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More Outrages From Your Wonderful Government Schools

Thursday, 19 April 2001 12:00 AM

Now it's the Telfair Elementary School in California's San Fernando Valley. There we have a student named Vincent Olivarez. Vincent's aunt is a certified police weapons instructor. She took Vincent and her brother to the firing range for some safety instruction on guns. She took a picture of Vincent shooting a revolver. Vincent took the picture to school in his book bag. A teacher found the picture and all hell broke loose.

First Vincent was interrogated by school officials. Then his mom was called. She was told that Vincent was found with "extremely disturbing and offensive photographs" in his possession. The police were going to be called if she didn't come down right away. When the story got out, the school district officials quickly moved to calm things down by stepping away from the controversy.

So go ahead, folks. Keep sending the most precious things you have in your lives, your children, into these swamps of irrationality and indoctrination. You'll be rewarded well for your efforts in years to come.

What is it about homosexuals that turns ordinary, rational human beings into raving, hate-filled, obscene lunatics?

It happened again yesterday. I railed against Florida State Representative Allen of Trovillion for his comments to a group of gay high school students who visited his office. OK, so the students were wrong. They wanted special legislation to protect gays from harassment. There's that equal treatment thing out there – you don't single out specific groups to protect from harassment. If harassment is wrong, protect everybody. Trovillion didn't tell the students this, though. He told them that God was going to destroy them.

Now, maybe it's just me, but I really don't think that it was Trovillion's place to tell these kids that God was going to destroy them. Did you know that among teenage suicides, you will find the numbers extremely high among gay students?

Anyway … so there I was, defending these gay students against an abusive state legislator who wields part of the police power of the state.

Oh, man! The hate mail I got!

Some called me a f---ing faggot bastard. Many told me I was going to hell. Those were the nice ones.

There seems to be a real need on the part of some of my listeners for me to join them in their fear/hatred of homosexuals! If I don't hate the way they do, if I'm not afraid the same as they are, then they just aren't going to listen to me anymore.

Now, a question. Put God in that room with Trovillion and the gay teens. Let God listen to the teens talk about the harassment they receive from fellow students. Then let God hear Trovillion tell them that God is going to destroy them. Who do you suppose God is going to be upset with?

The Delta pilot union goons are holding firm. They're not going to give an inch. They want their pound of flesh from Delta – or they're going to take their Class I Medicals and go home.

Now the pilots are starting to sound like the union thugs they aspire to be. This morning we heard one saying, "We will be fully prepared to shut this airline down; there won't be a wheel turning."

Is that the type of talk you expect from a professional? Hardly. That's the type of conversation you hear on the picket lines at garbage strikes.

We warned you Mississippians yesterday that groups like the NAACP would be up in arms over your vote to keep your state flag, Confederate battle emblem and all.

Well, the NAACP issued a proclamation yesterday. Their leaders said they'll decide next month whether to mount an economic boycott against the state. It's the same tactic they used to put a stranglehold on South Carolina last year. That boycott, by the way, wound up hurting black tour operators and black businessmen who depend on tourism for their livelihood.

Deborah Denard, an official of the Mississippi NAACP, said the vote means the state will have to be "dragged along kicking and screaming into the 21st century." She added that "Mississippi is kind of acting like children in that regard. They know that the Confederate banner has to go eventually, but they have to cling to antiquated ideas about what constitutes honor and dignity."

Hear that, Mississippians? Your vote doesn't mean squat. Your state's heritage doesn't matter. The "will of the people" these civil rights whores have espoused in the past counts for nothing – because the current will of the residents of Mississippi isn't in line with their agenda. They're the ones setting the schedule, whether you like it or not. They're going to drag you into the new world they want to create for you ... just so they can have an emotional cause, seize the spotlight for a little while at your expense, and pay lip service to the idea of improving blacks' lives by destroying a symbol.

And you thought you were in control of your state's destiny. Well, you're about to see who really rules the roost.

The Census Bureau has your answer. Last year, nearly half of the $1.6 trillion in federal domestic spending went to three government programs. Care to guess which ones?

If you guessed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, you're right. The three programs raked in a total of $781 billion in taxpayer money. Social Security alone took in $444 billion!

Just think about it. Half of every tax dollar your government wrests from your paycheck goes to fund programs that, if you're fairly young, won't pay you back nearly as much as you put in.

Half of your tax dollars go to fund programs that buy votes for the politicians who promise free drugs and a free ride to the wizened class.

Half of your tax dollars are being used to perpetuate the biggest fraud in the history of the federal government.

Half of your tax dollars are being used to breed dependence on the state. And that's not even counting welfare and education programs.

Have you started planning your escape route yet?

Not much.

NewsMax has been poring over the medical privacy rules Bill Clinton proposed. The Bush administration adopted those rules late last week. What they found is that you'll shell out a whole lot of tax money to make it work, but the government's still a little hazy on the benefits.

First, let's dispose of the notion that these rules actually help protect your medical records. There are provisions that may allow marketing firms to access your information unless you opt out. There's also no way for people to sue those who abuse the rules. The rules could also swamp the system with red tape, prevent doctors from making emergency decisions, and prevent pharmacies from getting prescriptions filled on a timely basis – all of which will translate to higher health care costs for you.

Federal law requires that any new agency rule with an annual economic impact of $100 million or more has to be accompanied by an analysis of the costs versus the benefits. So the Clinton-Gore bureaucrats who did their cost-benefit analysis initially came up with a cost of $3.8 billion over five years to implement the rules. But their new cost estimate is $18 billion over 10 years.

As for the benefits ... it's not as straightforward.

The analysts wrote, "Measuring both the economic costs and benefits of health-information privacy is difficult."

"... benefits are difficult to measure because people conceive of privacy primarily as a right, not a commodity."

"... the benefits of enhanced privacy protections for individually identifiable health information are significant, even though they are hard to quantify."

And they cited "the intangible value of privacy, the security that individuals feel when personal information is kept confidential."

Translation: You'll feel better about your privacy, and who can place a price tag on that? It's all good. Trust us. We're your government.

Sounds like some serious beating around the bush to justify a program that only increases the size of government at little or no benefit to the consumer.

During his presidential campaign, George W. Bush made no promises to decrease the size or intrusiveness of the federal government. And he adopted the Clinton-Gore privacy rules – including that flimsy cost-benefit analysis – almost verbatim.

That non-promise worked out well for Dubya – after all, you can't break a promise you didn't make in the first place.

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Now it's the Telfair Elementary School in California's San Fernando Valley.There we have a student named Vincent Olivarez. Vincent's aunt is a certified police weapons instructor. She took Vincent and her brother to the firing range for some safety instruction on guns.She...
Thursday, 19 April 2001 12:00 AM
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