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Losers, Weepers: Democrats Prepare for Revenge

Thursday, 30 November 2000 12:00 AM

Al Gore's legal team has begun to prepare for an investigation of Harris. A campaign official said a couple of weeks ago that the investigation would "make Whitewater look like a picnic."

To that end, Gore lawyers filed briefs with Leon County Circuit Judge N. Sanders Sauls on Monday. They charged that Harris behaved unethically, accused her of official "misconduct" and offered two examples where they claim she "violated" state election law.

They accused her of acting arbitrarily by rejecting manual recounts from Palm Beach County. Gore's lawyers also say Harris certified the vote in violation of the Nov. 21 order of the Florida Supreme Court.

The bottom line is this: Democrats are hopping mad that they didn't get their way in Florida. Their chances of throwing the election dwindle with each passing day. Public opinion is turning against them.

A Republican will inhabit the White House. Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives. A Republican will cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

And now the Democrats want revenge. They want to punish the people who wouldn't bend in the face of their threats and intimidation. Right now, Katherine Harris is Democrat Enemy No. 1.

Let 'em keep filing lawsuits. Every new lawsuit makes the Democrats look more and more like a bunch of jackasses.

The winner will be the loser. The only way for Bush to take the presidency and have his presidency branded as anything close to legitimate will be for Gore to get his recounts anywhere he wants them and Bush to

Here’s how Columnist Tony Blankley sees the next four years under Bush:

"Anticipating a recession and a president impotent to accomplish anything, the ‘loyal opposition’ would be able to run wild destroying the reputation of the ‘winning’ party. All eyes and all plans would be on the 2002 election, with the expectation that the presidential party would lay in ruins thereafter."

Frankly, in my dream scenario, Judge Nikki Clark – recently turned down by Gov. Jeb Bush for an appellate judgeship – would issue an order that 15,000 contested absentee ballots in Seminole County would be thrown out. That would give Gore a more than 4,000-vote bounce and the election. Then, stand by for a 20-seat Republican gain in the House and about five seats in the Senate in two years.

Al Gore

Democratic operative Bob Beckel admits he's been contacting Republican electors. We all thought he was doing this to ask them to switch their votes from George W. Bush to Gore. We were wrong; Beckel is asking these electors to "abstain" from voting in the Electoral College on December 18. All he has to do is convince five electors to do this, and Gore wins the presidency. Still, getting five electors to abstain is a tougher task than asking three electors to change their votes.

That's some pretty shrewd strategy by Beckel. He gets to mess with the Electoral College on the Democrats' behalf, and Al Gore gets to appear as if he's not asking electors to switch sides.

Don't be fooled, folks, Democrats are exploring every possible option that has a chance of putting Gore in the White House. They trot Gore and Lieberman out there to say they're acting with honor, but you have to look behind the scenes. They can't stand losing, so they're trying to work every possible angle to steal this election.

Bill O’Reilly said that every single time Al Gore appears on television the stock market drops. I doubted it, so I checked it out. It is becoming clearer and clearer that this protracted election fight

Does Gore care? No way! It’s not the country’s future he’s worried about. It’s his.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Bill Clinton and his administration are scrambling to impose more and more regulations on American citizens and businesses. Those last-minute laws are traditionally called "midnight regulations." And with a probable Republican administration on the horizon, Bill Clinton's urge to cement his legacy grows stronger by the day.

Among the regulations Clinton wants to implement:

• A 95 percent reduction in the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel. This would drive up costs for trucking businesses and raise prices on consumer goods.

• Tighter privacy standards for electronic medical records. Employers and health plans say they need access to this information to improve services to patients.

• Designation of the Alaskan Wildlife Range as a national monument, effectively shutting it off from oil drillers. Alaska's congressional delegation doesn't like this one bit.

• Blacklisting companies accused of labor, environmental and health violations from competition for federal contracts. Businesses say it encourages their rivals or labor union organizers to file false and frivolous complaints.

Yeah, Bill Clinton wants yet again to increase the size, expense and intrusiveness of the Imperial Federal Government. He's going to make it more expensive for businesses to operate. He's going to raise your cost of living in the futile hope of being remembered as a great president who accomplished good things.

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Al Gore's legal team has begun to prepare for an investigation of Harris. A campaign official said a couple of weeks ago that the investigation would make Whitewater look like a picnic. To that end, Gore lawyers filed briefs with Leon County Circuit Judge N. Sanders...
Thursday, 30 November 2000 12:00 AM
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