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Masscomm vs. Commsense

Sunday, 09 April 2006 12:00 AM

The 2006 and 2008 elections will be a nation-defining collision of titanic proportions where the principal contenders will never even appear on a ballot.

These will be more than mere electoral contests between political parties or between their candidates, or even between opposing issues.

Rather, they will be historic struggles between two colossuses grappling for the very soul of America. The victor will have earned the right to reign for decades to come, the vanquished compelled to slink into an eclipse of discredit, its influence subordinated into near-triviality.

Who are these titans?

In one corner are mainstream Americans, themselves. They constitute the majority of this nation, though not by an enormous majority, but enough to define this nation for what it truly is.

What do they have going for them in such deadly combat?

Their greatest attributes, which either will or will not assure them victory, are their innate common sense and fundamental decency. In short, they can see right, they can see wrong, and they know the difference.

Their principal handicap?

Because of their very strongest attributes, their innate common sense and fundamental decency, they are inclined to assume all will come out for the best, distracting their focus from the main threat to their safety, their survival.

Throughout their history as a nation, they have managed somehow to snap out of it in time – although at enormous cost – to save their nation, the next generation or two and what's left of themselves.

In the past it's been a rough roller-coaster ride, but safe endings were never in doubt. Today the stakes are far higher, the risks more daunting.

The 2006 and 2008 elections will be played out against the backdrop of the early stages of an exhausting, bloody, global conflict with implacable theocratic enemies. America will be inextricably involved for generations, and American soil will continue not to be spared. Nowhere is it written that this time "good" and "right" will, by definition and of necessity, prevail. How Americans enter and come out of those two elections will go a long way in influencing the war's duration and outcome.

Who is in the other corner?

Ironically, the looming, though largely unnoticed, adversary in the 2006 and 2008 elections is one of the most-precious of the creations of this remarkable nation – the guaranteed right freely to speak and to print and to broadcast and to telecast and, now, to blog. Along with freedom of speech amended into the Constitution by the Founders came also the license to misuse, to abuse and, eventually, to destroy that very right.

The unprecedented explosion of technology, when coupled with the Bill of Rights, has created an unbelievably powerful instrument for good or evil. There are dead-serious elements in this society hell-bent on utilizing this mass-communications monster for their own – yes, evil – agenda.

They are bankrolled by billions of treasure funneled in by angry, unprincipled, seditious, left-wing media masters who say and do whatever seems to them necessary to warp this nation into what they have in mind for it – a Marxist culture of state dependency and celebrated amorality.

Thus far, they are doing quite well, thank you. The sleeping giant that is the broad sector of decent Americans is still largely just beginning to rub its eyes and ask questions.

On an even playing field, the good guys in this scenario would be safe-bet winners. Trouble is that the playing field is not only uneven, it is also tortuously twisted and distorted.

Remember the house of mirrors at the county fair? One mirror was top-to-bottom concave. It made you look four feet tall and three wide. Another mirror was convex, and you became the thin man at the freak show. A third mirror was S-curved, and you resembled an undulating combination of the first two images.

This is the mirror that the leftist proprietors and their ideological manipulators of mass communications are, around the clock, holding up to America and trying to convince its people that the contrived images they see are the true reality.

In that deceitful mass-communications mirror the concept of right appears as wrong, evil as good. Lies spread before the mirror are reflected as accepted truths. If there is no truth handy to disfigure, then outright fabrications are introduced as newfound realities.

Honorable Americans are at a distinct disadvantage when confronted by such an artful and endowed enemy, posing as their best friend and entertainer.

Those 2006 and 2008 elections will be a clash of titans – unprincipled mass communications arrayed against old-fashion American common sense.

It will be almost irrelevant who's running for what, from which party, on whatever issues. If those elections are to be won by the forces of good – and do not be embarrassed to use those words – it will be because most Americans can still see through the distortions of the lying mirrors and have the resolve to vote their conscience and common sense.

Right now, the prospects appear dim. No one, including those who would ruin this nation, should forget this lesson of history: Every time America has faced a do-or-die crossroad, it has summoned the innate common sense and fundamental decency to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

Of how many other nations, how many other peoples on this planet can the same be said?


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The 2006 and 2008 elections will be a nation-defining collision of titanic proportions where the principal contenders will never even appear on a ballot. These will be more than mere electoral contests between political parties or between their candidates, or even...
Sunday, 09 April 2006 12:00 AM
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