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More CIA Revelations – Political Correctness Kills

Sunday, 30 September 2001 12:00 AM

I am not so sure the commissars of political correctness, who so dominates our media, our government bureaucracies and other institutions, are willing to unshackle the will of the American people and allow us to destroy the terrorists and the nations that back them.

President Bush has done a remarkable job – especially in light of the hand he inherited from the previous administration. It is also important to remember that a hidden problem for the Bush administration is that the U.S. government, including our Pentagon, CIA and other agencies, is still largely run by appointees of Clinton-Gore or the career military and bureaucrats Clinton-Gore promoted through the ranks.

The same people who left us vulnerable to the acts of Sept. 11 are now claiming they will solve our future problems.

I believe long-term good will come out of this catastrophe only if we learn from the events of Sept. 11, hold accountable the people in our government who failed us, and make necessary reforms.

If we do not do this, it is doubtful we will exist as a great nation 10 years hence.

We should also heed the Roman statesman Cicero, who remarked that great nations are destroyed not from the barbarians outside but from the civilized people within.

The logic of this is simple: There will always be barbarians outside the gates. It is up to us to have the character and strength and will to defend against them.

Before Sept. 11, P.C. thinking taught us that nothing we do matters; character didn't count. It was the Age of Clinton. After Sept. 11, the overriding lesson is that everything we do counts; character

Even the liberal Boston Globe recognized this. Breaking from the P.C. crowd, it reported that Clinton's sexcapades and scandals detracted from his ability to focus on hunting down Osama bin Laden. That story got almost zero national press coverage.

And the Globe and many media still haven't talked much about what happened at the CIA.

Our loyal readers will remember that NewsMax broke the story, within hours of the attacks, about how P.C. thinking by Clinton and Sen. Torricelli had prevented the CIA and its many patriotic members from doing their jobs. (See

The CIA was effectively banned from recruiting unsavory characters to penetrate terrorist cells.

But that was just a small part of how P.C. thinking has undermined America and the CIA.

During the past decade, the CIA has been twisted from an intelligence-gathering organization with a mission to protect America and her citizens – and turned into a model of political correctness.

Under Clinton, the CIA was told to stop focusing on spying and start focusing on P.C. agenda items like global warming.

Worse, the CIA staff was to become a model of P.C. ideology.

One analyst retired in disgust after the agency had appointed a person to become a lead analyst for a particular country.

This person was qualified because she was black, a female, and had graduated from an Ivy League college with a high GPA. The CIA was not concerned that the young woman did not speak the language of the country she was to analyze, nor had she ever visited the country.

She did prove, however, that the CIA was diverse.

As anyone who worked at the CIA can tell you, "diversity" was the buzzword that animated the agency during the Clinton years. Diversity was the mission and the goal.

A CIA operative close to the Middle East told me that the agency was even placing women in countries like Islamic ones, where the culture does not view women progressively.

While this policy demonstrated the agency’s commitment to diversity, it effectively cut its female operative out of any serious interaction with the host country's political and military establishment.

P.C. thinking dominated all the activities of the agency. CIA employees were regularly hit with a barrage of Orwellian P.C. workshops and literature explaining how they needed to be ... well, sensitive and open to diversity.

One analyst, still a CIA employee, told me about one CIA sensitivity training seminar he had to sit through. The presenter, an expert in diversity, gave a Powerpoint presentation on the benefits of diversity.

One slide showed an American Indian sitting on the ground working with beads. The presenter explained: "American Indians have a long tradition working with beads. They are good with beads, and they have, in modern times, become good working with wires."

Another slide showed an African-American professional sitting at an office cubicle on the phone. The presenter explained: "African-Americans are particularly sensitive to being interrupted while on the phone. You should avoid doing this."

As the analyst explained, "They were creating new stereotypes as they were complaining about old ones." The CIA had become the Central Intelligence Agency for Diversity.

How sad. How dangerous.

No wonder that, with an annual budget of $60 billion, the CIA had no warning, no informant in the Sept. 11 network that several experts say must have numbered 300 people working in several countries.

I could swallow the government's failures of Sept. 11 if we heeded the wake-up call, exposed the problems of P.C. thinking at the CIA and elsewhere, and made reforms.

But the commissars of political correctness that control the major media will have none of it. Consider how there has been practically no criticism by the major networks of President Clinton's stewardship of our national security agencies.

The same commissars who were, in the middle of this horrific crisis, attacking President Bush will not utter any criticism of Bill Clinton.

In fact, Clinton was actually being praised! NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Alan Greenspan's wife, was on-air spewing her venom for Bush, complaining that he was not, like Bill Clinton, a "Comforter in Chief." You see, according to P.C. thinking, Bush's desire to stay up in Air Force One to ensure the continuity of government was less important than going to New York to cry, hold hands and show how we "feel."

Criticism of Clinton is taboo precisely because the major media know that criticism of him is criticism of them. They supported him and the bizarre P.C. thinking that has possessed them and brought us to the point of Sept. 11.

So, instead of heeding the "wake-up call," the P.C. commissars in the media are continuing to play old tricks.

Within hours of the attacks, I heard P.C. anchors and commentators spinning that these events proved America does not need missile defense. Don't they care that the very same countries behind the terrorists are feverishly building and developing long-range missiles capable of hitting many American cities at once?

No, the commissars never lose an opportunity to spin.

Consider, since the attacks of Sept. 11, how many stories you've seen about the horrors of profiling – and how evil it is for authorities to be checking Arab-Americans more carefully at airports.

Forgive me, but doesn't common sense dictate that when 19 Arab men, all in a certain age bracket, just hijacked four jet planes and just killed around 7,000 people, that it would be reasonable to check people who fit that profile a bit more carefully? Wouldn't patriotic Arab-Americans be glad for such a policy because it assures their safety as well? If I was an Arab, I would be happy I was being checked.

Perhaps the most egregious evidence of P.C. thinking that has invaded our government was the U.S. government's failure after Sept. 11 to either a) immediately arm pilots in the cockpits or b) call out the National Guard to fly armed on all flights until a sky marshal program could be implemented.

Instead we dithered. The country's economy has been allowed to fall off a cliff. And the FAA says airlines are safe at the very same time Reagan National remains closed and we read reports on the military's plans to shoot down hijacked civilian jets.

But we can't arm the pilots – God forbid!

Even when the head of the pilots association goes before Congress to say that planes are not safe, that the pilots need guns, the media play the story as an extreme measure.

The media commissars would have none of it, even if arming pilots was an appropriate measure that would have immediately instilled confidence in the public to fly.

Instead, the media gave a lot of air time to Patricia Friend, president of the Association of Flight Attendants. She told Congress she opposed arming pilots.

Hearing her, I was left wondering if she was awake on Sept. 11. Did she also think the planes were a place for box cutters of the type used to slit the throats of her members?

Then I realized that Patricia Friend was a P.C. robot.

Since her first anti-gun comments, Friend has modified her position, probably after her shaken membership sent her a wake-up call of their own.

By week's end, Friend was saying that pilots shouldn't be allowed to carry guns, that instead flight attendants should be armed with "stun guns," which she called "the weapon of choice."

Friend must have thought it outrageous and in contravention to all P.C. theology that the pilots (mostly males) would be armed but the attendants (mostly female) would not be.

Of course, any sane person realizes that giving flight attendants any sort of gun would be like giving it directly to potential hijackers. Would you want to fly on an airline that armed the stewardesses with stun guns?

In the wake of Sept. 11, can’t we see the danger of political correctness and how it has crippled this great nation?

Aren't our potential enemies, bigger than Osama and with weapons capable of destroying every major city in America, watching carefully our response to Sept. 11?

Do you believe our enemies have been encouraged or discouraged that the government, the media and the victimized airline stewardesses don't want to arm pilots even after living through Sept. 11?

If you dig a bit deeper, you will realize how P.C. thinking and its commissars got us into the mess of Sept. 11 and what troubles lie ahead.

America must break its P.C. chains soon to ensure that the barbarians don't destroy us.

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I am not so sure the commissars of political correctness, who so dominates our media, our government bureaucracies and other institutions, are willing to unshackle the will of the American people and allow us to destroy the terrorists and the nations that back...
Sunday, 30 September 2001 12:00 AM
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