must, however, demand more from our leaders.

Unfortunately, our traditional European allies may not be around to help. Western Europe fought shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the fight against Nazi fascism. They remained our allies in the Cold War until the Berlin Wall finally fell. However, in today's rapidly changing military and political environment, Europe can no longer be trusted as an ally in our fight against Islamic fascism.

In fact, Europe as we know it may no longer exist by the year 2020. A three-part "perfect storm" has descended upon Europe which will mark its end. The "birth dearth," in which indigenous Europeans are no longer having children; the unbridled immigration during the last 20 years of people of Muslim descent; and, the rise of jihad, are coming together at a time in history which signals the end of western civilization on that continent.

How can America best prepare itself to face the threat of radical Islam? First, we must understand the threat. The history of Muslim aggression has been whitewashed by our institutions of higher learning. The Crusades, for example, was Christendom striking back at Muslim aggression, rather than an example of Western imperialism.

Understanding the history of Muslim aggression is the first step in the process of demanding more from our leaders. For the first time in 200 years America must come to grips with the fact that it is, and will be, fighting a war on our its turf against radical Islam.

In November 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke to senior clerics in Tehran and stated that the main mission of his government was to "pave the way for the glorious reappearance of Imam Mahdi." Shia Muslims believe that when he returns, he will reign on earth for seven years, bringing about the last judgment and a Muslim paradise for all.

What needs to be understood by all Americans, especially the mainstream media and our political leaders, is that according to Muslim scripture, the coming of the 12th Imam is preceded by worldwide conflict. Devotees of the 12th Imam believe that only increased conflict and oppression will bring about the Mahdi's return.

Second, political correctness is blinding and disarming us. It prevents our leaders from confronting radical Islam here at home. Political correctness has made us so afraid of being branded as racists, that we completely blind ourselves to color, identity, and ethnicity until we end up totally blind. Fear of being labeled "intolerant" paralyzes and stunts the speech of our politicians. Truth may be intolerant, but it's still true.

The awakening of America must be a grassroots effort. Our politicians will not listen or act until we speak out and demand action from our leaders. Radical Islam is militarily weak but ideologically strong. The West is militarily strong, but ideologically weak and insecure. In the end, the real problem facing Western civilization is not how Muslims might respond to a policy hostile to their interests, but whether we in the West have the moral courage to adopt any policy short of political correctness.

Author Mark Steyn writes, "Permanence is the illusion of every age. In 1913, no one believed the Russian/Austrian/German and Turkish empires would be gone within five years. Twenty-five years ago, all those who dismissed Reagan as an "amiable dunce" assured us that the Soviet Union was here to stay."

No one predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now, the clash of civilizations is coming and has been on the march since 1979. How many times do elected leaders and their people have to chant, "Death to America!" "Death to Israel!" and "Death to the West!" before we as a nation, before our political leaders, and before our mainstream press take note? Wake up, America! Wake up, Judeo-Christians! Wake up, Western Civilization!

The war is here and the war is now.

What legacy will we leave our children? Will we leave them the light and enlightenment of the Judeo-Christian ethic, or a world of radical Muslim darkness for them to stumble through?

A nation of people unwilling to die for its faith or country will surely die at the hands of people who are. Tell your friends and neighbors that the threat is real and certain. Wake up, America!

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All but a few of the presidential contenders acknowledge it and the Democratic candidates for president are ignoring it. Some are even denying it. Sooner or later we must face radical Islam. With the recent arrest of the "Fort Dix Six" and the thwarting of the plot...
Monday, 25 June 2007 12:00 AM
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