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McCain: Enemy of the POWs

Tuesday, 12 June 2007 12:00 AM

With the publication just two weeks ago of The New York Times best seller

Having known McCain since June 7, 1974, I have often written of his sarcastic, arrogant and condescending attitude toward those who disagree with him — on

His temper is legendary; his latest outburst was directed at fellow GOP Sen. John Cornyn of Texas over McCain's immigration bill.

Everyone in D.C. and Arizona knows of the mean-spirited side of John McCain. But on no issue has John McCain been meaner than the question of the hundreds of U.S. POWs who did not come home in 1973 when McCain came home.

He has used his unique and hard-earned status as a former POW not to help the cause of the un-returned POWs, but rather to attack POW activists, demean POW family members, and to bolster the Pentagon's long-term strategy of debunking credible sightings of POWs.

For example, the soon-to-be-famous satellite photograph on the cover of "An Enormous Crime" is a 1988 image of a USA K — known as a "walking K" because it has "feet" on the bottom of the letters. This is an escape and evade (E&E) code given to U.S. airmen before their missions.

The one on the cover of the book was placed by a U.S. airmen still held against his will 15 years after the end of the Vietnam War and the return of McCain and the other now-famous U.S. POWs.

The symbol measures 37 feet across and each of the letters is 12 feet high.

The Walking K part is a secret; no one could or would know its significance other than the U.S. airman who was given this unique code before his mission.

This code translates to: "I am alive! Come and get me out of here!"

When this evidence was made public John McCain did not ride to his former comrade's rescue.

Instead, he sided with the Defense Intelligence Agency's debunking team, whose role is to discredit every report, sighting, satellite image and radio intercept. Clearly they have an agenda: prove that no POWs are still held alive over there. (To admit otherwise places the U.S. government in a massive hostage crisis — and exposes countless now-famous officials as having knowingly abandoned these POWs.)

And do you know how McCain explained this rescue symbol visible from space in a rice paddy in Laos?

He claimed it was created by a 6-year old Laotian boy who was copying an American postage stamp!

It is in his memoir, "Worth The Fighting For."

These questions remian unanswered by McCain:

All of these questions point to the most sinister part of the POW issue: the U.S. government has known all along that our POWs are still there — and still sending E&E signals. (There are sightings of other E&E codes through the years, all the way up to 1992. You can see some of them on www.enormouscrime.com.) And the Pentagon is still receiving, and hiding from the public, credible live-sighting reports of our POWs still held against their will in both Vietnam and Laos.

John McCain — the most famous former POW — has provided cover for this nefarious behavior by the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

He has used his former POW status to defend the Pentagon and to attack those of us who claim something rotten is going on inside D.C. And he fits this role to a T: his attack-dog style mows down anyone in his path including mothers, wives, and the children of our still-missing, POWs.

Plus, the so-called mainstream media, which has always loathed the POW issue and seen it as a right-wing nut story (they have never explained why right wingers would want to trash the Republican presidential administration), adores McCain.

So when he attacks the POW activists, the media applauds him for it. Thus, they have never given a fair examination of the massive evidence — the U.S. government's

Thus the already-startling rise of "An Enormous Crime" — up the Amazon and New York Times best-seller lists, without one cent spent by the publisher on advertising or promotion — proves that the American people know they have been lied to by successive administrations about this issue. There is a thirst for the truth about our men.

All you have to do is either read the book or read the 1983-1984 cover-up chapter on the unique — and free — Web site: www.enormouscrime.com.

John McCain, who owed his political career to being a former POW, has abused his status and betrayed his fellow POWs.

In countless other issues, especially fighting illegal immigration, we have seen the real John McCain: a duplicitous and untrustworthy man who is happy to crush anyone who gets in his way. But in no other issue have the consequences been bigger: by helping to give "cover" to the abandonment of the U.S. POWs in Southeast Asia, John McCain has proven himself unworthy to be their commander in chief.


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With the publication just two weeks ago of The New York Times best seller Having known McCain since June 7, 1974, I have often written of his sarcastic, arrogant and condescending attitude toward those who disagree with him - on His temper is legendary; his latest...
Tuesday, 12 June 2007 12:00 AM
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