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Mel Gibson Gets a Passion-Filled Apology

Tuesday, 17 June 2003 12:00 AM

For a lot of folks, sorry seems to be the hardest word. But these days you never can tell who’s going to be in need of forgiveness.

It seems that a group of nascent detractors, who were posing as scholars, hobnobbed on the Internet and reviewed a confidential script of

Press reports then appeared that were critical of the unfinished and unseen movie. News stories that emerged also gave the impression that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) was somehow involved in the mess. Was the whole thing true?

No, says a statement by the USCCB. The group had to apologize, clarify and distance itself from the gang of cynics.

Evidently it was the USCCB’s understanding that the so-called scholars were going to communicate with Gibson’s people privately, not that they were going to talk to any reporter they could find.

According to a released statement, the USCCB “knew only that the scholars’ group intended to offer comments for the private consideration of the producers.”

The USCCB also saw the need to separate itself from the scholars’ comments, saying that it had not “authorized, reviewed or approved the report written by its members.”

In another statement, Mark Chopko, general counsel for Conference of Catholic Bishops, expressed contrition. “We regret that this situation has occurred and offer our apologies.”

Because of the nature of an early draft, Chopko properly chastised the “scholars group” that a “draft screenplay is not considered to be representative of the film and should not be the subject of further public comment.”

The Left Coast Report notes that the so-called scholars who have attacked “The Passion” used a stolen draft script and allowed their study to be misrepresented as one associated with the USCCB. Who the heck is their press agent, Jayson Blair? (See “

As reported by World Entertainment News Network, Bellucci has “old-fashioned” ideas of the way guys ought to treat the opposite sex.

“I'm flattered if men say they appreciate me. I like doors being opened for me, and I appreciate it when men make a fuss. This is not to reject women's rights – because I'm free and independent. It's just facing facts. That's just the way it is,” Bellucci chimed.

The actress also pointed out the hypocrisy of so many modern women who describe themselves as feminists.

“I've never been frightened of being a real woman. It might seem old fashioned, but I think many men want to see real women with full figures. They don't want skin and bone, yet all the time actresses try to be thinner than thin. In America, if a man tells a woman she's beautiful, the woman might be full of plastic surgery, work out two hours a day and spend a fortune on cosmetics and clothes. Then the woman gets offended because she's being treated like a piece of meat.”

The Left Coast Report was unable to reach Jane Fonda or Gloria Steinem for comments, because they were apparently engaged in post-operative weight training, apparel purchasing and cosmetics acquisition.

It’s Left vs. Lefty.

When it comes to the current administration, quirky

Now it looks as though Cusack is firing a verbal shot in the direction of crypto-propagandist Moore. Cusack told the Sunday Times of London, “He lost a lot of credibility when he went and campaigned for

Just in case anyone might have thought he’d changed his politics, Cusack added, “I’m not a huge fan of the Democratic Party, but I knew there was a huge difference between them and the Bush crowd.”

The actor also sprinkled his attack on Moore with a little yearning for

The Left Coast Report believes that if Gore had been elected, he’d still be in “lockbox” mode, trying to figure out what to do about the Taliban.


Streisand’s site points out that she has given a fortune to environmental groups, so as an environmentalist himself, Adelman was “surprised that Streisand went so far as to go to litigation.”

In her “truth” alert, Steisand says that she is “seeking the same anonymity he provided to thousands of other owners.” But Adelman says he has identified other prominent folks’ properties, including those belonging to

Streisand’s site also indicates that “the website owner himself states in his description of his project, ‘This site contains photographs of some locations that might be of interest to terrorists.’”

Adelman called this an “out-of-context and incomplete statement.” The complete statement on his site reads as follows: “A number of visitors have expressed a concern that this site contains photographs of some locations that might be of interest to terrorists. We have thought long and hard as to whether the publication of these photographs is a real security risk that outweighs the enormous good that could come from this project. It is important that the project be a complete record of the coast, and it could not be if we redacted this material.”

Streisand’s site questions the purity of Adelman’s motives. “Although he purports to have undertaken his photography for environmental reasons, his website does not attempt to explain how depicting Ms. Streisand's home together with her name serves any environmental purpose.”

Not according to Adelman. He says he has explained that the photos provide a record of the coastline for environmental research and advocacy.

Now Barbra has added another post to her site, which decries the lack of spirituality in technological growth. And she’s trying to connect her lawsuit to what she describes as a “void between technology and compassion.”

Adelman has responded by saying: “Amusing that she's accusing me of being absent spiritually. She could have invited me to sit down with a minister to talk through our dispute (I offered to meet with her and discuss it; she refused). She chose the court system, not the church!”

The Left Coast Report would like to remind everyone that although Streisand and many of her fellow celebs cough up tons of cash for environmental causes, the dough is typically for eco-programs that affect other people. That’s how Tinseltown shakes its green tambourine.

Madame Tussaud's museum in London is tired of people saying that its wax models of the famous are not lifelike enough, so it has decided to make

The wax sculptors at the museum are creating a likeness of Spears in a pole-dancing pose with her back arched. To add realism, they’re going to install a breathing mechanism, so that, in the end, the waxwork model of the pop princess will have a mobile chest.

The Sun reports that a source said, “For the first time we are installing balloons in her chest so it heaves in and out.”

The Left Coast Report wonders if the Madame Tussaud’s plans to do a mobile Hans Blix figure – you push a button and the U.N. inspector looks the other way.

Hollywood is not exactly known for its touting of abstinence, chastity and patience. But apparently

According to People News, Affleck says that

The Left Coast Report asks what’s next in Hollywood? Only 17 beers a day and you’re in virtual sobriety?

In fact, Anderson tells the San Francisco Chronicle that she reads the scriptures habitually. “I read a little bit of the Good Book every night. It's usually the last thing I do each night, but I make sure I do it.”

The actress adds that her priority now is to focus on the Creator. “God comes first nowadays,” she declares.

Anderson also states: “I definitely believe that He is the reason that I've gotten through everything that I have. And I go to church. My kids go to Sunday school. It's definitely a part of my life.”

The Left Coast Report recalls that the book Pam reads every night lets us know, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

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For a lot of folks, sorry seems to be the hardest word. But these days you never can tell who's going to be in need of forgiveness. It seems that a group of nascent detractors, who were posing as scholars, hobnobbed on the Internet and reviewed a confidential script of...
Tuesday, 17 June 2003 12:00 AM
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