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McCain and Snagglepuss

Friday, 10 May 2002 12:00 AM

While I was in D.C. this week I spent some time listening to talk radio on WMAL. Some anti-gun crowd was running a heavy schedule of advertisements featuring liberal senators John McCain and Joseph "Snagglepuss" Lieberman promoting some bill they've introduce designed to, as they say it, "close the gun show loophole."

First ... the McCain/Snagglepuss radio advertisement contains a blatant lie. Snagglepuss says that the current law requiring background checks has, as he puts it, "kept 700,000 criminals from buying guns."

A flat-out, blatant, provable lie. And Lieberman knows it's a lie. The vast majority of people who were denied the right to buy a gun due to the background checks merely cleared up whatever clerical error had been made in their records and proceeded with their purchase.

As for the criminals … there is no way you can say the background check prevented them from buying a gun. All you can say is that the check prevented them from buying a gun from that particular dealer. All the crooks had to do was simply go buy a gun from another crook … and there's no way in the world that Lieberman can say that they didn't do exactly that.

Consider this statistic. Over 95 percent of all guns used in criminal activities are NOT purchase from retail outlet subject to the laws on background checks. Criminals get their guns from other criminals … this is the way it has been, and this is the way it shall be. Gun control laws will only make it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns for self defense, not harder for criminals to get guns to prey on innocents.

Now, my friends … just so you know, there IS NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE. It doesn't exist. There is not one set of laws that applies to selling guns at gun shows and another that applies to selling guns privately or at firearms stores. The same laws apply all around.

Here's the deal. If you are a licensed gun dealer you must conduct a background check. If you are a private individual selling a gun to another private individual you do not have to conduct a background check. The law is the same whether you are selling that gun at a gun show, over the counter at a gun store, or out of the back of your Camero. Furthermore …. Over 90% of guns sold at gun shows are sold by licensed dealers who do perform the background checks.

Now you know.

Looks like George Bush is going to get his fast-track trade authority … and he managed to advance the idea of private-sector solutions in the process.

The issue? Extended health care benefits for workers who lose their jobs. Democrats and Republicans have been arguing over this one for well over a year. Republicans prefer a freedom-oriented private sector option. Democrats want a coercion-oriented government option.

Say you lose your job. You want to keep your health insurance while you find another job. That's where COBRA benefits come into play. Under COBRA your health care is extended while you line up your next job.

Democrats and Republicans have been arguing over extending these benefits for people hit by layoffs in the economic downturn. Republicans wanted to give these workers some tax breaks to cover the cost of having to go out and find this health insurance in the private sector. Democrats just wanted to hand taxpayer money over to corporations so that they could extend the benefits on their own.

The Democrats didn't like the Republican plan because it might actually illustrate the fact that private individuals are perfectly capable of going out there and arranging for their own health insurance if the government will just give them the same tax breaks that employers get. Democrats like government options, not private-sector options.

Bush's victory? To get support for his fast-track trade authority he has agreed to make workers who lose their jobs due to international competition eligible for tax credits to offset the cost of extending their health care benefits. It's a private-sector option – and one Democrats have been fighting.

There is a downside here … Bush had to agree to extend these benefits to even more workers, including part of the farming sector. So, it wasn't a shutout.

Earlier this week I was telling you that the airport security folks, who have already warned us that they are going to hire not 30,000 but over 60,000 screeners, wanted to double the ticket tax to pay for the security. Now the House Appropriations Committee has said no. The tax will stay at $2.50 per leg with a maximum of $10.00.

I just thought it would be nice to bring you at least one story today on elected officials actually holding the line on a tax.

Don't look for this to become a trend.

So, our little High School Harry pipe bomb maker was trying to draw a happy face on America with the pattern of his pipe bombs? Looks like we're getting set up for a bit of an insanity plea here, aren't we?

Screw this insanity stuff. It seems that every time someone does something hideous these days his lawyers trot out the nutso plea before he eats his first meal in jail. All we need to figure out is whether or not our punk rocker knew that it was wrong to put pipe bombs in mail boxes.

Prove that – convict the little SOB and toss him in the meanest federal or state prison we have. Then … publish a picture of his happy face when he discovers how much attention his fellow prisoners want to give him.

Eight people will voluntarily be implanted this week with silicon chips in their upper back, making them as scannable as a jar of mayonnaise.

The excuse? The implants are being touted as a "safety precaution" for Alzheimer's patients, who can then be positively identified after wandering off, and alerting medical professionals to possible medical problems.

Is it voluntary now? Yes. And I can see the value. But the way things have been going, you can't help but wonder just how long it will take before we see the "mandatory" word creep in here.

Here are a few ideas …

Jeffrey and Leslie Jacobs and their teenage son Derek will get "chipped" in front of the national media this week. Jeffrey? He suffers from a mix of ailments requiring as many as 16 medications a day. As for Derek – he is allergic to certain antibiotics. The chip will warn medical personnel … if they check for it. He thinks it's "nifty."

How about Leslie, the mom? Well, like most females, she's into "security." She feels insecure in today's world and thinks the chip will be the solution.

Yeah … technology is wonderful. How long, though, before various politicians start angling for ways to get these chips implanted in more and more Americans.

Is it possible that some major U.S. newspapers that have been harshly critical of Israel lately are having second thoughts? It looks like the power of the consumer is having an effect.

It seems that subscribers are canceling subscriptions to the LA Times and New York Times because of a perceived anti-Israel bias. There's at least one grassroots group, StandWithUS.com, involved. They have temporarily lifted their boycott of the LA Times after a meeting this week with the paper but vow to renew it in a month if coverage hasn't improved.

How many cancellations thus far? That's in dispute. StandWithUS.com says that between 7,000 and 10,000 people have cancelled. That's when the newspaper asked for a meeting. We'll see if coverage improves.

The federal appeals court ruled yesterday in favor of a Bush appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The conservative Cleveland lawyer Peter Kirsanow had been virtually shut out of meetings by leftist race warlord Chairwoman Mary Frances Berry.

Berry has been trying to protect the seat of her ally and friend, Victoria Wilson. Wilson was filling the unexpired term of the late Judge Leon Higginbotham Jr. The term ended Nov. 29, 2001, but Berry has contended Wilson should serve a full six-year term and refused Kirsanow his seat.

Observers say with Kirsanow's appointment, the Commission will be more evenly split along political lines, 4 to 4.

We have more media attention being paid to the strength of conservative and libertarian talk show hosts. Now NBC's Lisa Myers weighs in. She insists she knows the reason for the success of conservative talk radio. She believes they offer a rather simplistic view.

"Where others offer shades of gray, O'Reilly and Limbaugh only offer black and white," stated Myers on the launch of Bill O'Reilly's new radio show.

Yeah ... that's it. We're just "simplistic." That's the appeal. Conservatives are "simplistic" while liberals are complex.

They know the reason. Americans don't want to hear their crap. They don't have fact and logic on their side. That's why they hide behind inane commentaries like Meyers'. Expose leftists to the reactions and questions of those they write or speak to – and they crumble.

And about this "shades of gray" nonsense. As the Media Research Center points out, do we really believe that liberal advocates like James Carville see "shades of gray"?

… of leftists being unable to identify with the mainstream? "This Week with Sam and Cokie" provided more insight into the liberal mindset regarding the right and need to bear arms and airline safety.

Roberts was "horrified" at the idea of pilots being armed with guns, Sam Donaldson stumbled with an answer, and George Will quipped, "It is the case, I think, that support for pilots being armed increases as people have more and more experience with so-called airport security."

Horrified? Just how horrified would Cokie be to see an F-16 launch a missile aimed right at her first-class seat on a commercial airliner … all because some terrorist managed to get control of the cockpit. If only the pilot had been armed.

Super-leftist Barbra Streisand's hubby is slated to join the cast of "The West Wing" before the season's end. And who is James Brolin portraying? The GOP presidential contender to Martin Sheen's President Bartlet. Wonder what advice Babs will have for hubby in portraying a conservative.

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While I was in D.C. this week I spent some time listening to talk radio on WMAL.Some anti-gun crowd was running a heavy schedule of advertisements featuring liberal senators John McCain and Joseph Snagglepuss Lieberman promoting some bill they've introduce designed to,...
Friday, 10 May 2002 12:00 AM
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