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Lunatic Liars and Miscreants

Tuesday, 02 August 2005 12:00 AM

Much to their consternation, the president did exactly what he should have done - he gave John Bolton a recess appointment as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

How could he have done it, they cried. He's damaged goods, shrieked Senator Dodd, a claim echoed by other members of the loony left now slinking around Capitol Hill muttering about how unfair it is for the party that by the will of the people expressed at the polls now controls the White House and both houses of Congress to dare to exercise that control. They call that an abuse of power.

Damaged goods? If John Bolton is damaged goods, these galloots are the ones who have done the damaging with their unfounded accusations and outright falsehoods and slanders about one of the finest American public servants around today. For them to complain about Bolton being damaged goods is like a new car owner hammering dents all over his vehicle and then taking it back to the dealer and claiming that it is ... damaged goods.

This idiocy was echoed by the Democrats' chief loon in the Senate, Democratic leader Harry Reid, who also had the gall to describe Bolton as a "seriously flawed and weakened candidate."

Other members of the Senate's crazed cabal complained that Bolton lacked credibility because he had not been confirmed by the Senate, ignoring the fact that it is conceded that had his nomination been allowed to come up for a vote he would have easily won confirmation.

According to President Bush, Bolton's nomination had been supported by a majority of the Senate but that "because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves."

And who denied him that up-or-down vote that would have confirmed his credibility as the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., a body that itself leads in the lacking-credibility sweepstakes? Why, none other than Reid, Dodd, Kennedy, Biden and the rest of their feathered friends in the Capitol Hill cuckoo's nest.

When the president first nominated John Bolton to be our ambassador to the U.N., I wrote in March (see

"They hate John Bolton. He's the antithesis of everything they hold dear, and the sovereignty of the United States is not part of it. After all, these people swoon with ecstasy every time some idiots in black robes on the Supreme Court base a decision on what foreign nations believe to be right and just. To hell with the Constitution of the United States. It's foreign opinion that matters."

When Bolton told The New Republic's Lawrence Kaplan, "I am pro-American – that means defending American interests as vigorously as possible and seeing yourself as an advocate for the U.S. rather than as a guardian of the world itself," he frightened the hell out of the loony U.N.-worshipping left. The thought that the president wanted to send Dirty Harry instead of Mortimer Snerd to the corrupt, scandal-ridden, child-molesting U.N. drove them up the wall.

As Kaplan pointed out in The New Republic, hardly a right-wing publication, as assistant secretary of state for Arms Control and International Security, Bolton was called "rude" and "undiplomatic" by Iran's Foreign Ministry and "'rude' and "human scum, ... an animal running about recklessly ... an ugly fellow who cannot be regarded as a human being" by North Korea's genteel government. Now we know where the loons got their rhetoric.

Kaplan ends his unapologetic tribute to John Bolton by quoting Jack Nicholson in his role as Col. Jessup in the 1992 film "A Few Good Men."

"We live in a world that has walls" – and "deep down in places you don't talk about at parties you want me on that wall." Kaplan allowed as to how he wanted Bolton up on that wall

We can thank God and George Bush that he's now up there.

I now must turn to the case of Judge John Roberts for another putrid emanation from the loons. Judge Roberts, they say, is "out of the mainstream." As Sen. Mitch McConnell noted the other day, the only mainstream Roberts is outside of is the liberal mainstream of New York, the New York Times, the L.A. Times, Michael Moore, Howard Dean and Hollywood – not the red-state mainstream, where most Americans live.

A member of that elitist mainstream, Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, displayed his sure grasp of the Constitution last weekend during one of his apperances on TV. Fretting over the danger Judge Roberts poses to the Constitution, Dodd said that among the things he fears is imperiled by having Roberts on the Supreme Court is the sacred "privacy clause" of the Constitution.

The "privacy clause"? What "privacy clause"? As Michael Medved pointed out Monday on his radio show, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "PRIVACY CLAUSE" IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. None. Nada.

Pity the people of Connecticut being stuck with this dunderhead. I guess they thought they'd paid enough homage to sanity by electing Joe Lieberman and were therefore free to inflict a specimen from the loonier precincts of the deranged left on the U.S. Senate. Too bad there isn't a lunacy clause in the state's constitution.

The panic now being displayed by the badly deranged Democrat left is no more obvious than their frenzied reaction to Sen. Rick Santorum's new book, "It Takes a Family." Without reading a single word, most Dementocrats and their media allies have pounced on the book, citing objections to alleged assertions by the author that simply do not appear anywhere in the book or in anything he has said about the book.

I have read it, and it is an extraordinary examination of the damage that has been done to American life by the know-it-all elitist left coupled with his commonsense solutions to the problems that they have created.

The firestorm created by the loons which they hoped to use to discredit the book and defeat this good and decent man when he runs for re-election in 2006 has only served to attract attention to "It Takes a Family" and provided the senator with a forum money could not have bought him. You can't turn on TV without seeing him defending his book and himself, and doing it deftly, convincingly and effectively.

Their crazed reaction and the unwanted results it has wrought shows just how unhinged they are.

Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist who writes for NewsMax.com. He is editor & publisher of Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pvbr.com) and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska. He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers


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Much to their consternation, the president did exactly what he should have done - he gave John Bolton a recess appointment as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. How could he have done it, they cried. He's damaged goods, shrieked Senator Dodd, a claim echoed by...
Tuesday, 02 August 2005 12:00 AM
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