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Ludacris and Franken Razz O'Reilly

Tuesday, 03 June 2003 12:00 AM

Fox News’

O’Reilly has pointed out that it may not be a good thing for our culture to encourage the acceptance of lyrics that glorify violence, humiliate women and extol the joy of being high.

Now Ludacris is planning to fight back in a way that may not be such sweet music to Bill’s ears. The rapper told MTV that on his next album, “Chicken & Beer,” he would launch some “lyrical spears” into the No Spin Zone.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly and

When Franken talked beyond his 15-minute time limit, O'Reilly quipped, “This idiot has been going on for 35 minutes,” to which Franken replied, “Bill, this isn't your show.”

Franken whined that it was time for liberals to call conservatives on their lack of civility. But O'Reilly called Franken to the carpet with the comment, “You write a book called ‘Liar, Liar’ and you talk about civility. Unbelievable.”

The Left Coast Report says Franken taking on O’Reilly? Sorry, Al, you just entered the “No Win Zone.”

Maybe it’s just part of a pattern the guy has. He seems to have written the book on bad decisions.

First, he takes a “fact-finding” trip to Iraq and becomes Saddam Hussein’s patsy. Next, he tries to save his reputation with an incoherent appearance on “Larry King Live.”

Not that long ago, he expressed a desire to trade

When it was reported that he had called for a “cultural revolution,” the actor complained to a Guardian reporter that he was “misprinted,” that he was “talking about taking arms against the government. ...”

Last October he paid $56,000 for an ad in the Washington Post, where he carped over the war on terror.

Now, evidently, Penn is trying his best to get that darn dunce cap off his head. With euphoria over the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom waning, Penn has spent roughly $125,000 on a 4,000-word open letter, which appeared recently as a full-page ad. This time, though, Penn put his prose in the proper place for stuff that’s made up – the New York Times.

He claims that he knew all along Iraq was going to use him. And he says that the regime change in Iraq was accomplished for the benefit of U.S. corporations. Apparently he’s not talking about the entertainment corporations, which took in mega-millions for a couple of Penn movies, “The Thin Red Line” ($80 million) and “I Am Sam” ($40 million).

He accuses

Plagiarized? Who does he think he plagiarized from – Joe Biden? Did Penn forget about the mobile bioweapons labs we found? Those puppies were scrubbed cleaner than the White House after the Clintons moved out.

He heaps praise on four Democrats – Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, Robert “KKK” Byrd and Ted Kennedy. But he insists he’s not a Republican, a Green or a Dem himself, no doubt causing Terry McAuliffe to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Left Coast Report marvels at how Penn could write that he’s “experienced firsthand the repressive condition of public debate in our country.” This from a dude who gets a full page in the New York Times to spout off. Spicoli should be stoked.

Former U.S. housing secretary

Standing next to him were two bigwigs in the rap world –

The bone of contention was the mandatory minimum sentencing contained in some laws that were passed in the 1970s. Under these laws, first-time offenders get 15 years to life in prison if convicted of selling as little as 2 ounces or possessing as little as 4 ounces of illicit drugs.

Simmons told BET.com earlier this month, “This is important to hip-hop.”

And P. Diddy said: “If you're not affected by this law, you can't really even fathom the amount of damage this is doing to somebody's family – somebody's mother, somebody's father, somebody's child. Lives are changed by this law, that if it's not happening to you or to one of your family members you may not really feel the effect of it.”

The Left Coast Report agrees that these laws take away sentencing discretion and haven’t worked. P. Diddy’s got this one right.

Over the years

As the daughter of Beach Boy

After having a procedure commonly known as stomach stapling and shedding 150 pounds, she became a spokeswoman for the surgery.

She plays a judge on “Fame,” NBC’s latest helping of “reality” fare.

Now it looks as if Wilson may be taking on another ID. She’s decided to have her picture taken minus her clothing for the August issue of Playboy. She told ABC's “20/20” that getting nude in front of the world was her “redemption.”

The Left Coast Report wouldn’t exactly call posing for Playboy a “redemption.” It looks a whole lot more like an ill-considered publicity-seeking move that further disrobes a torn and tattered culture.

Seems that folks from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spend an awful lot of time being angry.

PETA has come up with a slogan for a new campaign: “Wear Fake for the Animals' Sake.”

Before the PETA people could cough up a hairball, they had to deal with

According to Knight Ridder, Dan Matthews, a V.P. from PETA, attacked Ross with this barb: “When we heard that Diana Ross was involved we opted not to protest, as she probably won't even be able to walk a straight line down the runway.”

Ross not only walked a straight line perfectly, she also was cheered on by a crowd of celebs that included Lorraine Bracco and Donald Trump.

The Left Coast Report suggests that when speaking to the press, the PETA bunch might try letting the cat get their tongues for a change.

There’s apparently not enough opportunity to bash conservatives, Christians and the U.S. on his HBO cable series, “Real Sports.” So Gumbel is returning to broadcast television as the co-host of a new PBS show, “Flashpoints USA.” The program will air four times a year.

Veteran PBS personality

The Left Coast Report thinks two liberals hosting a show on PBS sounds like a match made way out in left field.

As reported by NewsMax,

While appearing on ABC's Oprah-like mush-fest “The View,” actor

Spencer sees no need to avoid the liberal prejudice of the show. He commented: “I know myself, as a left-of-center liberal Democrat, I like to watch Fox and yell at all those people, you know. And with 20 million viewers we must have some Republicans, I mean, you know, and I would think that they would love to watch us and scream back.”

The Left Coast Report imagines that Spencer’s voice is hoarse from yelling at those Fox right-of-center conservatives such as Geraldo, Van Susteren and Alan Colmes.

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Fox News' O'Reilly has pointed out that it may not be a good thing for our culture to encourage the acceptance of lyrics that glorify violence, humiliate women and extol the joy of being high. Now Ludacris is planning to fight back in a way that may not be such...
Tuesday, 03 June 2003 12:00 AM
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