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Loser Left Looks for Scapegoats

Thursday, 14 November 2002 12:00 AM

Liberal pundits have already started the blame game, trying to find someone inside the Democrat party to shoot for the historic Republican election victory. Yet the hysterical firing squad on the left has formed a circle, shooting holes in its own ranks.

For example, liberal columnist Molly Ivins lamented that the Democrats muffed an easy opportunity to exploit the so-called Republican Enron scandal.

"Any party so brain-dead it can't even make an issue out of Enron and corporate sleaze deserves to be out of office," Ms. Ivins recently wrote.

Unfortunately, like so many liberal media pundits, Ms. Ivins missed the facts, which might explain why Democrats avoided talking about Enron. The real Enron scandal started and ended during the Clinton years.

One such Clinton-Enron link well documented by this reporter was a U.S. government-sponsored $25 million kickback given to Indonesian President Suharto's son Bambang in exchange for an Enron power plant.

The corrupt deal was very simple: Pay money to the Suharto family and Enron would get to build a half-billion-dollar power plant in Indonesia. In the end, the deal fell apart and the U.S. government had to repay Enron the $25 million bribe given to Suharto's son.

Democrats who criticized President Bush for not helping Enron continue its corrupt operations were pushing a poor choice for an election issue. In addition, criticizing Bush for ordering Attorney General Ashcroft to prosecute Enron executives might seem ridiculous when Attorney General Janet Reno steered her Justice Department away from such activities.

Clearly, Democrats recognized that to talk about Enron too loudly would bring too many questions about Bill Clinton and Indonesian money. It might also bring in auditors and perhaps even law enforcement types to investigate the illegal payments backed by the Clinton administration.

Liberal pundits also blame the left for not being "energized" to vote Democrat during the election. Political pundit Bill Moyers, a leftist TV commentator paid by your tax dollars through his work at PBS, lambasted the feminist movement for not coming out to vote, noting that women would now be denied their choice for abortion by President Bush.

Moyers' hyperventilation over such a non-issue shows exactly how out of touch he is with current events. The feminist movement has been in disarray ever since the Clintons so effectively smashed them into tiny little pieces.

NOW (National Organization for Women) supported Bill Clinton throughout the entire bimbo crisis that dominated his second term in office. NOW gave Hillary Clinton the seal of fem-bot approval to trash the reputations of numerous women oppressed by her alpha-male hubby.

It is certain that if Clarence Thomas had committed equal crimes against the female of the species, a lynch mob of NOW supporters would have been standing on the steps of the Supreme Court.

The total adoration and support for Bill and Hillary Clinton's antics in the White House from the fem-left indicated that NOW's not interested in equality for women. The fem-left showed that obtaining power and keeping power is far more important than convictions, either political or criminal.

NOW, like PBS, still obtains U.S. government funding even under the Bush administration. For the fem-left to complain during the election year might bring on a bit of budget cutting long overdue at the federal level. Both Moyers and NOW should seek their own funds from the open market instead of using your tax money to push political agendas.

Moyers and other pundits also blame the Democrats for not listening to their base. Unfortunately, leftist Hollywood types like Barbra Streisand and Rosie O'Donnell best represent that base.

For example, just before the elections Barbra took time to write Senate leader Tom Daschle a long love letter, reminding him to toe the leftist line. Of course, Barbra is trying to help the little people in life. Barbra is so touching when she pushes for more assistance for the poor and underprivileged.

Her heart may be for the poor, but her wallet speaks of a different political point of view. This is especially true for the workers who earn minimum wage without health-care benefits as servants for Barbra Streisand.

Then there is Rosie O'Donnell, who like many leftists believes that your children should be lectured in public school on what sexual orientation they should have, while you should not have a choice on whether you want to own a firearm.

Ironically, Ms. O'Donnell has enough money to pay for a private school and to hire armed bodyguards to protect her family's lifestyle.

Furthermore, O'Donnell and other leftist pundits tried to take advantage of the sniper killings in and around D.C. Yet the left missed its target on the alleged sniper suspects.

The leftist media spent countless hours of TV time with so-called expert profilers making sure the entire country was looking for a young white male with no social life, driving a white van.

Now, we know for a fact that there are no left-wing terrorists or criminals. We know that the Unabomber was not a leftist radical eco-nut, seeking revenge on our industrial society. We all know that all criminals are right-wing, Christian militia, racists and bigots.

The New York Times spent a great deal of paper trying to link Malvo and Muhammed to right-wing racist groups. Having failed that, the Times elected instead to blame the military for discharging the elder sniper suspect.

However, the sniper incident brought out the one issue that neither party, Democrat or Republican, wanted to touch during the election. The leftist media failed to mention the illegal immigration link.

With illegal immigrants linked to sniper attacks and flying airliners into buildings, one would think that there would be a motion to shut off illegals coming into the U.S.

However, unless there is money involved, the federal government is not interested in shutting down illegal immigration. For example, Chinese General Zheng Wei was indicted in a U.S. court for running a very profitable illegal immigration operation into the U.S. Gen. Zheng reportedly charged his fellow Chinese citizens as much as $50,000 a head for illegal ID papers and entry into America.

The Clinton administration quietly indicted the general and then did nothing, in order not to disturb the PRC's application for permanent trade status in Congress. The Bush administration cannot prosecute Gen. Zheng because he is still serving in the People's Liberation Army.

The U.S. Justice Department may want Gen. Zheng, but the U.S. State Department is afraid of offending the Red Chinese government and has so far refrained from asking the communists to turn over the very capitalist general.

Illegal immigration is a violation of existing law. It is unfair to those who elect to enter the U.S. legally. It encourages terrorists and criminals to cross our borders hidden inside the masses of undocumented workers. It has led to an increase in crime and unemployment and added an illegal burden to the U.S. taxpayer.

A nation that cannot control its borders is doomed to fight a never-ending terror and crime war from the inside. Those who enter the U.S. illegally should be caught, fingerprinted and escorted to the border with the warning that they will be jailed if they ever return.

The only real way to stop illegal immigration is to encourage freedom and economic growth inside the nations that force so many to risk entry into the U.S. We cannot help democracy by sponsoring kickbacks to tin-pot dictators nor do we help the poor citizens of other nations when we hide the criminal activities of a ruling elite, including our own.

The best place for freedom and justice to start is here in America, and a real investigation into Bill Clinton's Enron connections is as good a place to start as any.

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Liberal pundits have already started the blame game, trying to find someone inside the Democrat party to shoot for the historic Republican election victory.Yet the hysterical firing squad on the left has formed a circle, shooting holes in its own ranks. For example,...
Thursday, 14 November 2002 12:00 AM
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