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Lunch at Daschle's Diner

Wednesday, 18 April 2001 12:00 AM

Every day at a few minutes past noon 10 men walk into Daschle's Diner on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. These are men of habit, a habit which dictates that they will all order the exact same meals every day, and every day the final tab will come to the exact same total. The 10 meals are priced at $10 each, so the tab is $100. One hundred dollars each and every day.

Does every man pay the price of his $10 meal as he leaves? Not at Daschle's Diner. No, sir! At Daschle's Diner the motto is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his hunger." Each man is charged for his meal according to his ability to pay!

So, every day the 10 diners finish their lunch and line up in exactly the same order as they pass the cashier and leave. The first four men walk right past the cashier without paying a thing: a free meal!

The fifth man in line hands over $1 as he leaves. At least he is paying something.

Diner number six hands over $3 to the cashier. Number seven pays $7.

Diner number eight pays $12. That is more than the value of his meal, but he, like those who follow him in line, has been very lucky in life and is, therefore, in a position to pay for his meal and for a part of someone else's.

Diner number nine paid $18.

Then comes diner number 10. He is the wealthiest of the 10 diners. He's taken some real chances and has worked well into the night when the other diners were home with their families, and it has paid off. When number 10 gets to the cashier he pays the balance of the bill. He forks over $59.

One day an amazing thing happens. It seems that Daschle has a partner in Daschle's Diner. The partner runs an upscale restaurant, Trent's Trattoria, located in a wealthier section of D.C. Times have been good and the partnership has been raking in record profits, so the partner, who controls 51 percent of the partnership, orders a 20 percent reduction in the price of meals.

The next day the 10 diners arrive on schedule. They sit down and eat their same meals. This time, though, the 20 percent price cut has gone into effect and the bill comes to $80. Eight bucks per diner.

The diners line up at the cashier in the same order as before. For the first four diners, no change. They march out without paying a cent. Free meal.

Diners number five and six lay claim to their portion of the $20 price cut right away. Five used to pay $1. Today, though, he walks out with the first four and pays nothing. That's one more diner on the "freeloaders" list.

Diner number six cuts his share of the tab from $3 to $2. Life is good.

Diner number seven? His tab before the price cut was $7. He now gets by with just $5.

Diner number eight lowers his payment from $12 to $9. He moves ever-so-slightly into the freeloading category.

Next is diner number nine. He's still paying more than his share, but that's OK, he's been successful (lucky) and can afford it. He pays $12.

Now – here comes diner number 10. He, too, wants his share of the $20 price cut, so his share of the tab goes from $59 to $52. He saves $7.00 per day!

Outside the restaurant there is unrest. The first nine diners have convened on the street corner to discuss the events of the day. Diner six spots diner 10 with $7 in his hand. "Not fair!" he screams. "I only got one dollar. He's got seven!"

Diner five, who now eats for free, is similarly outraged. "I only got one dollar too! This is wrong!" Diner seven joins the rumblings; "Hey! I only get two bucks back! Why should he get seven?"

The unrest spreads. Now the first four men – men who have been getting a free ride all along – join in. They demand to know why they didn't share in the savings from the $20 price cut! Sure, they haven't been paying for their meals anyway, but they do have other bills to pay and they felt that a share of the $20 savings should have gone to them.

Now we have a mob. The laws of democracy – mob rule – take over and the men turn on the 10th diner. They grab him, tie him up, then take him to the top of a hill and lynch him.

At the bottom of the hill proprietor Daschle watches the goings-on, and smiles.

The next day nine men show up at Daschle's Diner for their noon meal.

It's time for the cold, hard truth.

National Review's Deroy Murdock watched ABC's "This Week" program on Sunday. Keith Fangman, a Cincinnati policeman and president of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, gave further information on the 15 black men who have been shot by Cincinnati police since 1995:

And, according to Fangman, it's not a case of white officers shooting black men. Before Timothy Thomas was shot, there were three shooting incidents in a two-month period. All three involved black police officers. Two of those officers shot and killed two black suspects who shot at them. The third officer shot and critically wounded a black suspect who had robbed a bank and pointed a gun at the officer.

This is hardly the image the civil rights whores in Cincinnati have painted for you. They want you to think these were 15 unarmed, innocent black men who'd done nothing to deserve their fate.

There's more. Fangman said that since 1995, there have been 238 murders in Cincinnati – and 80 percent of them have been black-on-black homicides. Blacks make up more than 40 percent of Cincinnati's population. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that blacks commit a disproportionate number of the murders.

So ... what's the real problem in Cincinnati? Is it a racist police department dedicated to keeping the black man down? Not likely. The real problem is the culture of violence that pervades the black community. But the civil rights warlords need a cause. They need someone to blame. So they blame the police and treat the perpetrators as saints.

After all, it's so much easier to demand that others change. Changing your own habits takes so much more time and effort than the so-called black leaders are willing to invest.

Oh … and here's a little Policeman's Prayer that showed up in the National Review online:

"Dear God, please let me go home in one piece tonight. If someone has to get hurt, please let it be the bad guy. And God, if I have to hurt someone today, please let it be a white guy."

Those civil rights warlords are going to have to divide their time between Cincinnati and Mississippi, where residents have voted to keep their state flag as is. The flag includes that oh-so-menacing Confederate battle emblem. Sixty-five percent of voters wanted to keep it.

Mississippi remains the last state to prominently display the Confederate emblem on its flag. Georgia's flag still has the Confederate emblem, but it's much, much smaller now.

So what will the race warlords do now? A wimpy 35 percent of the vote is hardly a mandate for change.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their friends have to keep pressing! They have to stir up the emotions of Mississippians. Will they call on the governor and threaten a boycott if he doesn't change the flag? Will they claim that black voters were scared away from the polls yesterday? Will they hold massive rallies that will bring state legislators to their knees?

Whatever they do, they'll have to thwart the will of the people to do it.

What's clear is that a majority of Mississippians realize that changing the state flag will not automatically improve the lot of black Mississippians. Changing a symbol doesn't keep more black students in school, keep them away from drugs, or wash away the culture of violence and predatory sex. It doesn't assure them of a better job when – or if – they get out of college. It won't turn them into high-achievers overnight.

Improving the lives of black Mississippians is going to take a hell of a lot more time and hard work than changing a piece of cloth.

But don't let the black leaders hear that.

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Every day at a few minutes past noon 10 men walk into Daschle's Diner on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. These are men of habit, a habit which dictates that they will all order the exact same meals every day, and every day the final tab will come to the exact same...
Wednesday, 18 April 2001 12:00 AM
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